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15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit Kalam Valley

 Places to Visit Kalam Valley 

It would be putting it mildly to call Kalam quite possibly one of the most lovely spots in Pakistan since it could be

considered a part of the most gorgeous spot in the world without much of a stretch. This impressive spot is at a

distance of roughly 300 kilometers from Islamabad a drive of very nearly 6 hours through the beautiful districts of Pakistan.

It is essential for the well-known Swat Valley. From Mingora, the principal city of Swat Valley, you need to travel

almost 100 kilometers further toward the north.

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Places to Visit Kalam Valley
Places to Visit Kalam Valley

The entire valley from Mingora forward till Kalam is in real sense heaven on the planet. Kalam at a height

of 2,000 meters is a spot to appreciate tremendously and value the sweet recollections for quite a while.

Kalam Valley is encircled by snowcapped mountains, lavish green backwoods covering the inclines of these superb

mountains, and various surges of completely clear water, and streams all over. In this article, we will investigate the most

popular spots in the Kalam region, so you miss nothing worth visiting.

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 Places to Visit Kalam Valley 

Traveler Points In Kalam Valley

In this article, we will investigate the most renowned spots in the Kalam region, with the goal that you miss nothing

worth visiting. The best traveler focuses in Kalam Valley are:

1. Kalam Town

Kalam town is a wonderful unassuming community and has numerous great inns. It is situated in a wonderful valley

at the intersection of the Swat and Ushu waterways. The landscape all over is dynamite. It is geologically an optimal

spot to make it your headquarters and investigate the superb places surrounding it.

Besides, it has every one of the offices a traveler could require, great lodgings, pleasant spots to eat, and shops to take

special care of your essential shopping prerequisites. What’s more, indeed, the landscape all over is amazing.

2. Green Top Kalam View Point

Places to Visit Kalam Valley
Places to Visit Kalam Valley

It is a magnificent excursion point, only 4 kilometers from Kalam. It is at a level of a little more than 2300 meters.

As the name of the spot proposes it is an extraordinary highlight to see the Kalam valley underneath. From this

vantage point, you can notice the excellence of Kalam and the entire valley underneath. A high-priority fascination

of Kalam Valley.

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3. Ushu Forest

Ushu Woods is in the upper east of Kalam a ways off of two or three kilometers. It is a breathtakingly wonderful spot,

with rich green trees all over.

The way to Matilan up the Ushu Valley goes through the backwoods. An optimal spot for journeying and setting up camp.

The excellence and peacefulness of the spot are hard to portray in words.

4. Matilan

Matilan is a little town in Ushy Valley a ways off of around 11 kilometers from Kalam. It comes after the Ushu

backwoods. The street is somewhat challenging to go on, yet the landscape merits this little difficulty. A little

stream called Ushu likewise spouts through the stones in this valley.

The lavish green slopes and backwoods on all sides make this region, a paradise on the planet. The scene is just

mind-boggling. This makes an extraordinary spot to unwind and to remember every one of the concerns on the planet essentially.

5. Utrar

Places to Visit Kalam Valley
Places to Visit Kalam Valley


Utrar is another radiant cookout spot at a height of 2200 and around 16 kilometers from Kalam. It is additionally

arranged at the juncture of two lovely streams. A spot delight of which is entrancing. A superb spot to invest some

energy and appreciate.

Snow-clad mountains, cold water streaming close by, and green fields all over, make it an exceptionally appealing

space. You can undoubtedly design a day-long excursion from Kalam and visit Utrar and the close by places.

6. Gabral

Just seven kilometers from Utrar, Gabral is an enchanting spot. It is renowned for delightful trout, which you can savor

while sitting in a real sense in the streaming water of the stream streaming close by. The street from Kalam is fine and quite

easy to go on. A magnificent spot to eat, drink, and play. Its area at the conversion of Utrar and Gabral waterways adds to

its magnificence.

7. Janshai Meadows, Kalam

Places to Visit Kalam Valley

It would be no distortion assuming I call this spot fairyland. It is situated at a height of 2,700 meters and just 8 kilometers

from Kalam. In any case, it is a spot for strong and durable because you need to leave your vehicle at Blue Water Point

and cover a distance of around three to four kilometers by walking.

A fantastic chance for climbing and journeying. The track to the glades requires around three hours to cover, however,

when you arrive there, the view will cause you to fail to remember the entire difficulty.

