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Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

As a Chinese food dilettante, I’m still eager to try new Chinese restaurants, despite the fact that genuine Chinese cuisine is delicate to come in and is largely declined by desi palates.

Chinese food is based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and seafood, and is one of the most common ancient cuisines.

We did some digging for the Top 10 Chinese restaurants in Islamabad.

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabadlist of Top 10 Chinese restaurants and their locality in Islamabad.

  1. Asian Wok Islamabad                         Beverly Center, Islamabad
  2. Dynasty Restaurant Islamabad            F-5, Islamabad
  3. China Town Islamabad                          F-6 Markaz, Islamabad
  4. Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant       F-7, Islamabad
  5. Golden Dragon Islamabad                     F-7, Islamabad
  6. Ginyaki Islamabad                                   F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
  7. Heng Chang Islamabad                             F-7, Islamabad
  8. KIM MUN Islamabad                                 F-7, Islamabad
  9. SiLu Food Culture Islamabad                     F-8, Islamabad
  10. HA PI Chinese Restaurant                           F-11, Islamabad

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

1.Asian Wok, Islamabad

Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad
Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

.Asian Wok is set up in Islamabad’s Beverley Center. Its dynamite prawns are out of this world, and its soup is so amazing. It’s now a actually proper Chinese food choice in Islamabad.

However, If you go with buddies or cousins. It costs you about Rs, 1000 per person which is pretty reasonable keeping the ambiance and venue in mind and, of course, the food.

People are truly impressed by proper balance of spices and taste making it one of the finest Chinese restaurants in the town.

2.Dynasty Restaurant, Islamabad

Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad
Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

Dynasty Restaurant features authentic Chinese cuisine prepared with very delicacy. It’s located at F-5/1, Islamabad.

For all those visiting there, you mustn’t forget to try the Chef’s special Cantonese, Szechuan, and Dim Sims Delights. The place serves an excellent atmosphere and good vibes.

3.China Town, Islamabad

Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad
Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

China Town is located at F-6 Markaz Islamabad. From the service to the ambiance and of course the appetizing food, it’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in the megacity.

Whenever you hold a Chinese food desire, China Town is the answer. The restaurant offers a variety of foods prepared from different styles of traditional Szechuan and Thai cuisine.

A nice Chinese eatery that has been maintaining its standards for long. Their soup is on top alongside other kinds on the menu.

4.Yum Chinese Restaurant Islamabad

Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad
Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

A high-end Chinese and Thai restaurant that’s committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience to its clients. Yum Chinese is also located in F-7, Islamabad.

It’s one of the most dignified restaurant chains in Pakistan with an atmosphere that’s brisk, absorbing, and inviting. They offer variety of dishes, Must try chef’s special.

The prices are as low as Rs. 800 and it’ll be worth it. People love their rooftop dining option.

Along with being the good in Chinese cuisine, they’re also prominent for their high-tea and the ambiance seems really good.

5. Golden Dragon, Islamabad

The tantalizing choice of food at Golden Dragon, as well as the panoramic views of the Margalla Hills that you’ll appreciate from this restaurant, are two particulars that much stand out.

Golden Dragon is located in F7/ 3 .It is one of Islamabad’s oldest Chinese restaurants,. Golden Dragon has a fine dining experience that’s ideal for dinner or a get-together with buddies.

The Chinese cuisine served here’s well balanced in terms of seasonings and flavors.

Try their Dumplings Jiaozi, Chinese-Chop Suey, and homemade polls, which are one of their specialties, if you visit Golden Dragon Restaurant.

They also have really affordable options that start at Rs. 399 and go up from there.

6. Ginyaki Islamabad

Ginyaki is another option for great Chinese food. They’ve excellent food and service. You can easily found at F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

Their Mongolian beef and Szechuan chicken are both exceptionally fresh, appetizing and, also their delicacy.

Their services & atmosphere is fantastic. Its main course dish starts at Rs. 600 and goes up from there.

It’s affordable and completely worth a shot. Ginyaki offer huge variety of food at affordable prices.

They serve well- seasoned Chinese food in a good-looking ceramic bowl giving it a truly unique touch.

7. Heng Chang, Islamabad

Heng chang is good choice for authentic Chinese Food .Located in F7/ 2, Islamabad.

They’ve a really decent sitting arrangement with the beautiful panoramic view of the Margalla hills, sitting here and dining is absolute bliss.

They serve and make all the authentic Chinese dishes with their beef chili dry and dynamite prawns being the most noted on their menu list.

Its main course dish starts at Rs. 950 and goes up from there.

8.KIM MUN, Islamabad

This restaurant is located in one of Islamabad’s most opulent neighborhoods, F7. Two of the most outstanding sides are the service and the food.

They’ve settled Chinese dishes that are a must- try with the right balance of flavors.

There are so numerous mouthwatering Chinese dishes on their menu.

When you visit Kim Mun must try their Beef Foo Yung and Chicken Chow Mein.

9. SiLu Food Culture, Islamabad

This is the spot to go if you want genuine Chinese food without the Pakistani flavor. Silu food culture is located in Islamabad’s F-8 Markaz.

Authentic name Chinese cuisines. The prices are really fair, and the crisp sugar banana is their good piece and domain.

Chargers for one person priced at Rs 1049 and go up from there. Silu’s ambiance is a plus point while enjoying food.

People are addict of their genuine Chinese food and the sociable atmosphere that it offers. It’s a must- try point for all in Islamabad.

10.HA PI Chinese Restaurant, Islamabad

This Chinese café is located in F11, Islamabad, is famous for delivering unstoppable value in terms of food and service.

Ha Pi Restaurant is extensively spotted as one of Islamabad’s finest Chinese restaurants, and with good reason.

The ambiance is euphonious, but the dishes served here, alike as their Chicken Manchurian and special Ha Pi Chow Mein, are extremely addicting.

People prefer this spot for good Chinese food. Their serving size is really good. You can give a proper stuffing meal for just Rs 800.

In the comments below, tell us which of the Restaurants mentioned above did you visit or you’re going to visit.

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