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Places to visit in Murree

Places to visit in Murree

Places to visit in Murree: Murree lies in the district of Rawalpindi with a lot of places to visit and relax. In Pakistan, Murree is more suggested for snowfall. 7500 feet above sea level is the altitude at which Murree Hill Station is situated.

Murree is one of Pakistan’s most well-known and best summer tourist destinations. It is a stunning place with mountains that draws visitors from around Pakistan in the summer to escape the oppressive heat.

Murree and Hunza Tour
Places to Visit in Murree

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In the winter, when access to the northern regions is restricted, some people opt to remain in adjacent resorts to take advantage of the snow, lush green trees, chilly temperatures, clean air, and stunning valleys. Most importantly, the clouds overhead give one the impression that they are hugging them. There are many attractions in Murree Hill Station.

The places in Murree that you must see are listed below. These are the most well-known and stunning locations in Murree, Pakistan.

Places to visit in Murree

Patriata Chair Lift

The twin city of Murree is situated around 20 kilometers to the southeast of Murree. The area is fantastic because it is less congested and is in a gorgeous natural setting.

The best chairlift and cable car in Pakistan are its main attractions. The most excellent thing is that you arrive in an open area at the chairlift’s terminus, which makes the trip even more delightful. A fantastic location to spend some time meandering among the greenery.

Places to visit in Murree

Nathia Gali Murree 

A location with breathtaking nature and beauty may be found 38 kilometers north of Murree Nathiagali at an elevation of 2,500 meters.

Even at the height of the summer, the weather is as pleasant as one could hope for. The blustery season, when it seems to be a fairyland because of day-to-day rains, mists, and haze in the backwoods, is, as you would see it, the most gorgeous season. Even at the height of summer, the sight of snow-capped mountains is breathtaking and a decent place to spend quality time.

Places to visit in Murree


In Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Abbottabad district, Ayubia is a well-known picnic location. After Nathiagali, Ayubia is the second most well-liked galyat in Murree.

Ayubia leads the list in terms of visits. Its rolling hills, steep slopes, and chilly environment are what primarily draw tourists to the area.

Places to visit in Murree

You may get to Ayubia from Islamabad in roughly two hours. The range spans from 1050 meters to 3027 meters, with Ayubia at a height of 1050 meters (from the valley to the mountain top).

Additionally, riding the Ayubia Chairlift is a unique way to view the mountains.

Kashmir Point 

The Kashmir Point is the next stop on the list. The highest point in Murree, Kashmir Point, is one of Pakistan’s most well-liked holiday places due to its breathtaking surroundings and serenity.


Places to visit in Murree
Places to visit in Murree

As a result, visitors go to Kashmir Point every day. For tourists, it is the ideal trekking location. A delightful morning likewise gives a fabulous view of K2.

A stunning site in Murree offers peace away from the bustle of the city center. The lovely atmosphere of the Kashmir Mountains never fails to captivate tourists.



The Union Council of Rawalpindi Tehsil is located in the beautiful city of Rawat. The tourist resorts of Bhurban may be found not far from this beautiful town.


Another magnificent Murree area is Rawat, home to some well-known villages. Mohra Daroga, Sood Gangal, Mori Kambal, Dhok Amban, and others in particular.

Additionally, given that Rawat has a large number of medical clinics that are frequented by numerous qualified doctors, it is widely recognized for offering basic medical care in crises.


Mall Road

Places to visit in Murree
Places to visit in Murree

Mall Road is one of Murree’s busiest markets. People enjoy taking a roam over there to take advantage of the lovely weather and delicious culinary options.

The street is indeed bustling with people, businesses, and smiling faces. Popular things available here include jewelry, purses, wooden crafts, handcrafted home decor items, and many more.


Pindi Point

Murree, Pindi Point as a reconnaissance station. Because Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be seen from the top, it is known as Pindi Point. Additionally visible are the stunning Murree Hills and pine trees.

From Mall Road, it takes just 15 minutes to go to Pindi Point. Numerous cafes and eateries welcome families. Another trip in the cable car is available here, covering the 1500 miles from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali.

Ghora Gali 

It is a fascinating place in the city of Murree. It is situated in Punjab’s northeast. High in the Alps, at 1.69km, sits the mountain resort of Ghora Gali. Visitors can choose from a variety of hotels, resorts, and stores. Tourists are drawn in by the tantalizing array of food. This a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the delectable cuisine while admiring the breathtaking scenery.

Places to visit in Murree


Because of the rich green surroundings and serene atmosphere in Bhurban, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Murree.

Places to visit in Murree

Additionally, spending time in PC Bhurban will add to its specialness. Moreover, travelers are often drawn to the opulent amenities and alluring scenery. Bhurban is also 13km from Azad Kashmir on a route that goes straight there.




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