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Tourism Sites with  Camping Pods in Pakistan.

Arranging an outing with your family or companion toward the northern areas of Pakistan? Could you have a go at setting up camp this time?

Just sit back and relax, it’s not bad-to-the-bone setting up camp rather it will be essential as agreeable as you can track down in the mountains.

Rather than dozing in a tent, you’ll rest in a glamping unit which is a wooden design.

There are numerous regions in the territory of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

As well as different regions where you can partake in the pleasant magnificence of a valley as well as set aside some cash.

Referenced in this blog are a portion of the lovely spots where you can track down setting up camp cases in Pakistan.

Setting up camp is an experience action yet families don’t really want to camp because of atmospheric conditions and security reasons.

These destinations are typically off the framework and in distant regions where you will approach a wealth of nature and tranquility.

These cases are ideal for people as well as families so to acquaint your children with the experience of setting up camp yet can’t confront setting up a camp, setting up camp units is the arrangement

Before we delve into the subtleties of the spots where you can find setting up camp cases in Pakistan, let us investigate the normal name for these units and what are these comprised of.

What are Camping Pods in Pakistan?

Camping Pods in Pakistan

It is a type of setting up camp which includes better convenience, offices, and frequent extravagances.

Glamping cases Glamping unit is a wooden construction intended to supplant conventional camps to give a superior and more worked with experience to sightseers.

Likewise, these glamping units can be altered to oblige extravagances, in view of individual prerequisites.

Fundamental units will have adequate room to oblige beds, tables, seats, and restrooms and come in various sizes.

Helpfully found in the bumpy areas of Pakistan, a glamping case can oblige two to four people ideal for companions or vacations.

Camping Pods in Pakistan:

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa laid out Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) as a public restricted organization to extend the travel industry in Pakistan.

The company has introduced a few glamping lakes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the most visited vacationer locations of the territory.


Gabeen Jabba is situated in Swat which is found 65 kilometers from Mingora. Gabeen Jabba has two kinds of setting up camp units.

2-and 4-bed which accompany a connected washroom. These are exceptionally efficient when contrasted with lodging in the pinnacle season.


Sharan Forrest is situated in Kaghan Valley among the thick green woodland of pine trees and Kunhar River.

The woodland is likewise quite possibly of the most visited place in the valley and you can book a setup camp unit here prior to setting off on your excursion to this stunning spot.

The cases accessible here likewise have 2 and 4 beds with connected washrooms.

THANDIANI (Camping Pods in Pakistan)

Thandiani is a slope station situated in Abbottabad and situated on its eastern side is snow-shrouded Pir Panjal mountain.

The slope station is encircled by thick green timberland and is a favored spot for an end-of-the-week trip.

You can helpfully find practical glamping cases in Thandiani to partake in the chilly climate.


Camping Pods in Pakistan
Camping Pods in Pakistan

Likewise situated in Swat, Bishigram is encircled by springs and green mountains interesting to vacationers from everywhere in the country.

The common legislature of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa introduced glamping units in the space a couple of years prior for sightseers.


Situated in the north of Dera Ismail Khan, Sheik Badin is an arising place of interest where the common legislature of KP introduced glamping units a couple of years prior.

You can help reserve your spot through a call.

NATHIAGALI (Camping Pods in Pakistan)

Visited consistently, Nathiagali is a superb vacationer location in the country.

Individuals from everywhere in the nation and particularly from Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi visit this spot to invest some energy away from their bustling schedules.

The setting up camp units in the space are known as Ice Dome and proposition present-day conveniences to visitors.

In the event that you plan an excursion to Kalash, remaining at one of the setting up camp cases in Bumburet valley .

It will be an extraordinary encounter for you.

Encircled by green mountains, you won’t just get an opportunity to camp yet in addition have the option to live among individuals of Kalash and their way of life.

Units accessible in Kalash are likewise 2-and 3-bed with a joined restroom and a different kitchen.


Beautiful Camping Pods in Pakistan

On the off chance that you are heading out to Gilgit Baltistan for a late spring trip.

you should remain at glamping units which will give an ideal encounter of open-air setting up camp.

The units in Gilgit Baltistan are available in isolated puts from the city among nature.

The vaults can oblige four visitors in every unit and are an extra large bed and a twofold bed with a confidential washroom.

Controlled by sun-based energy, these vaults likewise have offices to go through your day like TV, indoor and open-air seats, a café on location, a BBQ, and a huge fire region.

These units are situated in Karimabad in Hunza Valley.

OTHER (Camping Pods in Pakistan) GLAMPING SITES

While you can go to the most visited places in the mountain locales of Pakistan for glamping.

you can likewise find setting up camp cases in different regions which go under the domain of Punjab Province.

There are glamping cases in Bansara Gali, Patriata Top, Khabeki Lake, Dhanoi, Changa Manga, Khajot, and Kanhatti in Soon Valley overseen by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab.

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