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Murree and Hunza Tour 

Murree and Hunza Tour

About Murree 

Murree and Hunza Tour: As the summer season begins, Murree is unquestionably the most popular place to spend your vacation. Murree commonly referred to as “The Queen of Mountains,” is situated in Punjab, Pakistan, in the Rawalpindi District and the Galyat area. Murree, which is 2,291 meters above sea level, is located around 30 kilometers from Islamabad’s capital. The drive from Islamabad to Murree is now easy and comfortable thanks to the national highway and the motorway extension for Murree. Both foreign and local visitors traveling within Pakistan have always loved and rejoiced in Murree. why not The most captivating tourist attractions can be found in Murree, making it a fascinating site to visit.

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Murree and Hunza Tour
Murree and Hunza Tour

Murree and Hunza Tour

Murree weather

Except for January to March, when Murree has significant snowfall and temperatures as low as -1 degrees, the weather is ‌nice. In addition, Murree’s average temperature from April to October is 15 degrees, making it the perfect destination for visitors from warm regions of the country and outside.

Murree’s Most Visited Tourist Points  

People from all around Pakistan and beyond enjoy seeing Murree in its entirety. There are however several locations that have gained particular popularity among visitors of Murree. Here is a list of some of Murree’s well-known tourist attractions.

  • Bhurban
  • New Murree
  • Patriata
  • Kashmir Point.
  • Pindi Point
  • Mall Road
  • Ayubia
  • Nathia Gali

The chairlift is another one of Murree’s top attractions for visitors, particularly families with young children.

There are also a few chairlifts in Murree, which offer beautiful views of the mountains and surroundings. Ayubia, Pindi Point, and Patriata all have chairlifts.

Hotels In Murree

The entire year, a lot of visitors travel to Murree. Besides a large number of hotels, government and private guesthouses range from the middle and high prices. There is a list of famous hotels in Murree. 

  • Hotel One Bhurban
  • The Smart Hotel
  • Kashmir Continental Hotel Murree
  • Hotel Sunway Murree
  • View Forth Hotel
  • Pine Top Hotel Murree

Murree Hotels Online Booking 

Reserve your visit at different Murree hotels through our website. In less than a few minutes, you can complete the application, and you’ll get an email right away confirming your reservation. Book and enjoy your trip!

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About Hunza

One of the world’s most famous and breathtaking places in the world is Hunza Valley. It is situated in Pakistan’s far northern region.

The Hunza Valley is known as the “Land of Legends” and is renowned all over the world for its culture, scenery, friendliness, and hospitality.

Every year, tourists, and explorers from all around the world visit this region of Pakistan. Huge peaks of the Karakoram Range encircle Hunza Valley.

Numerous plant and animal species may be found in the Hunza Valley. You will see and be amazed by the stunning lakes, enormous mountains, distinct culture, history, and architecture, as well as wildlife, glaciers, and social structure. 

Murree and Hunza Tour
Hunza Valley Tour Guide

Hunza Weather

Due to the lovely weather and bright days, the summer months are the most favored time to tour Hunza Valley. Because of the valley’s location between mountains, summers here are generally mild, with highs of 31°C and lows of 0°C occasionally recorded.

Early June to late April is the start of spring, which may be a lovely time of year to go because of the slow snowmelt that reveals woods and wildflowers as well as the re-emergence of Karakorum’s animals after their hibernation period. In Hunza, autumn is the most lovely season, while winters are chilly, harsh, and dry with lots of snowfall in the valley and mountains. 

Hunza Most Visited Tourist Points

The Hunza Valley is well-known among tourists for its breathtaking scenery and panoramic views.

On your way to Hunza Valley, you will pass by the enormous Karakorum mountains. A must-have experience is the curvy roads to Hunza and the stunning lakes. Here is a list of the well-known and must-see locations in the Hunza Valley.

  • Rush Lake
  • Borith Lake
  • Sost Border
  • Eagle Nest Duiker
  • Attabad Lake
  • Rush Lake
  • Submit Gulmit
  • Karimabad
  • Altit Fort

Hotels in Hunza 

In the Hunza Valley, several of the most famous hotels are available for guests to stay and enjoy their vacations. 

  • .Hikal Guest House
  •  Baltit Heritage Inn 
  •  Luxus Hunza
  • Venus Resort Hunza
  •  Famree Resort Hunza
  • Mulberry Hotel

Hunza Hotels Online Booking 

Reserve your visit at different Hunza hotels through our website. In less than a few minutes, you can complete the application, and you’ll get an email right away confirming your reservation. Book and enjoy your trip!

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