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Places to visit in Multan 

Places to visit in Multan

Places to visit in Multan: The provincial capital of Pakistan’s Multan District is the city of Multan with a rich history.

It is situated in the province’s southern region. Multan, often known as the “City of Pirs and Shrines,” is a thriving city

filled with bazaars, mosques, and exquisitely crafted tombs.

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Thirteen gates, yet with magnificent buildings, provide the city’s entry points. In the past, Multan has always been of significant importance.

For people who have a profound understanding of historical locations, Multan is known for its rich historical background and offers many sights.

The seventh-largest city in Pakistan, Multan is renowned for its spectacular architecture and historical monuments.

Multan is home to several well-known locations, some of which are also attractive. The main tourist destinations in Multan are given below.

Places to visit in Multan

Multan Fort


Places to Visit in Multan
Places to Visit in Multan

The Multan Fort, also known as Fort Kohna Qasim Garden, is a historical symbol of South Asian architecture and defense.

Fort Kohna has been around for over 2600 years and its construction dates to between 800 and 1000 BC.

The Katoch Dynasty constructed Multan Fort to stave off invasions from the neighboring cities in the north and west.

However, the British Empire extensively damaged the fort under colonial rule.

Despite the damage, the area still has its beauty and artistic quality, and the magnificent fort’s architecture will fascinate you.

Multan Fort is made up of 30 castles, a mosque, a Hindu temple, and a palace. The fort had eight gates, but eventually,

only four remained.

  • Gate of Qasim
  • Gate of Sikhi 
  • Gate of Khatri
  • Gate of Hariri 

Tomb Shah Rukne Alam

The Tomb is located in Multan Qila. Here, a Sufi saint named Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fateh is laid. The Multan mausoleum is enormous

and quite magnificent. This location is one of Multan’s top tourist destinations as a result, drawing thousands of visitors each year. You can

visit this place with your family and friends. It is also regarded as Multan’s top tourist attraction. The area around the tomb has lovely gardens

for visitors to enjoy. Due to its construction, people used to become attached.

Places to Visit in Multan
Places to Visit in Multan

Shrine of Baha-ud-Din Zakariya

One of the most prominent Sufi mystics, poets, and teachers in early South Asia was Bahauddin Zakariya. Pilgrims from all over the world

have come to Multan’s famous spot to pray and spread Islam. Bahauddin Zakariya’s life story is left behind in the mausoleum. The mausoleum

has an interior square measurement of 51 ft 9 in (15.77 m). An octagon roughly half the height of a square sits above this and has a hemispheric

dome as its backdrop. It is one of Multan’s well-known locations. You will like the history and beauty of this wonderful landmark in the city as

you explore Multan’s historical sites.

Shrine of Baha-ud-Din Zakariya
Places to Visit in Multan

Multan Art Council

Visit Multan Art Council if you’re an art enthusiast who wants to explore Multan’s many colorful arts and crafts. The facility has a hall,

art gallery, stage, garden, and expansive grounds. The council frequently hosts performing arts events and art exhibitions. The council also

hosts puppet shows, art exhibits, sculpture exhibitions, and other events for the residents of Multan and its surrounding regions.

Places to Visit in Multan

Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi

Multan is renowned for its Sufis and Saints as well. Hazrat Shah Yusuf Gardez, one of the great Saints, also raised awareness among the

community through his Islamic teachings. A mile or two to the southwest stands the shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi, who after he arrived in 1088

repaired the city. The shrine’s interior walls include glasswork. These shrines make use of the majority of blue and white tiles.

Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi
Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi

Garrison Public Library

One of the most significant public libraries built in Pakistan since 1947 is the Garrison Public Library. The library seeks to offer a comprehensive

selection of reading materials to both professionals and students. The general public has often visited the library to enjoy its beautiful infrastructure

and exterior. Within Multan, the Cantonment Area is where this library is located. A secure, reasonably priced library with effective performance

and Wi-Fi is made available to the populace to meet their current needs. The room specifically designed for kids with special needs is another appealing aspect of the Garrison Public Library in Multan.

Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi

Ghanta Ghar

The renowned Multan Clock Tower, also known as Ghanta Ghar, is one of Multan’s most popular tourist destinations. In Punjab, the Clock

The tower houses the seat of the local administration and is the most frequented tourist attraction. On the remains of the Ahmad Khan Sadozai Haveli,

Ghanta Ghar was built.

Around the Ghanta Ghar, several stores offer traditional Multani goods including ajrak and clay ceramics. You will appreciate going to Ghanta

Ghar to learn more about the city’s developing history.

Chenab River Park 

Multan offers a few naturally stunning features where you can enjoy the scenery while taking a break from the city’s historical sites.

This includes the Chenab River Bank, where you can go for a picnic there throughout the winter. When you arrive at the riverbank, you can

enjoy a picnic. Activities Include camel riding, fishing, boating, and swinging. The park’s greenery and fountains are its main draws.

Chenab River Park 

Yadgar e Shuhada Park

The most stunning and famous destination to visit in Multan is Yadgar e Shuhada. Yadgar e Shuhada, or Martyrs Memorial, is the name

of the park, which is made completely of marble.

The park is situated on Shershah Road and was built as a memorial for the martyred troops who died while serving in the 1965 and 1971

wars between India and Pakistan. You can sit and unwind in the beautiful location because eating is not permitted in the park.

The park creates a nice environment in the tiny area it occupies for visitors to enjoy in the evening. 

Yadgar e Shuhada Park


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