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Attabad Lake in Pakistan: A stunning result of catastrophic event

Attabad Lake in Pakistan: A stunning result of a natural catastrophic event.

In the Gojal Valley (Gilgit Baltistan) of Pakistan lies the exceptionally staggering Attabad Lake, which was made

by a catastrophic event in the year 2010.

Otherwise called the Attabad Disaster, the lake here is one of the superb vacation destinations and travelers can

frequently be seen appreciating plane skiing, fishing, drifting, and horde other sporting exercises.

A gander at the unmistakable blue shades of this staggering lake will cause you to feel like you are living in a

writer’s fantasy. What adds to the normal excellence of the lake are the pinnacles of the Karakoram mountain range

encompassing the district.

Attabad Lake in Pakistan

What occurred in 2010?

Attabad Lake
Attabad Lake

In the year 2010, the town of Attabad in the Hunza Valley (around 760 km away from Islamabad) was hit

by a gigantic avalanche, which most likely was made by a quake.

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Rocks from the mountains around came crashing down and annihilated the town. Alongside Attabad,

four different towns, to be specific Ainabad, Shishkat, Gulmit, and Gulkin were additionally annihilated.

Around 20 individuals were killed and more than 6000 locals became destitute and were abandoned for quite

a long time during this period.

How was the lake made?

Attabad Lake
Attabad Lake

The progression of the Hunza waterway was discouraged for around five months on account of the avalanche.

This brought forth another lake through and through; before long water went after north of 21 km with a

profundity of more than 100 m (330 ft).

Quickly, the water started streaming over the avalanche dam, and more than 170 houses, and 120 shops

were overwhelmed.

Months after the fact, it turned into an undeniable lake streaming along the restricted valley. However, it was made

by a catastrophe, one can’t disregard the staggering excellence it’s honored with.

The valleys of Gilgit and Hunza are as of now sprinkled with a heap of pretty blue mountain lakes and this has

simply added to the excellence of the district.

After a decade, presently Attabad Lake is the justification for individuals’ vocation in the district. It was not long

after the misfortune that the lake began seeing an enormous progression of travelers, which brought forth little

lodgings and guesthouses.

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