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7 Most Famous Family Attractions in Lahore.

Lahore, which is the second-biggest city in Pakistan, has a cityscape beaten with trade and life. From extraordinary culinary culture to brilliant customs and beautiful touring choices, the noteworthy city offers the best of everything. The lively soul of Lahore makes it incredibly well known among both neighborhood and global travelers.

In the event that you live in Lahore and are wanting to capitalize on your three-day weekend by enjoying it with your family, then, at that point, there is a wide assortment of entertainment spots across the city for you to investigate.

It would likewise be an effective method for spending time with kids for the whole summer occasions.

Thus, to assist you with making your list of must-dos, here, we will list down and examine the absolute most famous spots to visit in Lahore with your family.

Presently, with no further ado, we should start!

The spots we are going to list beneath enormously add to the general appeal of the metropolitan scene of Lahore.


Lahore Fort is one of the most renowned spots to visit in Lahore.

Lahore Fort is a radiant construction of the Mughal Era.

Lahore Fort, which is privately known as the Shahi Qila, is without a doubt a radiant sight to visit that mirrors the genuine masterfulness of the Mughal period. Visiting this spot with family is perhaps the best thing to do in Lahore. The Shahi Qila which houses more than twenty authentic milestones is tracked down close to the Walled City.

Alamgiri entryway is the main delta for individuals visiting the Lahore Fort. It is a curved entry having delightful carvings engraved. Inside this astonishing site lies two additional verifiable tourist spots known as Moti Masjid and Sheesh Mahal, the two of which were worked by Emperor Shah Jahan. Shahi Qila is one of the five most well-known verifiable posts in Pakistan.

  • Address: Fort Rd, Walled City, Lahore
  • Timings: 8:30am – 5pm
  • Section Fee: PKR 50

Note: An extra measure of PKR 100 must be paid on the off chance that you need to take a visit through Sheesh Mahal


Badshahi Mosque
Badshahi Masjid is a superb stay of the Mughal Era in Lahore.

The far-reaching patio of Badshahi Masjid in Lahore has limited thousands of Namazis.

Badshahi Mosque, prevalently known as Badshahi Masjid, is one more magnificent remainder of the rule of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is one of the spots you can visit in Lahore with your loved ones.

The unimaginable design of the Badshahi Mosque was developed in 1674 with red sandstone. It includes a broad yard for a great many admirers having four minarets, every one of which is around 60 meters in level, making it one of the biggest mosques in Pakistan. The burial chamber of writer Allama Iqbal, the “Otherworldly Father of Pakistan,” is likewise viewed here.

  • Address: Located inverse to the Alamgiri Gate of Lahore Fort on Ford Road, Walled City, Lahore
  • Timing: 8am – 8pm
  • Passage Fee: PKR 40


Famous Family Attractions in Lahore
Greater Iqbal Park is an astounding spot and one of the most Famous Family Attractions in Lahore.

Greater Iqbal Park is home to Minar-I-Pakistan, a popular public landmark of Pakistan

The cultivation division is changing the city of Lahore into a place that is known for vegetation. One more extremely critical move toward this path was the redesign and extension of Minto Park, which is currently known as the Greater Iqbal Park.

This park has one of the main public landmarks known as Minar-I-Pakistan. This minaret has a level of 60 meters and it required eight years for the development of this milestone to get finished in the year 1968. Minar-I-Pakistan reminds us of the authentic day when Pakistan’s goal was passed in 1940. More prominent Iqbal Park is one of the coolest spots to visit in Lahore with family.

  • Address: Near Azadi Chowk East, Walled City, Lahore
  • Timing: 6.15am – 12am
  • Passage Fee: None


Shalimar Gardens in Lahore is a genuine impression of Mughal engineering۔

Visiting Shalimar Gardens with family is quite possibly the most mind-boggling thing to do in Lahore. Crossing more than 80 sections of land, it is viewed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan. Shah Jahan was the Mughal Emperor on the set whom, this lovely spot was built back in 1641.

Shalimar Gardens mirrors the vibrance of Islamic craftsmanship and engineering of the Mughal period. It is where you will run over cascades and lakes. Shalimar Gardens, which is additionally at times spelled as Shalamar Gardens, was initially intended to engage visitors of the regal family.

  • Address: Shalamar Chowk, G. T. Street, Shalamar Town, Lahore
  • Timing: 8 am – 6 pm
  • Passage Fee: PKR 20


Lahore Museum is an extraordinary spot for Famous Family Attractions in Lahore.

Lahore historical center is considered a part of the most seasoned galleries tracked down in Asia۔

Lahore Museum is likewise one of the most suggested family attractions in Lahore. It is likewise considered as a part of the most established galleries tracked down in Asia; it was built during the 1800s during the hour of British rule in the subcontinent. The astounding engineering of this gallery is a declaration of the imaginative greatness with which it was fabricated.

There are more than twelve separate exhibitions in this gallery every one having models, antiques, and fine arts in plain view. Probably the most established original copies of the Holy Quran can likewise be tracked down in the Lahore gallery.

  • Address: Mall Rd, Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore
  • Timing: 9 am – 3:30 pm
  • Passage Fee: PKR 20

Note: Usage of cameras and telephones isn’t permitted in the historical center


Sozo Water Park is one of the greatest water parks and Famous Family Attractions in Lahore

Sozo Water Park is accepted to be the greatest water park in Lahore. The spot offers fun exercises for the entire family. Particularly in summers, it is one of the most astonishing family attractions in Lahore.

To beat the singing intensity in the city, individuals can have a great time by getting on various sorts of water slides accessible in the recreation area. On the off chance that you need to find out about this spot, then, at that point, here’s our itemized audit of Sozo Water Park in Lahore.

One of the primary attractions of Sozo Water Park is a 10-foot wide water body that streams like a genuine waterway. This spot is additionally home to the women just water park where kids as long as 10 years old are permitted.

  • Address: Canal Bank Road, Lahore
  • Timing: 10.30 am – 5.30 pm
  • Passage Fee: Starting from PKR 400 for grown-ups and PKR 300 for youngsters

Note: Ticket costs might shift at the ends of the week and on public occasions


Lahore Zoo Safari Park is home to some amazing natural life species

In the event that guardians maintain that their children should have a very close gander at natural life and study creatures, then they ought to be taking them to Lahore Zoo Safari Park. It is one of the most well-known spots to visit in Lahore with family with many different creature species like lions, Bengal tigers, pumas, blue bulls, and some more.

Lahore Zoo Safari Park likewise includes a lake close to which individuals can invest energy getting a charge out of drifting and fishing. The presence of a carnival in the vicinity bends over the fervor of children visiting this spot.

  • Address: Safari Road, Lahore
  • Timings: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Passage Fee: PKR 40 for grown-ups and PKR 20 for kids

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