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The Most Famous Markets in Islamabad

Islamabad is a very much arranged city, with areas separating the local locations into little networks. Every one of these areas by and large has a little business region known as its Markaz, where individuals can search for essential necessities.

Notwithstanding, with time, a couple of Markaz has acquired more fame than others. These are essentially the main well-known markets in Islamabad.

These well-known shopping center points offer all that from privately made painstaking work to wooden furnishings, contingent upon which market you’re making a beeline for. We should talk about these Islamabad markets exhaustively now.

Super Market in Sector F-6

The Most Famous Markets in Islamabad

Area F-6 is home to numerous consulates in Islamabad, and is, in this manner, a well-known center of vacationers and outsiders. The Markaz here is formally called the Store, totally unrelated to Jinnah General store, which is situated in an alternate area through and through.

Area F-6 is one of the most seasoned in the capital, tracing all the way back to the 1970s when the capital was first moved from Karachi to Islamabad.

The market here isn’t simply deeply grounded, in addition, because of unfamiliar footfall, is home to a scope of marked stores and restaurants too. Alongside cafés, for example, Nando’s, American Steak House, and The Smokey Cauldron, there are fashioner outlets including Khaadi, Gold mine, and Emporio Armani, among others. Many banks likewise have their branches here.

It is the ideal spot to look for garments, shoes, adornments, and considerably more.


One of the most established and well-known markets in Islamabad and a famous shopping center point for Islamabad, you can track down garments, shoes, customer merchandise, kitchen basics, dry natural products, outdoor supplies, and significantly more at Aabpara Market. The market is situated in Area G-6, close to Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy.

The region was first committed to lodging government workers and their families, harking back to the 1960s, and the name of the market was kept out of appreciation for the primary kid brought into the world nearby after individuals got comfortable in this area.

While you can search for marked things here, the market is more shifted towards the center pay class and is very like the numerous road markets we track down in Lahore and Karachi.

KARACHI Company in Sector G-9

An all-in-one resource among Islamabad markets, Karachi Company is one of the most active and biggest shopping locales in the capital. Otherwise called G-9 Markaz, it was given its current name after a development organization from Karachi opened its entryways in 1978 in G-9/2.

Banks, discount merchandise stores, auto studios, clothing stores, shoe stores, gem specialists, and opticians blend here with pastry kitchens, food slows down, and bistros to make a shopping center that takes care of every one of your requirements.

Being among the most seasoned areas to have been laid out in Islamabad, it is likewise very renowned and the go-to recognize for natural products, vegetables, and different food for some local people.

JINNAH Super Market in Sector F-7

Situated in the core of Islamabad, Area F-7’s Markaz is generally known as Jinnah Grocery store, after the Organizer behind Pakistan. Like the General store in Area F-6, Jinnah Store takes care of perfect quality buyers and outsiders in the capital; allowing them an opportunity to shop however much they might want in marked stores that are a long way from the typical road markets.

Being a little on the costly end, you can track down crafted works, gadgets, books, blossoms, collectibles, garments, scents, beauty care products, as well as gems at the Jinnah General store.

Wear Out Eatery and Bistro, Jessie’s, Roaster’s, and Bull and Barbecue Steakhouse are a few critical diners here serving mouth-watering food. Marked stores in F-7’s Markaz incorporate Junaid Jamshed, Quiet Little dogs, Age, Nishat Material, Amir Adnan, Levis, and Adidas, among others. Islamabad’s Safa Gold Shopping center is likewise situated here.

SUNDAY Bazar in Sector G-11, H-9, & G-6

On the off chance that you’re searching for sellers aplenty, go directly towards one of the numerous Sunday Markets or Itwar Bazars in Islamabad. Area G-6, Area H-9, and Area G-11 are only a couple of the numerous that have this week-after-week market where new as well as utilized products are sold.

While a portion of these business sectors is just hung on Sundays, different business sectors likewise have a week-by-week pivot of Tuesdays or Fridays.

From pre-cherished garments to used books, products of the soil, meat, fish, and poultry to kitchen extras and wooden furnishings; there is next to no that you can’t find at one of these dealing sanctuaries in Islamabad. Keep your bartering game spot on, and you’re sure to find yourself a fair plan at these peddler markets.

These are the absolute most renowned business sectors in Islamabad. While costs are fixed at many stores, wheeling and dealing and bartering stay a typical practice all through road markets in the nation, and a few smart tips can assist you with wrangling like a genius for the best deals. Blissful Shopping!

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