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A Guide on Asian Leopard Preservation Zone in Islamabad.

There is no rejecting that natural life asylums and safeguarding zones are significant for the assurance and endurance of creatures confronting the gamble of elimination. These stores give imperiled species a protected and regular territory so they can chase and raise without the feeling of dread toward being driven out of their home.

Asian Leopard Preservation Zone is a special biodiversity site settled in Margalla Hills National Park. This zone is one such illustration of protection regions that maintains an “adjusted relationship” between nature and mankind.

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board initiated the extraordinary biodiversity spot recently to safeguard the Asian panthers spotted along National Park Trail-6 of Margalla Hills in the Kalinjar region.

Leopard Preservation Zone in Islamabad

The move was broadly praised by natural life moderate associations. In any case, in a bid to bring issues to light about the basically imperiled wild feline, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board has acquainted directed visits with the Leopard Preserve Zone.

These visits along the panoramic detour will chiefly zero in on teaching the guests about the propensities of these creatures without making any aggravation to their living space.

Up until this point, the specialists have distinguished no less than seven panthers on the famous climbing trail.

Anyway, would you say you are intrigued to figure out how panthers stamp their region and chase their prey? If indeed, you might need to enroll for a visit as soon as possible.

Method and Steps to Register for a Guided Tour of Leopard Preservation Zone:

Here is all that you ought to be familiar with pursuing a directed visit through the country’s very first Leopard Preserve Zone.

  1. Call 0309-5302425 to enroll for the visit.
  2. Provide your CNIC or visa subtleties to affirm your spot on the visit.
  3. Once your enlistment is finished, meet the administration of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board at the Visitor Information Center behind Faisal Mosque in Sector E-7, Islamabad, at the chosen time.

Kindly note that the power will lead to one directed visit to the Asian Leopard Preservation Zone each day. In addition, just 15 enlisted people will be permitted on the path every day.

The power will give a visit from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM relying upon the weather patterns. Likewise, youngsters younger than 6 are not permitted to enlist for this visit.

As per the directions tweeted by the executive of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, it is compulsory to enroll ahead of time so that this one-of-its-sort-directed visit could see panthers in Islamabad.

It is additionally worth focusing on that the Leopard Preserve Zone on Trail-6 of Margalla Hills isn’t the main safeguarded nature save in the country.

You can investigate our total rundown of untamed life safe-havens in Pakistan to investigate some off-the-street vacation destinations that act as regular natural surroundings for homegrown verdure. Besides, you can look at our aide on the mind-blowing natural life in Pakistan for more data on the subject.

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