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Travel Packing Checklist: Important Things to Pack

What to Pack for Pakistan Tour, a Complete Travel Packing Checklist:

Important Things to Pack in Your Travel Backpack: Travel Packing Checklist After witnessing lots of beautiful snaps of Pakistan, you have eventually reserved your trip to the world’s most sociable country – yay!

But, briefly after reserving you realized it’s a moment for the real trip medication, which includes relating for your visa, creating a diary, and, well, packing – not so yay presently. You might have formerly bought an excellent traveling bag and durable pack, but now you’re just sitting in front of your luggage and supposing “What the heck should you actually pack for Pakistan?”

I completely get you. Stuffing can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of a trip, particularly if it’s your first time touring your chosen destination. In addition, a country as culturally and geographically distinct as Pakistan can make the stuffing bout indeed spinner for foreign tourists.

So how do you actually know what to pack for your onetime-in-a-lifetime trip (or regular adventure) to Pakistan?

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A Complete Travel Packing Checklist:

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


Having traveled across Pakistan fairly vastly all seasons, I’ve developed a thorough understanding of what tourists to the country really need and what they should rather leave at home.

The products listed then include some of my favorite brands as well as lots of great recommendations from other expert trip bloggers so trust me, this will be the most complete Pakistan stuffing list you’ll ever find on the entire internet!

Pakistan is a fantastic country full of beauty and adventure. Trucks and clothes are not the only colored duds you will see now!

Pakistan is an implausible country full of beauty and happening. Now it’s your take to ready accordingly and pack everything you need.

Frequently, you pack so multiple goods for a trip that never end up utilizing. Well, not these ones. Now’s a list of the absolutely necessary particulars you should get for any trip to Pakistan, no matter where and when.

What to Wear In Pakistan:

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist

Foreign girl wearing traditional Pakistani clothes at Shangri-La resort in Skardu, Pakistan. Regional dresses can be your best option in Pakistan.

One of the questions asked most repeatedly about trips in Pakistan is what to wear in Pakistan. It’s a well-known fact that Pakistan is a restrained country, which leaves multiple especially womanlike tourists wondering what clothes they should pack. Chill out, you won’t have to put on a niqab or burqa. That’s what you should actually wear in Pakistan.

Dress Code for Men Tourists in Pakistan

The rule of thumb when it comes to the Dress Code for male tourists in Pakistan is full or halfway-sleeve shirts and a duo of long pants. Both Western and traditional clothes are respectable. You’ll occasionally see men in shorts and tank tops in Pakistan but this is normally looked down upon.

Dress code for women in Pakistan

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


This Western-style dress is a good exemplar of the Dress code for women in Pakistan, especially in further liberal areas. In big metropolises like Lahore and Karachi, it’s OK to dress like this – but it’s much better to invest in some regional desi clothes.

Women’s attire should cover their whole body. Western fashion that follows these benchmarks is completely respectable in the big metropolises but it’ll surely be worth investing in some gorgeous regional attire latterly.


For women, it’s absolutely necessary to bring a set of scarves with them to Pakistan. Although you do not need to cover your hair on the road, it’s a must-have for visiting religious spots. And even in normal life, you should prefer to cover your hair to avoid unwanted attention.

Functional Base Layers

Trekking in Pakistan’s mountains will show up to the chilly and make you toil at the same time. So, it’s important to invest in a much-functioning pullover that will keep you as easy as possible.

You can firmly suggest the Icebreaker Merino Long Sleeve T-shirt because it’s weightless, absorbent, odor-excluding, and keeps you warm. Another good base level to packsack for Pakistan is the Under Armor Base4.0 Crew-neck T-shirt that also keeps you really warm and dries up fast.

Functional stretch pants

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


I’d generally say traditional pants are the chic option to pack for Pakistan but not when it comes to traveling. I’ve earlier torn quite some of my pants while traveling in Fairy Meadows and you do not want the same thing to come to you as well. You must have a durable duo of pants that are comfy and protect you from water and sunbeams throughout your trip.

Warm socks

No matter what shoes you’re wearing out, your feet will readily get cold in the mountains. So, warm and functional socks like the moistness-checking Dickies Crew Socks are a must to stuff for Pakistan’s northern areas.

Secluded Jacket

O.M.G. who would have supposed you’d need a warm jacket to backpack for Pakistan’s northern areas? (Insert affront then) For all those cold mountain nights when the bonfire fails you, you should choose a high-quality firm insulated jacket like the North Face Thermo Ball Eco to keep you safe both from the cold and water. Plus, the North Face Thermo Ball Eco is made out of recycled stuff! Can it get any better than that indeed? Scarves, gloves everything added that keeps you warm should be on your list of what to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas.


