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Charna Island Beach Karachi: Clear Water Beach 

Charna Island is renowned for clear water, coral reefs, and marine life. It’s also a venue for scuba diving, snorkeling, inclination, and Spear rod fishing in Karachi.

A Spectacular place in the heart of the Arabian Sea, for multiple people, Charna Island is nothing lesser than an unseen paradise that’s located in Karachi. Charna Island is famous for numerous enjoyable exertions.

Activities to do at Charna Island Beach

Charna Island Beach karachi
Charna Island Beach
  1. Cliff jumping
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Underwater- Diving photos.
  4. Underwater exploration
  5. Jet ski’s
  6. Speed boat ride

Over a limited period, Churna Island has turned out to be most instigative and delightful- acquainted with the elegant islands in Karachi.

Churna is an islet located 6.8 km North West of Mubarik Goth beach and approx. 8 km West of Hub Power Plant. It measures 1270 meters from N to S and 945 meters at the widest point. The islet is uninhabited as there’s no fresh water source on the islet.

Charna Island Beach Karachi
Charna Island Beach Karachi

The terrain of the islet rises abruptly from sea rank and reaches the topmost point at 469 ft. which, looking at the overall size of the islet is quite a steep lift. The gemstone looks majestically beautiful, especially if viewed from the south-westerly direction.

The islet is renowned for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. The water around the islet is crystal clear with a lot of coral reefs and a good variety of coral fish. The island is around 45 minute ride on the regional hora boats. On a speed boat, it’ll take much lower.

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In recent times, multiple people from Karachi visit the islet and unfortunately, don’t clean the waste when they go back, reacting to the quick decline of the fresh atmosphere. Many volunteer groups have been doing the cleaning jobs but it won’t help unless the people get themselves educated.

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