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10 Famous Beaches in Karachi

Beaches in Karachi.

If you are planning to visit the beautiful and famous beaches of Karachi and near this megacity. You can find a complete guide and detail about these 10 famous beaches in Karachi.

Karachi Beaches List:

1-Clifton Karachi


3- Charna Island Beach

4- Cape Monze Beach Karachi

5- French beach

6- Manora

7- Gadani Beach

8- Bhit Khori Beach

9- Turtle Beach Karachi.

10- Sandspit Beach

Beaches in Karachi.A complete Guide

1-Clifton Karachi

Clifton Beach is commonly known as the Sea View, Clifton Beach is a center for entertainment and famous hotels and restaurants. You should visit Clifton Beach if you want to take in sundown or want to look for seashells along the shore while enjoying the fresh ocean air.

Clifton beach- Karachi
Clifton beach- Karachi

The total area of Clifton Beach is spread from Karachi to Ormara, along the Arabian Sea. Moreover,  its natural beauty attracts tourists throughout the year, the beach offers a wide range of fun activities, similar to camel lifts, scuba diving, cliff diving, stroller lifts, horse lifts, and flying model planes.

The fenced household complex contains several Sea view units. Or you may get a room at one of the best 3- star or 4-star hotels in the megacity of Karachi.


Another top-rated beach near Gadani is a time favorite for the people of the megacity Karachi named Hawk’s Bay Beach. The beach is the alternate most visited in Karachi after Sea View Beach. The beach has been named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, a governor from the British period.

Beaches in Karachi

Hawk’s Bay boasts an astonishing oceanfront with stone-blue water. From scuba diving and snorkeling to camel riding and equestrianism, you can indulge in numerous fun activities on this beach.

3- Charna Island Beach

Charna Island is renowned for clear water, coral reefs, and marine life. It’s also a venue for scuba diving, snorkeling, inclination, and Spear rod fishing in Karachi.

A Spectacular place in the heart of the Arabian Sea, for multiple people, Charna Island is nothing lesser than an unseen paradise that’s located in Karachi. Charna Island is famous for numerous enjoyable exertions.

Activities to do at Charna Island Beach

  1. Cliff jumping
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Underwater- Diving photos.
  4. Underwater exploration
  5. Jet ski’s
  6. Speed boat ride

Over a limited period, Churna Island has turned out to be most instigative and delightful- acquainted with the elegant islands in Karachi.

Churna is an islet located 6.8 km North West of Mubarik Goth beach and approx. 8 km West of Hub Power Plant. It measures 1270 meters from N to S and 945 meters at the widest point. The islet is uninhabited as there’s no fresh water source on the islet.

Beaches in Karachi
charna beach island Karachi

The terrain of the islet rises abruptly from sea rank and reaches the topmost point at 469 ft. which, looking at the overall size of the islet is quite a steep lift. The gemstone looks majestically beautiful, especially if viewed from the south-westerly direction.

The islet is renowned for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. The water around the islet is crystal clear with a lot of coral reefs and a good variety of coral fish. The island is around 45 minute ride on the regional hora boats. On a speed boat, it’ll take much lower.

In recent times, multiple people from Karachi visit the islet and unfortunately, don’t clean the waste when they go back, reacting to the quick decline of the fresh atmosphere. Many volunteer groups have been doing the cleaning jobs but it won’t help unless the people get themselves educated.

4- Cape Monze Beach Karachi

There’s no reservation that our lives are way too busy and agitated, and treating yourself with some unwinding occasions to relax the tiring soul is one of the most necessary aspects of mortal life. Everyone needs a positive vibe and feasible energy to easily calm down the mind, body, and soul.

In relaxed mode, being with Mother Nature can be one of the most effective ways to express gratefulness for your actuality and reshape your senses. From high-range mountains to exceptional sweets to admiration, Pakistan has every beauty to offer.

Beaches in Karachi
Cape Monze Beach- Ras Muari

There are numerous exceptional views and inconceivable sights in Karachi that cannot be missed. They help tired souls to relax in a snug and peaceful atmosphere with fresh air and mesmerizing sensations. Cape Monze Beach is one of the most ravishing beaches offering a unique setting with extravagant excursion value.

Geographical Location

Cape Monze Beach is also famous as Cape Mount Beach; it’s located in the Arabian Sea, near the Hub River and Gadani Beach. It’s normally 80 km from Karachi on the Arabian Sea shore and is occasionally also referred to as Ras Mauri. It stretches from the village of Mubarak to the Yousaf Goth on the west side of Karachi. It’s a 25- kilometer coastal belt consisting of rocks and a beach.

