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5 Most Popular Food Streets in Karachi

5 Most Popular Food Streets in Karachi

Karachi is called the commercial hub of Pakistan and it is a city where millions of people live.

The city is known for its busy commercial activities and colorful and bright nights. The most prominent and favorite recreational activity of the people in Karachi is walking.

When it comes to sightseeing, most people prefer to dine at a hotel or restaurant with their friends or relatives.

Food Streets play an important role in promoting tourism among the residents of Karachi.

If the law and order situation in Karachi is maintained then these food streets can be very helpful in the economic development of Karachi.

5 Most Popular Food Streets in Karachi

Some of the most popular food streets in Karachi are famous not only in Karachi but all over Pakistan.

1: Port Grand Karachi

Port Grand Karachi-Food Streets in Karachi
Food Streets in Karachi

Located in Karachi, Port Grand is the largest food street in Asia.

It is a place for food, entertainment, sightseeing, and shopping. This is Food Street, located at the confluence of the historic railway track and the harbor.

Walking on the beach in the summer is something else, but the common people also eat here and see the ships anchored in the port.

There is also Wi-Fi and lots of food and shopping stalls.

Branches of the world’s most famous restaurants have been established at Port Grand. Port Grand is close to the sea so it is a quiet place.

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2: Boat Basin Food Street

Boat Basin Food Street Food Streets in Karachi
Food Streets in Karachi

The place is named after a lake, people who go on a long drive usually eat at the boat basin.

It is a long road with restaurants, many of which are open late at night.

Some restaurants are open until five in the morning. There are also a large number of citizens who love the food here.

Hotel Dera Karachi on the Boat Basin offers the best breakfast, Halwa Puri, Tea Pratha, Chhola Curry, and Potato Salad, all kinds of snacks are available, but if you go here you will definitely order their Pizza Pratha.

3: Burns Road Food Street

Burns Road Food Street
Food Streets in Karachi

There are ancient buildings on both sides of Burns Road, built before and after the formation of Pakistan. Burns Road Food Street has more than 100 restaurants, sweets, and other food and beverage outlets.

Beef Haleem, Chicken Haleem, Beef Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Nahari, Qorma, Pie, Chicken Tekka, Chargha, Saji, Bihari Kebab, Seikh Boti, Katakat, Champ, Chicken Karahi, Beef Karhi, Mutton Karahi, Fish Fry, Palau Other foods are sold, but Burns Road’s Haleem, Biryani and Mutton frying pans are famous for their unique flavors, and a large number of citizens flock here at night.

4: Hussainabad Food Street

Hussainabad Food Street
Food Streets in Karachi

Hussainabad Food Street has about 150 small and large restaurants. The restaurants on Food Street offer a variety of food, including local, fast food, vegan and Chinese.

The special dish here is the charcoal frying pan that people from all over the city come to eat.

There are some of the most expensive and cheapest restaurants on this food street and that is why people like to come here.

5: Do Darya Food

Do Darya Food -Food Streets in Karachi
Food Streets in Karachi

Due to its luxurious restaurants, Do Darya is known as one of the best restaurants in Pakistan where a large number of people come to enjoy delicious food.

Interestingly, all these restaurants are built on the beach where people enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea as well as food and this is the specialty of these restaurants.

Mirage is the first restaurant on the banks of the Do River. The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes, including 85 dishes, from Moghlai, barbecue to Chinese and Thai food. The 600-seat restaurant also has Wi-Fi.

Kolachi is one of the most popular restaurants in Do Darya and offers Pakistani, Chinese, and Thai dishes to its guests.

The 850-seat restaurant also has a car parking area with Wi-Fi.

The Noorani restaurant in Do Darya serves Chinese and Pakistani food, while the restaurant has a special dish cut which costs Rs 600 and is enough for two people.

Other facilities include a play area for children, parking, and food packaging. The 400-seat restaurant serves from 6 pm to 1 am.

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