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All that You Really want to Know about Karachi Zoo

All that You Really want to Know about Karachi Zoo.

Of the relative multitude of spots to visit in Karachi with family, the Karachi Zoo stays as one of the most well-known hangout places.

This renowned vacation destination in the City of Lights covers an area of 33 acres of land and is perhaps the biggest zoo in Pakistan. It is additionally the second-most established zoo in Pakistan, built just briefly after the prestigious Lahore Zoo.

Although various zoos and mini-zoos have sprung up across the city throughout the long term, the Karachi Zoo effectively stays the most renowned of all.

Thus, whether you have children who are enamored with untamed life or on the other hand to teach them about various sorts of creatures, you ought to consider going on an outing to Karachi Zoo for quite a while very much spent.

Here is all you want to be aware of the Karachi Zoological Nurseries, including its timings, ticket costs, area, principal elements, and significantly more.

In any case, before we get into that, we should all’s investigate the historical backdrop of this vacation spot.


This place made its way to people in general in 1878 and was named the ‘Mahatma Gandhi Nursery’ in 1913. Curiously, as per history specialists, the site where the zoo is now found used to house a manufacturing plant had a place with the East India Organization back in 1833.

Following the autonomy of Pakistan in 1947, the name of Gandhi Garden Karachi was formally different from Karachi Zoological Gardens, all the more generally alluded to as Karachi Zoo.

In 1952, an aquarium by the name of ‘Machli Ghar’ was laid out inside the zoo. After a year, Karachi Metropolitan Company (KMC) presented the places of a zoo custodian and a veterinary specialist to guarantee the creatures stayed sound and infection free.

In 1991, the regional government took on redesigning the Regular History Exhibition hall situated inside the Zoo, which was initiated by the Japanese Princess in 1992. The Reptile House inside this zoo in Karachi was likewise broadened and redesigned around the same time.


You can visit Karachi Zoo between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Albeit the zoo is open seven days per week, Wednesdays are saved for ladies and youngsters as it were.


The Fee for Karachi Zoo is PKR 30 per person.


This vacation destination is situated at an ideal spot in the core of the city, making it effectively open from all areas of Karachi.

Karachi Zoo Address: Nishtar Street, Nursery East, Millat Nagar, Karachi. Its distance from different places is given in below.

  • Ruler Market: 5-minute drive
  • Jinnah Tomb: 8-minute drive
  • Jinnah Park: 9-minute drive
  • High Court of Sindh: 10-minute drive
  • Expressions Gathering of Pakistan: 10-minute drive
  • Frere Corridor: 12-minute drive
  • Public Historical center of Pakistan: 12-minute drive


Here are the contact subtleties for the Zoo.

Telephone Number: 021-99230502


Here is a portion of the fundamental attractions and what should be done in Karachi Zoological Gardens.


Animals are clearly the greatest fascination of any zoo.

This zoo in Karachi is home to in excess of 800 creatures, including 80 distinct types of vertebrates, 460 birds, and in excess of 200 reptiles.

Probably the most unmistakable animals in Karachi Zoo incorporate two female African bramble elephants named ‘Noor Jahan’ and ‘Madhu Bala,’ white Lions bought in 2012, alongside a male Asian wild bear and a female Syrian earthy-colored bear bought in 2017.

A portion of different creatures inside the zoo incorporate lions, Bengal tigers, jackals, spotted hyenas, Middle Eastern Oryx, Bactrian camel, deer, giraffe, zebras, llamas, and mandrills, to give some examples.

In a new meeting, Executive Karachi Counselor Murtaza Wahab reported that new nooks are being built for the natural life at the zoo. Guests can likewise hope to see new creatures during their next trip.

It is likewise worth focusing on the new territories that will be worked according to global norms to give the creatures a sound and regular space. Similarly, the Public authority of Sindh is additionally working close with nearby specialists to guarantee the convenient finishing of the venture.

Tremendous FOOD Street

Karachi Zoo is likewise going to get a tremendous food street. As per Wahab, the zoological and professional flowerbed is good to go to turn into the most recent sporting center in the clamoring city with the initiation of a flawlessly planned food road highlighting the scope of booths and slowing down.

Additionally, the guests will actually want to take beautiful photographs under the umbrella-shrouded road — suggestive of the well-known place of interest in Istanbul, Turkey. The under-development space will likewise offer an assortment of diversion offices to make their excursion to the zoo significantly more vital.

The sets of lofty bronze lion sculptures, a gift by the late Sovereign of Incredible England, have likewise been moved to the food road.

Broad Parking spot

The specialists have additionally found a way substantial ways to determine the stopping issue outside this famous vacation destination in Karachi. To work with the guests, the city organization has developed another stopping region at the zoo. Moreover, Entryway No. 5 has likewise been redesigned to upgrade the security and stylish allure of the noteworthy sporting spot.


The Natual History Museum hall is one of the must-visit spots when coming here. Redesigned somewhere in the range of 1991 and 1992 by nearby specialists, this gallery displays both fascinating and native taxidermied creatures.

This show is very well known among understudies and teens, as it permits them to become familiar with creatures tracked down in various regions of the planet and study their morphological attributes.

Aside from the toys, the Normal History Gallery likewise has separate showcases for prongs, horns, skins, and plumes of various species.


Laid out in 1953, the Karachi Metropolitan Aquarium is likewise a noticeable fascination for guests. It is one of the three public aquariums in Karachi and elements 28 showcase tanks with in excess of 300 fish having a place with 30 unique species.

Assuming you or your children have an interest in marine life, you basically can’t pass up visiting this aquarium at the Karachi Zoo.


The Reptile House in Karachi Zoo is viewed as one of Pakistan’s most outstanding vacation spots. It is home to a few types of reptiles and snakes, including Cobra, Coral, Python, Dhaman, and Sand Boa. Recently brought forth turtles and crocodiles are additionally kept in the Reptile House for appropriate feed and sustenance.


Regardless of whether you seriously hate creatures, you can in any case visit this place to investigate the perfectly arranged and very much-manicured Mughal Garden. It traces all the way back to 1970.

These rich green yards with dazzling flowerbeds, wonderful wellsprings, and an exquisite Baradari are suggestive of the Mughal-time gardens tracked down in Lahore. According to the guide of Karachi Zoo, they possess a significant piece of the Zoological Nurseries and typically act as the setting for occasional blossom shows.


The Karachi Zoo likewise houses an exceptional veterinary clinic with symptomatic offices, an activity theater, an X-beam room, a quarantine building, and a brooding space to deal with the eggs laid by the hostage birds. This medical clinic was laid out in 1998 to guarantee the soundness of animals in Karachi Zoo.


The zoo likewise has a different play region for youngsters with event congregation rides alongside a rewarding place.


Here are the areas, section costs, and timings of different zoos in Karachi.


Address: Area 35 F, Landhi Town, Karachi

Entry Ticket: PKR 30

Timings: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM day to day


Address: Area 19, Bahria Town, Karachi

Entry Ticket: PKR 250 for youngsters somewhere in the range of 5 and 12 years | PKR 450 for grown-ups

Timings: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM


Address: College Street, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Entry Ticket: PKR 50

Timings: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day


Address: Off College Street, Block 16, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Entry Ticket: PKR 10

Timings: 4:00 PM to 11:30 PM day to day


Address: Block D, North Nazimabad Town, Karachi

Entry Ticket: PKR 10

Timings: 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM day to day

It is all that you really want to know about Karachi Zoo

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