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Places to visit in Hunza 

Places to Visit in Hunza is famous for being the most stunning area of Gilgit Baltistan. The Hunza Valley is renowned for its breathtaking vistas, vast mountain range, cold weather, and lush green areas.

Hunza is about 13 hours away from Islamabad and is only a two-hour drive from Gilgit’s capital city. Hunza provides you with an intoxicating combination of breathtakingly high landscapes, historical forts, orchid farms that are abundant in organic food, glimpses into Chinese culture, mind-blowing local cuisine, snow-covered peaks, and undeniably majestic and serene vibes. 

The Hunza Valley has a stronger historical background than any other region in Northern Pakistan. As it has routes that connect to the Hunza royal family, the Mirs of Hunza. When heading toward the Hunza, its curvy roads, mighty snow-covered Karakoram Mountains, and beautiful lakes are a must-experience. The best time to visit the Hunza is from April to October because of its mild weather. 

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is a popular tourist destination. It is believed that the fort’s foundations date back about 600 years. However, various modifications have been done over the past few years. With its wooden bay windows overlooking the valley, Baltit’s castle from a fairy tale, situated on enormous legs above Karimabad, is a well-known sight in the Hunza region.

It was once a residence of the Hunzai Mirs. The fort now serves as the summit of the bazaar, from where you can take in stunning views of the surroundings.

Places to visit in Hunza

Lake Attabad 

Lake Attabad is among the most intriguing locations in the Hunza Valley. The enormous Karakoram Mountains’ blue water captivates anyone. Every year, a large number of tourists are drawn in by the spectacular hues and charm of spring. The lake is also 358 feet deep and 13 kilometers long. The lake has also been referred to be one of Pakistan’s greatest lakes due to its stunning surroundings.

places to visit in Hunza

Sost Border

Sost is the last Hunza village, located close to the Chinese border along the Karakoram Highway. This town is a significant halt on the route for both passenger and freight travel since it serves as the gateway for all traffic crossing the Pakistan-China border.

This is a wonderful gesture of friendship between Pakistan and China. Alongside Khunjerab Pass is the high mountain pass in the Karakoram mountain range. The Khunjerab Passes also features a national park where the endangered snow leopard lives.

places to visit in Hunza

Borith Lake

While exploring the beauty of Hunza, you’ll come upon Borith, a saltwater lake. Lovely lake with huge grasslands all around it. The water that melted from Ghulkin Glacier formed this lake. Additionally, the lake is around 25000 meters above sea level, which makes it a lifeline for hikers to the Passu Alps.

In addition, a 2-kilometer jeep ride takes you to the lake from Hussaini village, which is located next to Ghulkin village.

places to visit in Hunza

Passu Cone

The Passu Cones are located in Passu in the Hunza region of Pakistan’s Gojal valley. The term “cone” refers to the pointed peaks that resemble cones. This place is best for trekking and hiking.

Because of its stunning landscape and attractions including Passu Sar Mountain, Passu Glacier, and Mount Tu Popdan, commonly known as Passu Cones, Passu is a well-known tourist destination in Hunza. With a height of 6,106 meters above sea level, this mountain is the tallest in the area. Visiting Passu Cones will be undoubtedly a wonderful experience.

places to visit in hunza

Gulmit Valley 

The nine Gulmit valleys are located between the Gojal valleys at the peak of Hunza and are a popular tourist attraction. Great natural hues may be found here. The expansive vista of the Passu cone and the surrounding valley is incredibly alluring.

Additionally, Gulmit provides travellers comprehensive excursions that include mountains, mountains, landmarks, and a comfortable temperature. Most significantly, the most popular destinations in Gulmit include Shimshal Valley, Chipursan Valley, Misgar Valley, Boibar Valley, and Khunjerab Pass.

places to visit in hunza

Eagle Nest Duikar

The best thing to do in Hunza is to see the dawn and sunset above Lady Finger and Rakaposhi, two majestic peaks, from the fabled eagle nest in Dukair. A little town called Duiker is also known as Eagle Nest because of a hotel that is situated there and offers views of Hunza.

Hunza Karimabad, the region’s capital, is 30 minutes away by a walk from the spot. The most breathtaking view you will ever see is seen from here.

places to visit in hunza

Altit Fort 

The Hunza Valley’s Fort Altit is a historic fort located in Karimabad. The hometown of Hunza’s dynastic monarch received the title of Mirs. Currently, this fort functions as a museum. Approximately 1100 years ago, a prince lived at Fort Altit.

The great design has been updated by the Aga Khan Culture Foundation, preserving a legacy for future generations. It is a work of art and architecture. Altit Fort is more than just a physical location; it also has a rich history.

places to visit in hunza

Rush Lake

Rush Lake is another breathtaking sight in the Nagar Valley of Hunza. The breathtakingly brilliant colors of Nagar Valley are well worth seeing.

The Nagar Valley is home to Rush Lake, an alpine lake with a surface height of 4,694 meters. Massive mountains surround the lake, which is said to as Pakistan’s tallest lake.

places to visit in hunza

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