This pictorial picnic point is accessible from several popular neighborhoods in Karachi. For example, DHA Karachi is located just 51 km distance while Bahria Town Karachi is just 83.2 kilometers down. For those who want to travel to a far-off place for outings and recreation, Cape Monze Beach is the ideal place.

Reaching the Destination

To reach the destination, you have two routes, i.e. the Mauripur Road, which was formerly known as the Hawk’s Bay Road and the other one is via Mubarak Goth Road. You need to bypass a string of other ravishing beaches of Karachi similar to Jingoists Bay, Sands Pit, Paradise Point, French Beach, and some others, till the end of the road to reach the mesmerizing Cape Monze Beach.

5- French beach

Why French beach is called French Beach Karachi?

It’s reported that the beach got its name from a French couple, who visited the sand eventually during the 1900s and was fascinated by the idyllic views. When further and further travelers started visiting this area, the locals constructed several hooches and cabins.

Beaches Near Karachi
French Beach

It’s the cleanest beach in Karachi positioned between Hawks Bay Beach and Paradise Point Beach, French beach is famed for its clear, clean waters. The glass-clear water makes it possible for people to take a swim if they want

Best time to visit French Beach

The Arabian Sea, in which the water temperature no way drops below 22 °C, and in certain seasons reaches 30 °C wetlands the seacoast of Pakistan. The good time for a beach vacation in the resorts of Karachi is the period from October to May inclusive. From June to September, the stormy season with heavy showers, winds, and high swells dominates the seacoast.

6- Manora

Introduction of Manora Waterfront Beach Karachi

The introduction service of the vacation spot was coordinated as a high-profile occasion, which was gone by commonplace pastors including Nasir Hussain Shah, Syed Sardar Shah, and Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab among others.

Beaches in Karachi
Manora Beach

As per CM Murad, the Manora Beach venture will give [state-of-the-art] sporting offices to the inhabitants. While tending to the occasion, he uncovered that the vitally unbiased behind the advancement of such tasks is further to develop improvement guidelines in various pieces of the city and produce income.

“We are likewise wanting to foster a wharf at Seaview to begin a ship administration from Clifton region to Manora ocean side,” CM Murad declared while tending to the initiation service.

Tourists Attractions at Manora Beach

The recently evolved ocean side has been arranged as a high-level vacation destination. It has an adequate guest plan, parking spots, concealed spots — to get away from the burning intensity while appreciating perspectives on the Arabian Ocean — and a children’s play region. The venture likewise includes a completely fledged eatery, offering an assortment of lip-smacking dishes and tidbits, generally founded on fish.

In a new turn of events, Manora Beach has been to some extent privatized, and presently the administration of Dream World Resort, Hotel, and Golf Course is giving and taking care of various kinds of sporting offices and watersports exercises accessible at the shoreline.

Area of Manora Beach

Shaping a defensive boundary between Karachi Port and the harsh ocean flows of the Arabian Sea, Manora was previously one of the islands close to Karachi. Notwithstanding, with the development of a man-made interface between Manora Beach and the central area, it can now be characterized as a promontory.

Sea Route to Manora Beach

Before the development of Manora Driveway, the ocean course was the best way to get to Manora Island. Quite recently, another breakwater was opened in Keamari that supplanted a comparable office, which was over 100 years of age. You can without much of a stretch head to Keamari for a boat ride to Manora Beach Waterfront.

Mauripur Road is presumably the briefest and most doable course to get to Manora Beach from Tower, MT Khan Road, and other key regions in the old city region. It is additionally utilized by weighty traffic going to the port as well as the other way around.

Ticket Fee for Manora Beach

The passage ticket for the recently opened oceanfront venture will cost you PKR 50 for every individual.

The thing to remember: It is vital to make reference here that you want to convey your CNIC alongside other fundamental vehicle documentation because to get to the ocean side, you need to cross security and look at the post of the military.

7- Gadani Beach


Gadani Beach features a blend of silky beach and rocky escarpments Named after a small fishing town with around, 10,000 residents in Balochistan’s Lasbela District, the beautiful seacoast of Gadani Beach is encircled by rocky scarps near Cape Monze Beach and the creek of the nexus stream.

