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Moola Chotok   Khuzdar Baluchistan

Moola Chotok  In the Brahui and Balochi languages, the word ‘Chotok’ implies certain types of water falling from the top.

There are several small and big waterfalls in Moola Chotok, hence the name which means Moola waterfall.

A beautiful town let called Moola is located further than 80 km from Khuzdar. It’s placed in Tehsil Khuzdar. As the gateway between central and west Baluchistan, Sindh, and Iran, it’s known for its literal and geographical significance.

The shortest distance between central Baluchistan and Sindh is avoided by using this route (Moola Pass). Ancient remains from Thorekhear, Hitachi, Hayrav, Kial Beig, and Pasta Khan suggest that Moola Chotok belongs to this civilization of, 2000 years ago.

There’s a river named Moola Chotok in Jalawan that originates in Dist. Khuzdar. The canal also has fish in it, so fishing is a favorite hobbyhorse of people in this region.


Moola Chotok Waterfall

   Moola Chotok  Khuzdar Baluchistan

This waterfall is formed on the river Moola, in this area, you can find numerous mangoes along the way. These mangoes are juicy and make good pickles. Mango fields are circulating across the country, along with orange, lemon, and olive fields. Shahan is one of the most beautiful townlets within Sub Tehsil Moola.

There are numerous waterfalls in the town. Moola Chotok is the largest cascade in Sub Tehsil Moola and Baluchistan.

Two hills are located between these falls. Due to the commerce between the peaks of the mountains, the fall appears to appear as a dome.

The reason for this is that it attracts travelers.


What is the best Time to Visit Moola Chotok?

The weather of Moola Chotok is very pleasant and suitable for tourists throughout the year. During the winter months, the water is warm, and during the summer months, it’s cold. In their imaginative world, people feel affable. You can visit this area throughout the year.


Moola Chotok Distance from Karachi and road condition

Moola Chotok Distance from Karachi

It is about 8 t 10 hours away from Karachi, and 106 kilometers from the city of Khuzdar They do not have any regional hotels, so going there with buddies is indeed better. The last 80/85 kilometers of a trip to Chotok go through no public houses or small grocery stores at all.

You first need to get to Khuzdar megacity and also arrange a 4 × 4 vehicle with a native companion so you can visit the area there. There is a whole of 80 km of the out-road via Chamrok and 130 km from Karkh- Zaidi M8. There are rough patches of 30- 40kms.

About 2 kilometers off is one of the most common. There’s a rest or guest house where only the economizing complexes are available.

This rest house has individuality specific and is typically not recommended for families. The only thing you need is a mosquito/ net to secure yourself from mosquitoes and insects.

However, take the basics, if you’re going to take in for a night.

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Khuzdar to Moola Chotok Transport

Khuzdar to Moola Chotok Transport

Khuzdar megacity has a large number of 4 × 4 available for rent. It’s located locally, depending on the season. It’s normal for Jeep fares to range from Rs. 12000 toRs.15000, depending on how you negotiate. He’ll drop you at Khuzdar at the equal price as taking you to falls and also back to Khuzdar.

You must have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It’s necessary to hire a 4 × 4 from the Khuzdar bypass. There’s a petrol station hard. In that area, you’ll find numerous old 4 × 4.

For the entire Jeep or Hilux, you could wait to pay around 12000 to 15000 rupees but prices may vary when you plan to visit this place.

First, there are mountains, and also it is out-road so air exertion won’t work. Getting to mola chetak will take 4 to 5 hours at least, and achieving chota chat ok will take another 2 hours at least. Food, water, and food items are required. You might want to prepare some food.

Moola Chotok Weather

In summer, it’s one of the hottest places in the country like Sibi and Dhadar. In downtime, it’s one of the coldest places. Temperatures vary wildly throughout the time, with summer highs generally exceeding 120 °F (48.9 °C) and downtime minimal temperatures occasionally falling below freezing point.

Weather conditions can greatly affect hiking and vale research, and tourists should get accurate predictions because of hazards posed by exposure to extreme temperatures and late summer rainfalls.

Is it safe to visit Moola Chotok?

 Moola Chotok   Khuzdar Baluchistan

There’s no risk along the way between Karachi and Moola Chotok. My recommendation isn’t for children smaller than 6 to 10 years old. At Khuzdar, you can rent a 4X4 and stay at the Emirate Hotel on the RCD Highway, which is off the main roadway. So, Moola Chotok is among the most visited place in Baluchistan.

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