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Lahore City of Gardens: 9 Reasons for this Title

Lahore City of Gardens: 9 Reasons for this title

The Mughals in their time built magnificent buildings in Lahore and planted many gardens. Akbar the Great rebuilt the royal fort. Shah Jahan built the Shalamar Garden which is his example

The architecture here is unique compared to other parts of the subcontinent. Due to its lush gardens and natural beauty, it has been called Arus-e-Balad. Queen Noor Jahan of Mughal Emperor Jahangir spoke about Lahore.

Lahore has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics and beauty. The huge number of gardens and parks, not to forget its title as the City of Gardens, are a testament to its abundant immolations for those looking to protest back and relax among the foliage.

Lahore City of Gardens:

Then are the gardens and parks of Lahore that we can’t have enough of.

1. Bagh-e-Jinnah

Lahore City of Gardens-Bagh-e-Jinnah
Lahore City of Gardens

Formerly known as Lawrence Garden, the huge complex contains a botanical theater, Masjid Darul Islam, and the iconic Quaid-e-Azam Library positioned within its demesne.

Being one of the better maintained public premises, it’s home to numerous green spaces and walking tracks to tromp around and take in the 150 kinds of fruits, vegetables, and berries, 140 types of shrubs, 50 types of creepers, and a huge variety of flowers.

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2. Gulshan-e-Iqbal – Lahore City of Gardens

Gulshan-e-Iqbal - Lahore City of Gardens
Lahore City of Gardens


A recreational space with an area of over 67 acres, this demesne is one of the largest in the megacity.

The demesne is named after the fabulous minstrel and champion Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal and because of its propinquity to the University of Punjab, this demesne attracts huge crowds at all times of the day.

3. Hazuri Bagh

Hazuri Bagh
Lahore City of Gardens


Then’s a theater where you can take a perambulation down memory lane, relatively literally.

Erected by Ranjit Singh in 1813 to celebrate the prisoner of the notorious Koh-i-Noor Diamond from Shah Shujah of Afghanistan, this place has immense significance for history suckers.

One can indeed hear traditional Punjabi reports similar to Heer Ranjha and Sassi Punnu from the fibbers in and around the scenic demesne.

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4. Iqbal Park

Iqbal Park
Lahore City of Gardens


This beautiful demesne, formerly named Minto Park, accommodates the notorious Minar-e-Pakistan, one among the numerous milestones in this area.

The demesne now forms a conterminous space with other spots similar to the Badshahi synagogue, Lahore Fort, Muhammad Iqbal’s grave, Samadhi of Ranjit Singh, and Roshnai Gate.
More lately it has been a point for a couple of ignominious political surfs that numerous have danced fervently at.

5. Jilani Park – Lahore City of Gardens

Jilani Park - Lahore City of Gardens
Lahore City of Gardens


Still, or you enjoy a game of polo, the Jilani Park may be up your alley If the flowery and artistic exhibitions organized by the Punjab Government interest you.

This demesne was formerly known as Race Course Park and is notorious for its lush green meadows and a rather seductive artificial cascade.

The upmarket Polo Lounge is also housed within the vicinity of this demesne (you might want to check their PFA status before you take a tardy lunch there, however).

6. Model Town Park

Lahore City of Gardens-Model Town Park
Lahore City of Gardens

This demesne was first called the Nawaz Sharif Park and is located in Model Town, its namesake neighborhood.

It was developed by the also Governor of Punjab, General (R) Ghulam Jilani Khan in 1990 and draws plenitude of people venturing out for their morning walks, or simply an evening perambulation in the beautiful meadows.

7. Shahdara Bagh

Lahore City of Gardens-Shahdara Bagh
Lahore City of Gardens

While firstly an extensive theater, little remains of the original Mughal construction moment. The name of this demesne, Shahdara, translates to the way of the Lords. It was erected as one of the gateways to the megacity of Lahore and hosts a plethora of Mughal architectural spots.

This demesne is also one of the busiest stops of the Lahore Metro Bus (and hopefully the new Metro Orange Line will end up connecting the megacity indeed more).

8. Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden
Lahore City of Gardens


This is also a Mughal period point (no wonder Mughals were so attached to the megacity, it has so numerous beautiful auditoriums and premises), the construction of this theater began in the 1641 Announcement and was completed the time after.

It’s one of the pail list particulars for callers to the megacity of Lahore and without mistrustfulness, it’s a serene setting with relaxing lakes and soothing meadows. Perfect selfie spot!

9. Jallo Park

Jallo Park
Lahore City of Gardens

Some of the installations that attract people towards this demesne, despite it being located way out of the megacity and being a fairly new development as compared to others on this list, are the Forest Research Center, Wildlife Parentage Center, the plethora of food spots, a swimming pool, a theme demesne, a sports complex and a large lake for fishing and voyaging. What’s more?

Presently funded by the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department of the Government of Punjab, you can make a nice easy street handbasket and hop on to one of the TransLahore motorcars that will take you straight to this beautiful position down from the megacity’s hustle and bustle.

So these are just some of the more prominent premises that beautify every neighborhood of Lahore, numerous have their neighborhood premises as their go-to purlieu place in the warm summer gloamings. What’s your favorite demesne in Lahore, to hang out in?

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