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Saudi Visit Visa News, Saudi Arabia is embracing all people with the launch of its new tourist visa. Applying online is quick and simple, and visitors from around the world can learn more about Saudi Arabia’s friendly hospitality, rich history, vibrant culture, and an assortment of breathtaking landscapes, including the mountains of Abha, the Red Sea beaches, and the shifting sands of the Empty Quarter.

Saudi Visit Visa News & Updates for 2023

According to Saudi Arabia, the maximum length of stay for single-entry visit visas is currently three months. They also extend the duration of stay for those with transit visas. They are now permitted to stay for a maximum of 96 hours, with a three-month validity period.

Single-entry visit visas will be impacted by this change.

Currently, single-entry visas for family visits are only valid for 30 days, whereas multiple-entry visas are good for 90 days.

Saudi Arabia’s general visa requirements

Although the precise list of documents needed for a certain kind of Saudi visit visa may change depending on the kind of permission, the following list of documents is often needed by travelers from Pakistan for a Saudi Arabia visa:

an authentic passport that is valid for 8 months. For visa pasting, there should be two vacant spots on the visa.

  • A Return Ticket is affixed to the paperwork for the Umrah visa’s clearance.
  • The invoice for the hotel stay
  • 4 passport-size photographs with a blue background
  • CNIC, B-form for babies and children.
  • Identification of the traveler by fingerprints and evidence of lodging
  • Please be aware that the embassy may seek all further papers if necessary. For these documents to be accepted as legitimate documents, they must all be attested by a relevant authority. Any government official may attest to these.


Saudi Arabia visitor visa for Pakistanis

Saudi Arabia visitor visa for Pakistanis

The list of Saudi Arabian visit visas that are offered is below.

  • Tourist visa for   Saudi Arabia
  • Foreign nationals may enter Saudi Arabia for non-essential and non-religious reasons using a Saudi tourist visa (also known as a Saudi e-Visa).

Currently, only travelers from 49 countries are eligible to receive a Saudi e-visa. Travelers from Pakistan must contact the closest Saudi Embassy because their country is not included on the list of authorized nations.

To obtain a visa to visit Saudi Arabia, be sure to get in touch with the Saudi Embassy that is most convenient for you.

The electronic Saudi Tourist Visa is a one-year, multiple-entry visa that enables visitors to stay for up to 90 days. Apart from the Hajj season, it covers travel-related activities like Umrah but excludes other activities like studying. The tourist visa is offered as an e-visa, a visa-on-arrival, and a visa through a consulate.

Submit the necessary paperwork

To apply for a visa to visit Saudi Arabia, travelers from Pakistan must present the aforementioned papers to the embassy.

Please ensure to check with your Saudi embassy as additional paperwork could be needed.

Following submission, the application will be reviewed by the authorities who will base their decision on the eligibility requirements and the supporting documentation. If granted, visa holders must not remain longer than the allowed amount of time.

Saudi visa for family travel

Saudi visa for family travel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) grants the Saudi Family Visit Visa to members of the immediate families of Saudi nationals or legal residents who reside outside of the Kingdom and wish to travel to the Kingdom to see their relatives. Only direct family members, including those in the following categories:

Parents, kids, in-laws, parents-in-law, in-laws’ wives or husbands, brothers, sisters, and their families (wives/husbands, kids).

Only a legitimate Saudi resident or citizen who holds an Iqama may apply for the visitor’s family visit visa. The validity for Iqama needs to be at least 4 months.

Saudi Visa for a personal trip

Saudi Visa for a personal trip

A new entrance visa known as the Personal Visitor Visa has been introduced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign citizens can enter the Kingdom with this visit visa if they get an invitation from Saudi friends or acquaintances. Holders of a Saudi personal visit visa may:

Travel across the Kingdom at your leisure, and pay a visit to the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and other places of worship.

Umrah and participate in cultural events

Saudi nationals who wish to apply for a personal visit visa must:

Visit to use the ministry’s eVisa portal.

go to the eVisa portal’s “Individual Service” section and sign in using the Nafadh unified national platform

Requesting a personal visit, filling up the invitees’ information, and approving the required commitments.

A personal visit visa will then be provided when the request has been completed. The “invitation request” query service allows users to access the data. You can apply for this by tthefollowing  steps:

Accessing the MoFA visa portal, choosing “Inquiry,” entering the necessary information, and then clicking “Inquiry” to learn the status of the previously filed application

Saudi Visa for business

Saudi Visa for business

Visitors can use this page to apply for a Saudi business visa if they wish to enter the Kingdom for meetings, conferences, and other business-related activities. There are two types of Saudi business visas: single entrance and multiple entries.

paperwork needed are:

  • A current passport (with blank pages)
  • Depending on the applicant’s country of origin, additional documents may be required, including passport photos, a filled-out application form, a letter of invitation from the sponsor company in Saudi Arabia that has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a letter from your employer confirming your employment and an upcoming trip, and any other documents.

Saudi Visa for Umrah

Saudi Visa for Umrah

An official document called an umrah visa is created to make it easier for Muslims who want to go to Makkah for the umrah, a brief pilgrimage. Depending on your place of origin, you may be eligible to get one of two types of umrah visas: an umrah visa or an umrah e-visa. The duration of both Umrah visas is two weeks.

People will be eligible to get one of two types of umrah visas an umrah visa or an umrah e-visa. The duration of both Umrah visas is two weeks.
In October, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah flashed the extension of the Umrah visa from 30 to 90 days. Pilgrims don’t need any other type of traveler visa to continue their journey across the area.

Electronic Umrah visas are available to all citizens and residents of the European Union, the U,K and the US, as well as citizens and residents of GCC countries. They will be processed via the app within 24 hours.

Pilgrims hoping to perform Hajj will still need to apply for special visas through their nearest Saudi embassy or consulate.



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