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Project of First Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

Project of First Virtual Zoo in Islamabad.

In 2020, Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad shut its way to the general population after the Islamabad High Court guided

the authorities to move every one of its tenants to safe havens abroad. The spot was closed down after its deficient

practices and the sad state of the creatures drew worldwide judgment.

Virtual Zoo in Islamabad
Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

In any case, almost two years after the conclusion of the office, the specialists want to change the site in a bid

to foster novel opportunities for growth in a computerized setting. As such, Pakistan is good to go to open its most

amazing virtual zoo in Islamabad.

As per the reports distributed by driving news sources, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) Chairperson

Rina Saeed Khan, then Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed, and designer Naeem Pasha

as of late visited the ancient zoo to examine the choices for its recovery in consistence with the High Court request.

First Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

During the gathering, the concerned specialists chose to use 66% of the 10-hectare territory for public diversion,

while 33% of the land will be held for a salvage and restoration place for creatures.

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The virtual zoo in Islamabad will supposedly highlight animatronic models of creatures and a visual gallery that

will assist kids with finding out about various untamed life species and the meaning of protecting their opportunities.

The guests can likewise appreciate instructive 3D shows each night alongside watching narratives and motion

pictures. Since no creatures will be held hostage in the area, the office will probably become one of the most

mind-blowing vacation destinations in Islamabad.

Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

“As 25 sections of land are a lot for the salvage and restoration center, 66% of the land for public use

and 33% for the clinic has been chosen. We will treat harmed creatures and deliver them to nature.

We have two bears yet they can’t be delivered in that frame of mind as one of them is denied of ears and the subsequent

one needs teeth,” the IWMB administrator told Dawn. “As we can’t showcase creatures, there will be a computerized

show of creatures with the goal that our kids could know about them.

IWMB part Imrana Tiwana is likewise chipping away at it. We have been teaming up with the CDA and soon PC-I

will be endorsed,” she added. Another public distribution revealed that a gathering has been booked at the CDA base

camp to examine the idea plan of the creative office.

Moreover, the authority has set a deadline of about a month and a half to begin the development of the

virtual zoo in Islamabad.


Laid out in 1978, Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad invited roughly 1,000,000 individuals consistently. The extraordinarily

planned territory housed a huge number of creatures, including lions, panthers, bears, wolves, and monkeys, as well as the

main Asian elephant in Pakistan. Moreover, it was situated close to Japanese Children Park, one of the well-known

parks in Islamabad, drawing countless guests consistently.

Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

Nonetheless, the heartbreaking condition of creatures in the zoo started worldwide debate after the malnourished

Asian elephant, Kaavan, was moved to a natural life safe haven in Cambodia following the years-long endeavors

of basic entitlements associations and all the more unmistakably, Oscar-winning American entertainer and vocalist

Cher.The 35-year-old bull had been living in Pakistan starting around 1985 and had been named the “world’s loneliest elephant.”

In May 2020, Islamabad High Court requested for every one of the tenants of the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad to

be moved to natural life asylums across the world. Hence, three weeks after Kavaan’s takeoff, two Himalayan bears

named Bubloo and Suzie likewise traveled to a haven in Jordan. While numerous creatures had the option

to find new homes following their sad stay at the zoo, it was accounted for that two lions and an ostrich had kicked

the bucket during the move.


The remarkable new virtual zoo has the capability of becoming one of the spots for youngsters in Islamabad.

Like other instructive and sporting offices of its sort across the world, this modern area will give the more youthful

age a chance to find out about untamed life exhaustively without upsetting the creatures or their normal living space.

Virtual Zoo in Islamabad

Rather than holding creatures hostage in confines that are a few times less than the base space, these creatures expect

to wander around, the specialists will use the furthest down-the-line innovation to make showstopping animatronic

models and virtual shows to portray these species in the entirety of their magnificence.

It is additionally worth focusing on that virtual zoos don’t need to recruit overseers for their tenants or burn through

cash to take care of them, making them generally practical for the public authority. The virtual zoo will ideally open

in a little while this year.

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