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About the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

About the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

While trying to support the capability of the travel industry in the country, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

(PTDC) will advance 10 towns as models provincial the travel industry objections in the country.

The towns have likewise been added to the rundown of the best traveler objections kept up with by the United Nations

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as educated by the Managing Director PTDC Aftab ur Rehman Rana.

UNWTO has likewise sent off the Global Best Tourism Village drive. The reason for this drive is to safeguard the way

of life and scenes around these and save the customs, specialties, engineering, and exceptional acts of the occupants.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

He additionally shed light on the significance of country the travel industry which can affect the economy from the

nearby to the public level. Indeed, that is not it, the normal lift in the nearby travel industry area would likewise put

these towns on the way to advancement with further developed offices.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, all the more regularly known as PTDC, is an administrative body

that is liable for the turn of events and advancement of the travel industry in Pakistan.


It likewise makes progress toward extending a positive picture of Pakistan by advancing its captivating scenes,

brilliant mountain tops, delightful streams, entrancing societies, profound and noteworthy areas, and hypnotizing glory.

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The association likewise utilizes performing expressions, writing, and music to open the travel industry capability of the country.

To assist you with more deeply studying the Pakistan Tourism Development Authority, we have presented to you an

an itemized guide that will answer every one of your squeezing inquiries regarding the set of experiences, jobs, administrations,

and elements of the association.

About PTDC

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation:

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

PTDC supports the travel industry in Pakistan by advancing the geological resources and rich social legacy of the locale.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation was consolidated on March 30, 1970, as a Public Corporation

Limited is claimed by the Government of Pakistan and represented by top managerial staff. Its administrative center

is situated inside the Pakistan Secretariat in Islamabad.

PTDC was rebuilt in March 2019 following the development of the National Tourism Coordination Board a year

earlier. It has now empowered every one of the areas to figure out their travel industry procedures as per their

particular financial plans.

The vision of PTDC is to help the travel industry in Pakistan by advancing its geological resources, social legacy,

normal magnificence, and archeological destinations. It considers the improvement of the travel industry area as a

public need and plans to establish a manageable climate that works on personal satisfaction in the country.

The travel industry advancement enterprise of Pakistan additionally endeavors to furnish homegrown and unfamiliar

sightseers with first-rate offices and conveniences while guaranteeing the conservation and security of our social and virtues.

It works in close organization with the confidential area to energize a vacationer accommodating picture of Pakistan.

PTDC additionally possesses and runs a few lodgings, resorts, and inns close to well-known vacation spots in the

country to give minimal expense and convenience choices to explorers and tourists. It likewise offers transportation for

vacationers to specific pieces of the country.

The fundamental goals of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation incorporate publicizing and showcasing

the traveler results of Pakistan, delivering quality exposure material, and sorting out limited-time exercises to draw

in additional vacationers.

It likewise urges the confidential area to effectively take part in upgrading the travel industry area through different

missions, classes, and studios. The PTDC visit bundles and ground treatment of these visits additionally help in

working on the positive picture of Pakistan alongside supporting the homegrown travel industry. The PTDC bundle

rates are additionally very sensible.

PTDC is additionally answerable for the turn of events and improvement of traveler Information focuses, lodgings,

inns, and other vacationer foundations in Pakistan.

The travel industry in Pakistan:

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation


From the magnificent mountains and enchanting knolls in the north to shocking shorelines and ancient archeological

locales in the south, Pakistan offers a diverse blend of vacation spots to nature darlings, experience searchers, and history buffs.

Whether you appreciate journeying across slippery landscapes, boating in quick streaming waterways, desert jeep safaris,

trout fishing, fascinating bird watching, yak polo or just setting up camp under the shade stars encompassed by thick

coniferous woods, you won’t run out of activities and spots to visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan is home to five of the 14 most noteworthy autonomous mountain tops on the planet including K2, the

second-most noteworthy mountain at 8,611 meters. The high knolls in Gilgit-Baltistan, dazzling green valleys in

Azad Jammu and Kashmir, magnificent Mughal-time structures, and rich social legacy of Punjab, the noteworthy

locales and Sufi sanctums in Sindh, rough mountains and perfect sea shores in Balochistan, and the hypnotizing

The regular magnificence of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can undoubtedly make one go gaga for Pakistan.

The travel industry in Pakistan has seen a huge lift as of late. For instance, Forbes Magazine, which is a well-known

worldwide distribution with a boundless readership positioned Pakistan among the main 10 coolest spots to visit in 2019.

Afterward, American extravagance sightseeing publication Conde Nast pronounced Pakistan as the number 1 vacation spot

for 2020, further reinforcing the place of Pakistan as a rising traveler area of interest.

While many variables have added to the prominence of vacation spots in Pakistan, one can’t keep the job from getting the

public authority to spread mindfulness about these locations and extend a positive picture of the country. The casual visa

arrangements and government drives, for example, the send-off of the Kartarpur Corridor and the presentation of current

setting up camp units in the northern regions have all aided in further developing Pakistan’s travel industry positioning.

The reasonable yet agreeable convenience choices, as well as the cordiality of the nearby populace, are additionally two

of the main elements behind the development of the travel industry in Pakistan.

Works and Services of PTDC:

Here are the principal works and administrations of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation:

  • Creation of special material for vacationers and its dispersion through the unfamiliar missions of Pakistan,
  • vacationer data focuses, on workplaces of Pakistan International Airlines, travel planners, visit administrators, and hoteliers.
  • Making special missions about vacation destinations in Pakistan for homegrown and unfamiliar media
  • Support in global occasions, classes, shows, displays, fairs, and studios either freely or by collaborating with the confidential area
  • The plan and execution of the travel industry advancement projects in Pakistan
  • ID, arranging and improvement of the travel industry framework in the nation over
  • The board of PTDC Motels (Pvt.) Ltd, which claims and works cordiality units close to traveler objections
  • in Pakistan with low confidential speculation.
  • The board of Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Ltd, which handles the homegrown and global visits bunches on the ground.
  • It likewise gives them transportation offices.


For insights regarding the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation bundles, the travel industry locales in Pakistan, and PTDC inns, you can straightforwardly contact the association at the accompanying number or send them an email.

Here are the contact subtleties of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.


  • Address: Ground Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
  • Telephone Number: 051-9212850
  • Email Address:
  • This stops our outline of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

If you are keen on studying vacation locations in Pakistan, the following are a couple of guides that you could view as supportive.

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