The top power outlets in Pakistan are A, C, or D type, with a voltage of 250 V. While so far maximum of my hooks have worked well, a universal trip appliance is always a good idea to pack for Pakistan.


To avoid facing any trouble in the dark in northern areas it’s crucial to have a torch with you. And what’s much better than frequently holding a phone in your hands is a leak-proof headlamp.

Extension cord

How numerous times have you stayed at lodges and guesthouses in Pakistan just to realize that there’s only one power outlet in the room and it’s just accessible because it’s so high on the wall? That’s why getting an extension cord to Pakistan is strongly suggested.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Multiple regions of Pakistan have a really poor internet linkage but when there’s some signal, why more effective? A pocket Wi-Fi is capable to catch 3G or 4G signals utilizing just one SIM card and generating a good hotspot for many people, making it the complete option if you want to save on mobile data plans.

Power bank

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


A power bank can be a true lifesaver for any trek, making it a necessary item to pack for Pakistan as easily. The more advanced the amp, the better!

Phone case and screen protection

A phone case and screen protection are an absolute must to pack for Pakistan’s mountains. You can be next to break your bones on those journeys, picture how broken up my phone would have been without these protections! Go to your regional phone shop to dig out the chic case and screen protection for your phone model,

Photography stuff


I see the photographers among you roll their eyes out at me for this, but a phone camera can seriously do sensations occasionally, particularly if you do not want to frequently carry a DSLR with you. Huawei P30 Pro has in far my special phone camera thanks to its fantastic AI and 50x drone and it’s the device I’ve taken some of my most beautiful trip pictures with.

Though, if you’re utilizing another phone it’s still possible to achieve fantastic wide-angle shots like those of the Huawei camera with trip phone lenses stuff.

DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


As important as you love taking pictures with my favorite Huawei P30 Pro, I’ll have to agree that for the smart results, you’ll need a real camera. While DSLRs like the Nikon D7000 are smart to click stunning pictures, mirrorless cameras like the Sony Alpha A 6000 are the better option for vlogging and their concision and lightweight also make them integral for tripping

Camera bag

It’s an instruction to secure your photography stuff well when voyaging across Pakistan with a good camera bag. One good option is the expandable Peak Design Everyday Backpack, which lets you store all your stuff in one waterproofed bag.

Trip tripod

Whether you want to take long-exposure shots of Pakistan’s inspiring waterfalls or fantastic star skies, a good trip tripod is a must-stuff for Pakistan. A professional add-on for DSLRs is the Peak Design Travel Tripod thanks to its fantastic concision, strength, and lightweight.

Camera Remote Control

Take a pic of yourself or your group but do not have anyone who can click it? Looks like you’ll require a camera remote control!

Go Pro

You’ll have so many experiences in Pakistan that it is not constantly workable to frequently hold your phone or camera. Thus, whether you’re a professional vlogger or just want to record your happenings for fun, investing in a Go Pro that lets you record your entire trip without bothering you is strongly suggested.

Travel drone

While there are numerous drone-free zones in metropolises like Islamabad, you should consider a trip drone to pack for Pakistan’s fantastic nature spots. DJI SPARK is an excellent option for this thanks to its weightlessness and conciseness.

Other Rudiments

Water purifier

Bottle Tap water across Pakistan is surely not safe. Now, you could just keep buying bottled water like everyone other but why not endue in a water purifier bottle that removes dangerous microorganisms without having any plastic waste?

Trekking shoes

You’ll surely need shoes with an excellent grip for touring in Pakistan’s northern areas unless you want to fall off the mountain. A Teva Sugarpine Air Mesh because they’re waterproofed, absorbent, and give you a sound grip is also recommended.

However, the Mountain Warehouse Drift Junior Youngsters Boots are an excellent option, If you’re touring with children. And if you plan to visit locations like Narran in summer and prefer a lighter option, you can choose these hiking sandals. Further casual options that work for less dodgy passages include a good duo of running shoes and leather winter kicks.

Bags Pack

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


Without a query, you’ll need a good pack to keep all your beverages, snacks, and outfits while tripping. The Cabin Zero pack is a good choice to packsack for Pakistan’s mountain treks because it’s both ample and weightless.

Health and Wellness

Altitude sickness drops

Altitude sickness is no joke when you’re climbing around some of the world’s altitudinous mountains. In fact, you may barter out many times during my attempt to pass the Nanga Parbat basecamp. Thus, one of the trim belongings you can pack for Pakistan’s northern areas is altitude sickness drops.


