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Mega Star League 2022. After a long time, cricket is now seeing an exciting development. We shall discuss the Mega Stars league in this article. All of the former cricket stars from Pakistan and across the world will participate in this T10 competition. And there are other enjoyable aspects of it as well. The league’s president, Shahid Afridi, stated that while PSL is for the new blood, MSL would cater to the veterans, saying that this would be an opportunity to financially assist our retiring heroes.

What is Mega Star league 2022?

Mega Star league 2022

Well, the management team refers to it as “cricketainment.” As the name suggests, it combines entertainment with cricket. Yet how? The T10 format with our veterans and legends isn’t engaging enough, is it? Yes, it is, but MSL will also feature famous players. Yes, you heard correctly. Mega Star league 2022 combines the two since it will have a wide variety of performers. Everything that has to do with the entertainment industry provides the general population with pure amusement.

Numerous aspects set the Mega Stars League apart from previous competitions.

The audience will see celebrities playing with professional athletes for the first time on this occasion, and the professional athletes who will take part in the league will also be retired players.

The league’s goal will be to help athletes who are having financial difficulties.

So everyone benefits!

Who is responsible for MSL?

Who are the great minds behind this concept, by the way? To produce something intriguing and amusing, you need to be rather intelligent. This is undoubtedly novel and creative. The following individuals might be regarded as the league’s founders.


Shahid Afridi : Boom Boom The name Afridi doesn’t need to be introduced. We may argue that one of the innovators of the shorter game format was Afridi. He is sometimes referred to be the Isaac Newton of T20 format. And who else but him could lead this league as president?


Mustafa Zahid: South East Asian fans will never forget how Mustafa Zahid’s music pierced the depths of our souls. He is one of the league’s pillars, working relentlessly to unite many industries and provide the groundwork for bigger future events.


Media snoopers: This is one of the top companies in the nation with vast branding and event management experience, having completed several significant public projects. The year prior, they also put up the inaugural Celebrity Premier League.


They have also handled concert management before. I couldn’t think of anyone else who can handle a combination of the music and cricket sectors because I’ve previously organized both types of events. The group is in charge of all sales, artistic creation, and event execution.

Format of the MSL

People desire ways to satisfy their hunger for entertainment while also saving time in this day and age where time is important.

Therefore, the T10 format is ideal for this competition. The T10 league format is the way of the future, even if we all like and respect the T20 competitions.

This format’s clarity is exactly what we need at this point. For the pro players who have retired, and the celebs who do not have the stamina to play a longer game, this is just perfect. Is it not?

Teams of the MSL

This event will include a total of 6 teams. Additionally, each side will play a minimum of five games. The qualified clubs will then go to the elimination rounds and play further games. Each squad will have 14 players, including 6 famous people, 4 up-and-coming players, and 4 professional cricketers. There will be one foreign player, one veteran who has retired from our nation, and two more Pakistani players among the professional athletes.


Here is a list of the participating teams.

  1. Karachi Knights
  2. Peshawar Pathans
  3. Baloch Warriors
  4. Islamabad Royals
  5. Pindi Boys
  6. Lahore Maharajas

Is Mega Star league 2022 launched?

Shahid Afridi introduced the event at a gathering in Islamabad’s Serena Hotel. Speaking to the crowd, Shahid Afridi showed his genuine want to help struggling news reporters, celebrities from the entertainment business, and previous greats of cricket.

He cited this as the main motivation for founding the league. He expressed gratitude to everyone who attended and seemed committed.


The creators made sure that this collaboration between the music business and cricket is going to be a tremendous success by including music and entertainment in the launch.

Mega Star league 2022 Schedule

From December 18 through December 25, the competition will take place at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

Three games will be played each day from 4 p.m. to midnight during the tournament.

The tournament’s schedule is as follows:


Time Match
6 p.mKarachi Knights vs Lahore Maharajas


1 p.mIslamabad Royals vs Pindi Boys
3 p.mKarachi Knights vs Baloch Warriors
5 p.mLahore Maharajas vs Peshawar Pathans
1 p.mLahore Maharajas vs Baloch Warriors
3 p.mPindi Boys vs Peshawar Pathans
5 p.mIslamabad Royals vs Karachi Knights


1 p.mKarachi Knights vs Pindi Boys
3 p.mLahore Maharajas vs Islamabad Royals
5 p.mPeshawar Pathans vs Baloch Warriors
1 p.mPeshawar Pathans vs Karachi Knights
3 p.mBaloch warriors vs Islamabad Royals
5 p.mLahore Maharajas vs Pindi Boys


2 p.mBaloch Warriors vs Pindi Boys
4 p.mIslamabad Royals vs Peshawar Pathans
24 December 2022 – Semi-Finals
3 p.m1st team vs 4th team
5 p.m2nd team vs 3rd team
25 December 2022 – Finale
5:30 p.mTBA vs TBA



The Shahid Afridi Foundation is attempting to accomplish something admirable in this situation, as can be seen by reading the mission statement’s core.

The PCB frequently refutes our tales, as we see. Therefore, it would be ideal if this event could somehow assist our legends while also providing us with entertainment. As cricket enthusiasts, we genuinely hope that this endeavor is a success.

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