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World Traditions of Celebrating Valentine’s Day.

A unique “Valentine’s Day” means the day of love. Despite various objections, it is celebrated on 14th February all over the world. There are different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day in different countries. What are these methods? Let’s find out in this blog.

February 14 is International Love Day to show affection to your loved ones around the world. There is no doubt that love is the most recognized emotion in the world, and everyone teaches love too, and that is why Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe.

Sometimes words are used to express love and sometimes flowers are tried to express emotions. Then the poet said, “Nadeem! I am tired of searching for words. He expressed this by giving flowers”.

Despite making flowers a means of expressing love, the world has its own ways of showing love.

Traditions of Celebrating the Day of Love:

Valentine's Day

JAPAN: In Japan, instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14, it is a tradition to celebrate ‘Thanksgiving Day’. On this day, women give chocolates to their fathers, brother, husband, friend, and finances to thank them.

Men give gifts to women in return until the next month i.e. March 14, which is called White Day.

ENGLAND: On Valentine’s Day in England, girls sleep with five leaves under their pillows. Girls who practice this practice believe that in this way they will know about their future husband in a dream.

DENMARK: On Valentine’s Day in Denmark, instead of giving roses, loving couples present white “snowdrop flowers” to each other. Denmark has a tradition of sending anonymous cards to loved ones. By reading the message and writing, the girls guess the name of the card sender.

In Italy, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the beginning of spring. Unmarried Italian girls believe that the first man who sees them on the morning of February 14, could be their future husband.

The WALES: January 25th is celebrated in Wales as “St Dwayne’s Day”. It is just like Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on the 14th of February. Couples in this Roswell give each other a wooden spoon as a gift.

THAILAND: They are also called love spoons. The design of the spoon also carries a message of love. Thailand has a unique tradition on February 14. In Thailand, it is customary to get married sitting on an elephant on Valentine’s Day.

People also dance with newly married couples sitting on elephants. On this occasion, a fair is held, which thousands of people gather in Bangkok every year to witness.

THE PHILIPPINES: In the Philippines, public mass weddings are held on February 14. It is considered to be the most special day for the youth of the Philippines.

BRAZIL: In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12 instead of February 14.

PORTUGAL: In Portuguese, this day is called “Sweetheart Day” and on this day, couples in love present each other with gifts.

Is Celebrating Valentine’s Day Haram?

Valentine's Day

In many Islamic countries, Valentine’s Day was considered against the religion. However, now that the world has become a global village, the resistance against it is decreasing in most Islamic countries.

PAKISTAN: Since the court ruled against Valentine’s Day in Pakistan, although it is not publicized in the media, lovers are seen buying red flowers and gifts for their loved ones on this occasion.

IRAN: Valentine’s Day gifts and cards have been banned in Iran since 2011. Valentine’s Day is replaced by “Mehrgan” in Iran. Mehr means affection, love, or friendship, and Mehrgan is considered an Islamic festival in Iran.

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