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Cholistan Jeep Rally 2023 Is Close to the Corner – Prepare!

Cholistan is quite possibly the biggest desert in Pakistan. It is an infertile parcel of land traversing the north of 16,000 square kilometers. A few noticeable verifiable tourist spots, which incorporate spots like Derawar Post, Derawar Mosque, and Noor Mahal, are tracked down close to the desert.

Alongside visiting these critical antiquated structures, there are numerous other fun things you can do on your excursion to the Cholistan Desert.

For example, in the event that you are a motorsport fan, you can likewise go to the exceptionally thrilling Cholistan Desert Rally 2023, which will be held this February. Along these lines, we should get to find out about this occasion of desert dashing in Pakistan.

Ready, get set, and go!


Cholistan Jeep Rally

The Cholistan Desert Rally is frequently known as the Cholistan Jeep Rally. Nonetheless, don’t get occupied by “Jeep”, since it doesn’t have anything to do with the worldwide vehicle brand.

This motorsport occasion is neither supported by Jeep, nor the assembly is determined for Jeep vehicles as it were. As a matter of fact, in Pakistan, individuals frequently utilize “Jeep” to mean rough terrain 4X4 vehicles and SUVs.

The occasion has been coordinated by the Travel industry Advancement Enterprise of Punjab for the beyond 18 years. In excess of 100 race drivers from everywhere in the nation partake in this occasion of desert dashing in Pakistan.

Derawar Post, which is around 45 kilometers from the dashing track, fills in as the camp office for the hustling experience. The dashing track of the occasion is 500 kilometers in length, stumbling into the bone-dry desert district.

The yearly desert rally in Pakistan as a rule happens in the pre-spring season. This year Cholistan Jeep Rally will be held from Feb 6-12. The timetable of the impending dashing occasion in Punjab has been point by point in the table underneath:

6-Feb-2023Press ConferenceCommissioner Office, Bahawalpur
7-Feb-2023Trophy Unveiling/Launching CeremonyDHA Bahawalpur
8-Feb-2023Medical Test of Drivers/RegistrationTDCP Resort Derawar
9-Feb-2023Qualifying RoundVenue Near Dilwash Stadium
10-Feb-20231st Round of the Racing EventDilwash Stadium
11-Feb-2023Quad Bike RaceDilwash Stadium
12-Feb-20232nd Round & Closing CeremonyDilwash Stadium


Cholistan Desert Rally is a rough terrain dashing occasion. The principal version of the Cholistan Rally was coordinated in 2005.

WinnersEvent EditionYear
Nadir Magsi10th2015
Shahibzada Sultan11th2016
Nadir Magsi12th2017
Nadir Magsi13th2018
Nadir Magsi14th2019
Nadir Magsi15th2020
Shahibzada Sultan16th2021
Nadir Magsi17th2022

Coordinated every year starting around 2005, this rough terrain hustling occasion has been generally covered by numerous public and global electronic media houses.

Female drivers additionally partook in the Cholistan Jeep Rally in 2014 and flaunted their rough terrain dashing abilities. The specialists behind this occasion of desert hustling in Pakistan have plans to overhaul it to global norms, welcoming outsiders to go to the assembly.


We should have a brief glance at the rundown of champs of the Cholistan Jeep Rally over the most recent couple of years.

Yet again the title of the Cholistan Jeep Rally 2022 victor was asserted by Nadir Magsi. As indicated by the above table, just Nadir Magsi (multiple times) and Shahibzada Ruler (two times) have stayed at the Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally champs starting around 2015.

Indeed, it requires a lot of exertion, abilities, and experience to turn into the unbeaten boss of such a problematic hustling occasion.

ABOUT The travel industry Advancement Enterprise PUNJAB

TDCP is mindful to advance the travel industry in the district. The Travel industry Advancement Enterprise of Punjab (TDCP) is a power administered by the commonplace government, the motivation behind which is to advance the travel industry in the locale.

The authority sorts out different infotainment exercises to feature the area’s set of experiences, neighborhood legacy, and culture.

The commencement of the Cholistan Jeep Rally 2023 has proactively started. Along these lines, write in your schedules to miss this thrilling hustling occasion. Additionally, for additional reports in regards to the outright exhilarating rough terrain motorsport issue in Pakistan, continue to return.

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