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Multan Famous Places to Visit: Top 10 Tourists Places in Multan

Multan is a historical city, whose history spans not hundreds but thousands of years. That is why there are countless historical places and buildings in Multan, without which a visit to Multan would be incomplete.

In this article, we will tell you about ten famous places in Multan which you must visit.

1. Mausoleum of Baha-ud-Din Zakariya

Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria was a student of Sheikh Shahid who was a great Sufi. People, tourists, and pilgrims from all over the world visit the tomb of Bahauddin Zakaria. People care a lot about it because he helped spread Islam.

2. Tomb of Shah Ali Akbar

Shah Ali Akbar had served as an ancestral and spiritual foundation along the strong paths of Islam. From this, you can see other parts of Multan. It is small but its shape is like Shah Rukh Alam’s tomb.

3. Tomb of Shah Rukn Alam

10 Places to Visit in Multan
10 Places to Visit in Multan

The high topography given to Multan has given a beautiful sight and benefit in seeing the escape from the city. More than 700 years of beautiful architectural edition covers the 17th century. The tomb of Shah Rukh Alam is very ancient and historical.

4. Qila Qasim Bagh Multan (Multan Famous Places)

Qila Kuhna Qasim Bagh

The fort is also a symbol of the city’s historical, social, political, religious, spiritual, and cultural splendor. The fort was also damaged and renovated in different periods.

In 1640, during the Mughal rule, the fort of Multan was rebuilt by Prince Murad Bakhsh. The fort stands 150 feet above the ground and has a total area of ​​more than one mile

Fort Kohna is a very old fort that was built 2600 years ago. The building is about 7,000 feet long and 40 feet wide. The building was built for the cities of Multan to ward off invaders from western and northern neighboring cities. This fort is located in the middle of Multan.

5. Monument to Van Alexander Agno

10 Places to Visit in Multan
Multan Famous Places

It is a monument based on the Sikh evolution in Pakistan. The monument to Van Alexander Agno is located in Qasim Bagh. He was killed under the Sikh administration.

6. Multan Art Gallery

Multan Famous Places to Visit: Top 10 Tourists Places in Multan
Multan Famous Places to Visit: Top 10 Tourists Places in Multan

A large number of historical paintings about commercial and cultural life in Multan Art Gallery. Most of these paintings are real paintings made by local craftsmen.

7. The Martyrs’ Memorial (Yadgar e Shuhda)

The Martyrs’ Memorial is the most beautiful place in Multan made of white marble. Located on Shers Road in Multan. This place has been built in memory of the soldiers who were martyred during the Pakistan-India war.

8. Chenab River Head Muhammad Wala

The Chenab River is a great opportunity for the people of Multan to have a picnic. Winter is a great time to visit the Chenab River. In winter, you can ride the river a lot. In the summer season, a lot of pulses on the surface of the water are preferred when the river can be more dangerous. Many eyes can be seen on the shores of horses and camels.

9. Hussain Agahi Bazaar

Hussain Bazaar lets you retrieve the market, but it needs a list of any product. This is the biggest market in Multan, just think of a product and you believe in looking for it. It is very easy to negotiate the price. These are soft embroidered shoes and Multan embroidered suits that you are only in this bazaar.

10. Chadar Walai Sarkar Mazaar Sharif

Multan Famous Places to Visit: Top 10 Tourists Places in Multan

Pir Syed Wali Muhammad Shah is also known as Chadar Walai Sarkar. His tomb is situated in Multan. It is also worth visiting.

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