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Data Darbar Lahore: Shrine of Sufi Data Ali Hajveri.

Data Darbar, arranged in Lahore, Punjab, is the biggest Sufi sepulcher in South Asia.

It was developed to house all remaining parts of al-Hujwīrī, generally perceived as ‘Data Ganj Baksh,’ the Sufi holy person having a place with Ghazni.

This site is known as the most sacrosanct or heavenly spot in the city and draws in more than 1,000,000 vacationers to its Urs celebration held yearly.

The article has each data about it, including Data Darbar History.


The burial chamber was laid out at first as a grave close to Masjid that Data Ganj Baksh had developed in the 11th hundred years on Lahore’s edges.

By the thirteenth hundred years, the conviction that extraordinary otherworldly powers of Sufi Saints are appended to their graves developed further in Muslims.

Thus, a terrific sanctum was built to celebrate Data Ganj Baksh’s internment site during the Mughal time.

In the nineteenth 100 years, the Shrine was extended, and Hujwiri’s masjid was remade.

Development and CONTROL

As indicated by the 1960 Auqaf Ordinance, the Shrine’s control was given over to the Pakistani government with the authority objective of keeping guardians of the Shrine all through Pakistan from monetary double-dealing of enthusiasts.

During the 1980s, the Shrine was essentially extended under the public authority of military ruler Zia-ul-Haq.

The tomb turned into the biggest in South Asia. N.G.O. workplaces, madrassa, library, vehicle park, workplaces, and police headquarters were incorporated under his rule.

Since its great development, new business sectors or marketplaces have arisen around this site.


This Shrine is viewed as the holiest site in Lahore and has turned into a significant social, political, and monetary focus. It is among those couples where very poor and incredibly rich offer a similar space.


Data Darbar

Lovers immovably accept that the holy person implanted at Shrine has preeminent power and control over all spiritualists in the Indian sub-mainland.

No new holy person could go into the sub-landmass without procuring consent from Hujwiri.

In the wake of building a burial chamber devoted to Data Ganj Baksh, non-Muslims and Muslims visit his grave looking for favors.

Distinguished characters, for example, Allama Iqbal, Dara Shikoh, Nizam-ud-Din Auliya, Moin-ud-Din Chishti, and Baba Fareed all offered appreciation and praise to Shrine. Ex-PM Nawaz Shareef as often as possible visited Shrine.

Exercises AT SHRINE

Qawwali is consistently performed at Shrine, and on unique and specific events, it is lit for embellishment purposes.

Supper is served to guests who likewise dance while performers sing Sufi music. At its limit, Muslims present Quran and furthermore honor Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.).

Administrations OFFERED AT SHRINE

Data Darbar

A wide scope of social administrations is presented at the Shrine, making it a renowned center for monetarily low occupants.

As per 1,000-year-old custom, free food is being given to more than 50,000 guests at the Shrine.

Guests confronting trouble in their issues give work or cash to free kitchen assets of Shrine, satisfying Islamic orders of taking care of the destitute and poor.

The Shrine likewise accommodates unfortunate understudies’ schooling in neighboring schools and gives nearby clinics financing.


Roughly 30,000 to 60,000 guests visit the Shrine day today, and this number turns out to be twofold on Thursdays and strict occasions.

During the yearly Urs merriments, just about a million fans come to the Shrine.


Data Darbar

Auqaf Foundation holds control of the Shrine under the Auqaf Ordinance 1960. Around 200 full-time overseers oversee Shrine, barring safety faculty.

The Shrine produces the most ridiculous income for the Auqaf board, more than every one of the 400 sanctums under its clout in Punjab, and contributes very nearly 33% of its income.

It gathers multiple times more monetary guide than it put resources into its administration and support.


Data Darbar

Two fear-based oppressors detonated a bomb at Shrine on first July 2010, killing something like fifty individuals and harming around 200.

One more assault happened on eighth May 2019, killing twelve individuals, including police staff Saddam Hussein, Head Constable Gulzar Ahmed, Shahid Nazeer, Mohammad Saleem, Mohammad Sohail, and a safety officer Raffaqat Ali close to the entry of female guests.


Countless aficionados from everywhere in Pakistan visit altars, yet they get burglarized by mafias, workers for hire, and food merchants. Notwithstanding fraudsters and fleecers, the Darbar is situated in a criminally imperiled region of the city.

Crimes like kid misuse, pick-stashing, and burglaries are most normal in the Darbar region.

Runaway youngsters like to remain at Darbar because of frivolous positions and free food. Individuals who need appropriate langar are tricked by food vendors as they sell unacceptable food and give less amount.

While some food vendors get everything for conveying food and in the wake of circulating just a modest quantity, they put the leftover huge amount of food at their counter available to be purchased.

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