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10 Best Cafes in Islamabad

10 Best Cafes In Islamabad

In Islamabad, cozy neighborhood cafés are in a great number of drinking people with friendly conversations and good food. While every Islamabadian has his/ her favorite café spot, a list of the 10 swish cafés in Islamabad is delivered below to enjoy warm service and remarkable food.

List of 10 Best Cafes In Islamabad

Cafe’s Location

  • 1. The Butler’s café F-6 Super Market
  • 2. Burning Brownie F-11 Markaz
  • 3. Chaaye Khana F-11 Markaz
  • 4. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf F-6 Markaz
  • 5. Cafe Aylanto F-7
  • 6. Street 1 Cafe Kohsar Market
  • 7. Crema F-6 Blue Area
  • 8. English Tea House F-7/2
  • 9. Mocca F-11 Markaz
  • 10. Sage Café F7 Markaz

1. The Butler’s Café

Butler’s Café
Best Cafes In Islamabad


Butlers Café is located in F6. Butler’s is one of the best chocolate cafés in Islamabad.

It has won over thirty awards in the food sedulity for serving the most trusted food, swish taste, and great quality.

Butlers is notorious for its huge variety of dark and white chocolate, you can satisfy your sweet and savory cravings With a variety to choose from at Butlers café.

Timings 12 pm-12 am

Recommended dishes

  • Butlers Signature milkshake
  • Signature Waffles
  • Hot Chocolate Lava cake
  • Italian Mozzarella bites
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Penne Au Gratin
  • Caramel crunch ice cream sundae

2. Burning Brownie

Burning Brownie -Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad


Burning brownie is one of the best cafés in Islamabad, Located on F-6 and F-11.BB is famous for its desserts in the entire country.

What started as a home-based bakery is now one of the swish cafés in Islamabad.

However, the burning brownie is the place for you, If you don’t know where to find the swish cheesecake.

With a huge variety of brownies, cakes, and pastries, Burning Brownie surely knows how to satisfy its guests.

The grilled chicken sandwich tastes amazing and is one of the healthiest food options available in the café.

Timings 12 pm-12 am

  • Recommended dishes

  • Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Caramel Pastry
  • Grilled chicken sandwich
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Biscoff Pastry

3. Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana-Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad


You can visit and enjoy the food of this cafe on F-6, F-11, and I-8, Islamabad.

One of the most notorious cafés for breakfast, Chaaye Khana is fully packed throughout the day.

With a huge variety to choose from, you can now satisfy your appetite for desi as well as an American breakfast at Chaaye Khana.

Timings 8 am-12 am

Recommended dishes

• Chicken steak
• Pancakes with maple sauce
• Swiss Polo Chicken
• Lemon Fizz
• Cheese and Mushroom Omelet
• Chocolate Molten cake

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4. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Best Cafes In Islamabad


The coffee bean & tea leaf is initially located in F-6 as well as F-11, Islamabad.

Serving the swish coffee in a megacity, CBTL has been satisfying its guests several times now.

Apart from coffee, it also offers a choice of sandwiches and cakes.

Timings 8 am-1 am

Recommended dishes

  • Chicken and Mushroom Pasta
  • Iced Tea
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Belgian Cake

5. Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad

Café Aylanto is located in F-7, Islamabad. Famous for its shell and contemporary dishes, it’s one of the most precious cafés in the city.

The café is specifically notorious for its treats and funk entrées. It’s a good option if you want to have a great dining experience.

Big trees in the pathway cut the view of all other cafés giving a really nice, comfy vibe for the evening.

Timings 12 pm-12 am

Recommended dishes

  •  All breakfast classics
  •  Cream of Mushroom and Chicken Soup
  •  French Onion Soup
  •  Mozzarella and Avocado Salad
  •  Classic Lasagna
  •  Smash Burger

6. Street 1 Café

Street 1 Café- Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad


Another modern café that is famous for its delicious food. you can easily find its location in F6.

Although it’s a bit more pricey than other cafés, it’s worth visiting every once in a while.

Timings 12 pm-12 am

Recommended dishes

  •  Stuffed Chicken strips
  •  Beef Onion Steak
  •  Chocolate Pancakes
  •  Roasted Tomato Soup
  • Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni

7. Crema

Crema Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad

Located in the food heart of Islamabad, Crema is one of the best cafés in Islamabad.

With polite staff, minimalistic décor, and amazing food, Crema surely knows how to make your day more.

You will be missing out if you don’t try their notorious macaroons.

Crema also lets you customize your order to your preference. Milkshakes are also enough good and reasonable.

Timings 8 am-12 am

Recommended dishes

  •  Breakfast/ Brunch Platter
  •  Blueberry banana smoothie
  •  Lotus Cheesecake
  • Chicken Parmesan Pasta

8. English Tea House

English Tea House
Best Cafes In Islamabad

English tea house started as a small bakery in 2010 and subsequently converted into a fine-dining café.

With an unmatched dining experience, it has won the heart of Islamabad over the once 11 times.

Located in F-7 Markaz, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy tea and coffee with your mates and family.

With various English and original sweet and savory treats, you can now make your day 2x better by having succulent food. They also serve a buffet. However, it has got to be their serving size, If there’s one thing ETH should perfect.

Timings 8 am-12 am

Recommended dishes

  •  Blueberry pancakes
  •  Stuffed Chicken Cheese Breast
  •  Hershey’s Hot Chocolate
  •  Caramel Latte
  •  Chocolate Banana waffle
  •  Spanish Omelet

9. Mocca

Mocca Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad

Mocca is one of the swish coffee places in Islamabad. Make your weekend memorable by having great coffee, Mocca is the best place.

With minimalistic décor, quality food, and amazing drinks followed by a great ambiance and gracious staff, Mocca is one of a kind.

However, go visit Mocca, If you are looking for a place with a great breakfast.

Timings 8 am-12 am

Recommended dishes

  •  Mocca grilled chicken
  • The Mocca Brunch
  •  Waffle with the works

10. Sage Café

Sage Café Best Cafes In Islamabad
Best Cafes In Islamabad

Preliminarily known as Roasters, it opened in Islamabad in 2010& located in F7 Markaz. Still, it has got to be Roasters, If there’s a café that has maintained its quality and volume in the once 11 times.

The sizzling of steaks and the aroma of the coffee can be enjoyed as you step in.

And it keeps getting better. With its parmesan, it has won the hearts of numerous and has become one of the most amazing cafes in Islamabad.

Timings 12 pm-1 am

Recommended dishes

  •  Cream of Mushroom Soup
  •  Parmesan Chicken Pasta
  •  Mozzarella sticks
  •  Onion rings and fries
  •  Mushroom Cheese Burger
  •  Sage Special Salad

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