Beaches Near Karachi
Gadani beach Balochistan

The beach is located 50 kilometers northwest of Karachi and serves as a perfect fun activities spot, signaling for you to lie back and phenomenon at the sight of the open waters of the Arabian Sea, while having your toes dug in the silky beach on the reinforcement.

Thanks to the near presence of the Gadani ship-breaking yard, which is Pakistan’s largest and oldest graveyard of ships, the seacoast is fascinatingly lined with rusting decimation of boat cases and strong ships that formerly ruled the sea.


The easiest route to get to Gadani Beach in Balochistan is via National Highway 25 and Gadani Road if you’re traveling from Karachi. As stated over, the beach is roughly 50 kilometers down from the megacity, and it’ll take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to your destination, depending on the road condition and traffic.


You can indulge in so many recreational activities by visiting Gadani Beach.

Some interesting things to do near Gadani Beach are:

To enjoy a bite of delicious seawater fish at a regional hotel at a very reasonable price, interesting camels ride and thrilling boat rides, or go on fishing with friends and family, even you can enjoy all these activities alone.

Take a hike on marble jewels and capture astonishing views of the Arabian Sea from above the rocky hillside. Have the ultimate camping experience by spending the night and by lighting a bonfire by the sea.

The government is doing great work to elevate tourism in Balochistan and has determined to spin the shore of Gadani into a full-fledged picnicking spot by constructing a world-class beach resort to greet travelers.

8- Bhit Khori Beach

Bhit Khori Beach is surrounded by mountains and is located at a distance of 60Kms from Karachi near the hills of Cape Monze & Mubarak Village coastline; At this point of Beach Mountains meet the Arabian Sea.

Beaches in Karachi
Bhit Khori Beach

You can plan your trip to spend a weekend by camping at the seashore along with Music and Bonfire with the Crashing Waves. Music around a bonfire and the crashing waves keep you entertained through the breezy night.

9– Turtle Beach Karachi.

This naturally flaxen beach has no gemstones or reefs, which makes it an ideal spot for water sports and other exertion. There are also several luxuriant hutches available for rent at Turtle Beach where you can relax with your family while enjoying the excellent view of the clear blue ocean.

 Beaches in Karachi
Turtle Beach Karachi

Whether you live in the ‘megacity of gleams’ or are visiting it for a short time, make sure to add this beach to your list of places to visit in Karachi.  Here is a complete guide about what you need to know about one of the most notorious traveler destinations in Karachi.

Location of Turtle Beach in Karachi

You may indeed see countable turtles at this beach. It is located between Hawke’s Bay and Sand Spit, two of the most popular beachfront in Karachi. Both of these are considered important parentage grounds for the rare species of turtles in the country. Sandspit got its name from the small recesses that feminine turtles dig in the sand to lay their eggs.

No matter where you live in Karachi, you can easily come into this sand via the Lyari Expressway, the 38 km thruway constructed along the Lyari River that has joined the littoral areas of the megacity with the civic centers.

10- Sandspit Beach

An excellent site with soothing air and a beautiful evening. Sandspit Beach is located near Hawkes Bay in the South West of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It’s a notorious public and sightseer place of a megacity, daily numerous people visit this spot for enjoying wind and water swells.

Sandspit Beach is a veritably renowned fun spot among the resistance of both Karachi and travelers visiting Karachi. From October to March, the sea at Sandspit is veritably calm and quiet except for the rainstorm season when the sea is rough.

Beaches in Karachi
Sandspit Beach Karachi

People love to visit this beach because of its depthless water that’s ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Multiple people from Karachi and those visiting Karachi spend a whole day at Sandspit and take bath in its blue and clean water. There are multiple huts available for a charge for those who also want a sanctum and a place to sit when staying at the beach.

The colorfully decorated camels and horses available for the lift are also a great activity on the beach. The soothing breath and evening at Sandspit Beach create an amazing atmosphere and give a comforting effect. Do forget to bring a camera to capture the unforgettable moment at the beach.

   Moola Chotok   Khuzdar Baluchistan

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At this place during downtime, numerous green beautiful turtles come to the sand for laying their eggs, and numerous people have a chance to see this amazing view at night. Sindh wildlife department safeguards them and asks people to do not to go closer when they lay eggs.

During rainfall days Sandspit Beach going harsh but from October to March it’s quite good, this is a time when everyone enjoys a picnic at the seaside, enjoying seafood, and riding on horse and camel.

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