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Top 5 Best Food Delivery Management Apps in Pakistan

Top 5 Best Food Delivery Management Apps in Pakistan

Although running a food company appears to be profitable, it takes a lot of work to make it a success. Making excellent, finger-licking food takes about half your work; the other half goes into marketing it to customers and getting it to them.

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You may use food apps to help you with the second half of the sentence. There are several alternatives available. To manage your fleet of cars, workers, and orders, for instance, you may choose a specialized delivery management program like OnTrack. You still have the choice to use the fleet, personnel, and software of food delivery services like Cheetay and FoodPanda.

Food Delivery Management Apps
Food Delivery Management Apps

This article will go over five of the top food delivery services in Pakistan that you may use for your catering business.

The best apps in Pakistan for managing food deliveries and processing orders are: 

Food Delivery Management Apps


For your food business, are you looking for a delivery management system in Pakistan? OnTrack is a feature-rich solution that you can use to launch your business, connect with mobile consumers, and enable them to easily place purchases.

It strives to assist companies of all sizes, including tiny ones, chains of eateries, and huge corporations. Businesses are using it to organize food delivery and other shipments more simply, which increases customer satisfaction.

Grocery stores, couriers, restaurants, moving companies, and logistics companies all utilize it because of its straightforward user interface, which meets the requirements of many different businesses. You can:

  • Order commissions are not required to be paid.
  • Follow the bikers’ real-time location
  • Plan deliveries during specific window times
  • Review the regions where you are receiving the most orders.
  • Deliveries from several branches, franchisees, etc. may be added and managed.
  • Review the analytics dashboard.
  • Use distinct interfaces for branch, admin, and drivers
  • Integrate with any eCommerce systems with ease

Additionally, a lot of companies employ apps for post-purchase customer satisfaction surveys to gauge how well their services are perceived by clients.


One of the most well-known meal delivery services in Pakistan is FoodPanda. The firm, a global leader in delivery management software, has experienced tremendous growth in Asia. It is becoming more well-known for its simple company onboarding process. You may join up to relieve yourself from coordinating deliveries whether you own a café, restaurant, fast food franchise, or a home kitchen.

They also expanded their delivery services to include other businesses. It contains prescription drugs, food items, retail establishments, and other necessities. In actuality, it is a full platform that provides local companies with comprehensive delivery options, not just a single application.

  • commission fees for orders
  • Simple to register
  • Check the status of orders.
  • large base of clients
  • Monitoring analytics
  • Integration of payments Reviews and ratings


When looking for online delivery management software for your restaurant, Cheetay Cheetay is another top option. It began in 2015 and quickly spread to more than 12 nations.

They function similarly to Foodpanda by grouping cafés and restaurants and providing delivery services to them. The Sahar organic milk delivery service, a Cheetay-managed business, is where they diverge.

Since its headquarters are in Lahore, the business is particularly interested in directing customers to the most genuine culinary establishments. They select menu items from restaurants that have been around for a long time and have shown to have consistent flavor and quality.


Your food business may rely on it as another delivery management tool. You may need to consider it if you run a business in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Hyderabad, or Lahore for managing orders and delivery.

Your fast food establishment or restaurant may be added to the offers and menu, among other choices.

SuperMeal includes a pricing area where users may filter restaurants and their menu items by cost. SuperMeal could appear like a good alternative for you as a new restaurant owner to handle delivery.

However, if your company expands, you might require greater control over how it is run and how much commission you pay to use these platforms.

Careem Now

Consider Careem Now, as the name implies, is powered by Careem, a ride-hailing firm renowned for its enormous user base, extensive network, and large fleet in all major cities in Pakistan. It quickly became a well-known meal delivery app after launching the service in 2019.

The food industry’s business community embraced it with open arms since, for the bulk of them, delivering freshly prepared meals is still a hassle.

For home cooks, restaurants, cafés, and other quick food establishments, Careem Now has proven to be a helpful tool. To make it simple for users to place orders, this delivery management system in Pakistan onboards food companies together with the menu, costs, and offers.


Even though running a food company is challenging, you may succeed if you strive to automate delivery. To concentrate on the caliber and variety of your food court, try integrating an application that can offer insightful data about dependable and returning clients.

However, if you rely on meal delivery apps, you can find yourself spending a significant portion of your hard-earned money on commissions.

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