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Rohtas Fort Jehlum

Rohtas Fort Jehlum: Now it is the turn of another mysterious fort that is often visited by school children.


Around a two-hour drive from Islamabad is Rohtas Fort, which was built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century.

After entering through the entrance gate and passing through the high gates, the first sight inside the fort is the remains of Man Singh’s mansion.

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A tall building that looks strong in the past and somewhat dilapidated in the present. Nevertheless, her attraction will draw you toward her.

Surrounded like a guard, the walls of the fort made of solid stones of dull pink color not only give a sense of protection for a few moments but also reveal the glory of the past.

Rohtas Fort Jehlum

Rohtas Fort Jehlum

But here is the same problem, there is no regular route to climb the mansion mound. That is, if the foot slips, the journey will prove to be more painful than memorable.

The old stairs to climb the wall also demand full attention. We had heard a lot about the baoli of water in the fort, so we searched for it, but there was no guideboard inside the fort.

Due to this, one may have to tour the entire fort even if they don’t want to.

Rohtas Fort
Yes, you may be able to tour the 12 gates better if you hire a guide from the entrance.

Shah Chandwala Darwaza, Sohail Gate, Kabuli Darwaza, and Shahi Masjid, are the places of the fort which one has to trek several kilometers inside to reach.

But as you get closer to them, you will feel this fortress overwhelming you.

The silence of this fort adds to the mystery that permeates the interior. Don’t forget to climb the fort wall and see the whole surrounding area.

After a vigorous descent, don’t forget to head out of Rohtas Fort towards Mangala Cantt as you will enjoy eating fresh fish from Mangala Dam there.

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