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Chikar Valley Azad Kashmir: The Earthly Paradise

Chikar Valley Azad Kashmir: The Earthly Paradise

Chikar Tehsil of Jhelum Valley district is not less than Switzerland in terms of natural beauty and landscape.

Beautiful lakes, charming high mountains, and lush green valleys between the mountains captivate any tourist.

Chikar Valley Azad Kashmir

Chikar Valley Location:

Chikar Valley


A beautiful village in this valley is Noon Bagla which is rich in natural beauty.

The charms of nature are the hallmark here. This village is located at a distance of 11 km from Chikar.

The road is normal and surrounded by forests on all sides, this village has all the sights to behold.

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Nature has also blessed this village well with water, it has several springs of fresh water with an impurity of 150 points

while mineral water has an impurity of 230 to 250 points.

In other words, the blessing of water is as if Allah has blessed this village with His mercy.

If it is green season, then this area looks like paradise.

Weather in Chikar Valley:

Chikar Valley


Another charm of nature here is the wind coming out of the rocks which can be felt like the cool air coming out of an air conditioner in summer.

The temperature here is around 30 to 35 in June and July and snowfall in winter adds to its beauty.

The village lies in the middle of a plain cut by rivers on all four sides like the point in June.

Natural Beauty:


Another charm is known about “Cashma Allah Hoo” that by standing near this fountain and reciting “Allah Hoo” the water from the fountain comes up quickly.

The entire Chikar Valley has its colors of beauty. All four seasons are to be enjoyed here.

Similarly, the snowy season also presents a different picture, the entire area is covered with snow, and a white blanket is seen.

All these seasons are the blessings of Allah and it is proof of God’s craftsmanship.

The people here are hospitable and welcome every tourist. If you have beautiful eyes to see the beautiful areas, the area looks beautiful.

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