Though chocolate is a chic option, If you cannot get any altitude sickness drops in time before your trek to northern Pakistan. Luckily, this is the substance you can cheaply graze upon at every small regional shop. Heck, indeed dried apricots will do!

Moisturizing cream

You do not need the topmost-quality product to pack for Pakistan’s mountains, just carry a little bit of simple moisturizing cream with you at all times. A small trip-sized vessel of Nivea cream will completely do its job.

Lip attar

You’ll thank me so much for this! My special lip attar that makes sure to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas is Burt’s Notions’.


UV radiation will likely be the least of your worries in the icy mountains but it should not be! It’s extremely important to apply broad-scale sunscreen earlier and during your journey to secure yourself from damaging sunbeams.

The one product must-pack for Pakistan’s mountain treks that works really well for me is the trip size SPF 70 sunscreen cream from Neutrogena. Not only does it offer a high shield but it also feels super glow on my skin and fits into indeed the lowest pockets!

Personal hygiene

Hand sanitizer

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


Pakistani washrooms can get really engaging, to set it politely, and food is usually ingested with your hands. Hand sanitizers will surely delay your initial food poisoning by a tittle.

Wet wipes

Your hands will be super gushy after eating; you’ll thank me for this one.

Towels/ bathroom paper

You’ll find out soon after your advent that water is the go-to result to cleanse your butt in Pakistan. While this technique is much additional germ-free than using paper just, utmost western trippers will feel enough discomfort walking around in wet pants all day.

Personal Health

N95 masks

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist

Epidemic apart, these guys are a must to pack for any trek to Pakistan. From the contaminated town air to the terrific dust roads in the north, N95 masks are the only thing that can secure your respiratory tract in Pakistan.


There’s a 95 chance that your stomach will go crazy at least one time during your stay in Pakistan. You might not get attended to three times a month, but some smaller illness is more or less guaranteed.


Nevertheless, you’re destined in Pakistan without this short help because chai will literally power your trip if you’re lactose-intolerant.

Weather conditions


From May all the way through September it can get really hot in Pakistan. For a maximum region of the country, you’ll only need to bring actually thin (but of course modest) clothes. It’s advised to stock over on Pakistani summer clothes as soon as you arrive. Decide for thin-fibric scarves when wearing out hijab.


From December to February it can get enough cold in all of Pakistan (do not even suppose about visiting the northern areas), particularly given that even in the metropolises most houses lack nice heat sequestration. Thus, you should bring thicker pullovers, scarves, a jacket, and anything different that keeps you warm.

In between

October to November and March to April are the most comfortable months to visit Pakistan but also the spiniest ones to pack for. You’ll likely need thin summer clothes during the day and a jacket at night. Though, the rainfall can change really suddenly during these months so it’s a good idea to bring both summer and winter clothes.

What NOT To Bring To Pakistan

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist


A bottle of liquor may be considered a good present in numerous regions of the world but definitely not in Pakistan.

You might be supposed so much about what to pack for Pakistan that you hardly suppose about which particulars you should better leave at home.

Alcohol is illegal for the utmost people in Pakistan and while on-Muslims are shielded from this rule (and are indeed allowed to buy booze in five-star hotels), it’s best not to get anything alcoholic in Pakistan to avoid trouble (except for hand sanitizer of course!).


So quit that pork jerky as well as any sweets containing pork gelatin at home when you pack for Pakistan.

Marijuana or any other recreational drugs

Although you might trip across hasheesh here and there in Pakistan, marijuana and other recreational drugs are illegitimate and it’s critical to stay clear of any similar substances while you pack for Pakistan since indeed small traces on your apparel can be detected at the airport and land you in trouble. However, try regional pan rather, If you want a nice trip (pun intended).

Bold attire

Please stick to the dress code adverted over when you pack for Pakistan. Not only out of regard for the regional rituals but also because people might call the police on you if you go out in shorts and a tank top.

Sexually express stuff

It should go without saying that anything portraying sexually definite figures is a commodity you should NOT pack for Pakistan.


Travel Packing Checklist: Great, that was a long list! It is sincerely hoped this stuffing list was useful and gave you a better idea of what to pack for Pakistan. Of course, multiple of the points listed here are interchangeable with your personalized discretions.

Traveling in Pakistan can nail you to some crazy experiences and you should be ready as well as feasible for them – indeed if that means packing many redundant particulars here and there.

Pakistani society tends to be enough restrained – when in distrust, always go for the more moderate dress and avoid anything that could potentially create trouble.

Pakistan is extremely beautiful – be prepared to take lots of pictures and videos.

As long as you keep this stuff in mind, you’ll be good!

. Have you been to Pakistan yet? If so, what particulars would you suggest to pack for the Pakistan trip?

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