Here is a detailed list of Quetta Postal Codes – Quetta Zip Codes.

Is it true that you are searching for the total rundown of Quetta postal codes? You’ve come to the ideal location.

Presented in 1988 in Pakistan, postal codes permit mail centers in the nation over to figure out and convey mail at a quicker pace. These five-digit successions composed toward the finish of addresses on packages and letters address the region code of a town or a locale.

The shortfall of these numbers could create superfluous setbacks or even keep your bundle from arriving at the ideal beneficiary. Furthermore, they can assist with separating two comparative sounding regions. For instance, the postcodes in Quetta for Sariab and Sariab Street are somewhat unique.

Thus, if you need to send something to a family member, companion, or colleague in Quetta, if it’s not too much trouble, make a point to incorporate a reasonable postcode to the location. You can likewise look at our rundown of postal codes in Pakistan for more data.

Detailed List of Quetta Postal Codes – Quetta Zip Codes

Area Name Postal Code
Ahmedwal 95150
Ali Town 87340
Bostan 86500
Baleli 87100
Barshore 86800
Chaman 86000
Digari 88150
Dalbandin 95100
Hurram Zai 86710
Hazar Gangi 87320
Infantry School 87750
Kharan 94100
Killi Abdur Rehman Zai 86410
Khanozai 86600
Killa Abadulllah 86200
Kohi Taftan 95000
Kuchlak 87000
Killi Verchoom 86650
Ladgasht 94150
Nokundi 95050
Nushki 95200
Pishin 86700
Quetta GPO 87300
Quetta Airport 87650
Saranan 86400
Samungali 87600
Sariab 87900
Satellite Town Quetta 87500
Sariab Road 87550
Staff College Quetta 87800
Sorange 88050
Ziarat 96000

This closes our rundown of Quetta postcodes. Go ahead and investigate our aide at the Pakistan Mailing station to study the postal assistance in the country. Moreover, you can look at the total arrangements of postal codes for Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi also.

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