8. Mahodand Lake

Places to Visit Kalam Valley


One of the greatest attractions of this area is Mahodand Lake, around 35 kilometers from Kalam and at a level of more

than 3000 meters. It requires over two hours to arrive at this beautiful lake in upper Ushu valley. A magnificent spot

for experience sweethearts.

A close-by cascade is an extra fascination in these high piles of the Hindu Kush range. The lake can be arrived at in

summer, but in winter arriving here would be truly challenging. Covered with snow-capped trees, it is a superb spot

for setting up camp in summer.

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9. Kandol Lake

Places to Visit Kalam Valley

An exceptionally lovely lake, however somewhat hard to reach. Yet, not for the individuals who are prepared to

acknowledge the demand of journeying for five to six hours. It is around nine kilometers from Utrar.

Arranged in a thin valley encompassed by mountains ascending to the level of 4500 meters, the lake is a spot that

is beyond words. The perfect magnificence and astonishing area of the lake give it an ethereal. Taking a nearby

aide with you is fitting.

10. Izmis Lake, Kalam

Places to Visit Kalam Valley


Situated at a rise of 3,400 meters is a genuine test to reach. It is around 12 kilometers south of Utrar and the majority

of the distance can be covered by the journey. However, conceivable just, to assume you have legitimate stuff and

experience of journeying in such a strenuous region.

Be cautious about the climate and go to all prudent lengths before wandering off to such a challenging assignment.

The region is essentially stunning with spouting streams thundering cascades, and snow-covered mountains.

11. Kalam Summer Festival

Places to Visit Kalam Valley


This celebration is held consistently in summer in the long periods of July or August in Kalam Valley. Many energizing

exercises and games are held for the diversion of travelers.

Paragliding, cycling, paddling, and music shows are a portion of the attractions of this celebration. Neighborhood

handiworks are shown and social shows are likewise held.

In short Kalam and the two adjoining valleys of Ushu and Utrar have a wealth of normal marvels, similar to surges

of completely clear virus water, thundering cascades, entrancing lakes, snowcapped mountains taking off to the sky,

or more elevated woods all around. I have given the connection to a Google map for your benefit, so you might design

your visit all the more without any problem.

12. Shahi Ground

Places to Visit Kalam Valley


As per our proposals, it is one of the high-priority areas in Kalam Valley since you can get a 10,000-foot perspective

of the snow-covered Falak Sher mountain and the thick trees of the Usho wilderness.

It very well might be found not far off by turning left before entering the jingle, not long before the Usho timberland.

A glade-like region, it is popular for facilitating Kabaddi match-ups during winter festivities.

13. Dhamaka Lake

It requires an hour to go 15 km to get to Dhamaka Lake through the Kalam-Utror course; you should turn right not

long before the Oshu wilderness in Kalam Valley. It is little, lacking a lake, and residents incorporated a wooden

way into the water with the goal that guests could partake in the Dhamaka Lake’s crisp waters.

It is the most lovely lake, and even though it isn’t exceptionally profound, many individuals appreciate staying there

while trying things out. By inundating your feet with its cold water while situated on one of the accessible seats,

you can have broiled and grilled trout fish at a sensible cost.

14. Matiltan Waterfall


The 13 km venture from Kalam Valley to Mahodand Lake to arrive at the biggest normal cascade in Kalam

Valley requires close to 60 minutes. It begins from the Matiltan Glacier. This region is home to a notable town

of the very name that is enclosed by obscure pecan trees.

The Matiltan cascade can be reached and investigated here through bluff climbing, yet because of the level

of the cascade, it is the most troublesome precipice climbing. If you are not a gifted bluff climber, I would prompt

you against attempting it.

15. Blue Water Point

Places to Visit Kalam Valley


In Kalam, the expression “Blue Water” alludes to a cookout region or scene as opposed to a particular lake or

cascade given its pale blue water. Notwithstanding being in the foundation of lavish mountains, it stands apart

among Kalam’s vacation spots because of its normally pale blue water.

While heading out to Utrar, it is around 11 kilometers from Kalam; in any case, to arrive, continue to go straight

on Utror Road as opposed to making a right turn. Even though there might be poor cell network availability and

unfortunate street conditions here, you will not be annoyed by them because of the area’s lovely view.

Kalam Valley Location

Kalam Valley is situated in Pakistan’s KPK Province. There are a few vacation spots in this valley. Along with the

scantily forested slants, the Swat Fluvial River enveloped the whole valley. A huge number of explorers are attracted

to the Kalam Valley.

Each spot has extraordinary importance worth seeing. The vacationer will partake in Kalam’s blend of cool, top-notch

climate and glorious areas.

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