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29 Splendid and Historical Forts in Cholistan Pakistan

Here is an Account of the 29 Splendid and Historical Forts in Cholistan Pakistan.

By the way, there are hundreds of forts in Pakistan, but the number of forts in Cholistan is 29, and in addition to this, the number of villages and old buildings is even more.

The total length of the desert roads of Cholistan is 1199 miles.

The roads of three districts of Cholistan Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan lead towards the desert to the forts.

Names of Ancient Forts in Cholistan.

Here are the names of all 29 ancient forts in Chlistan, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

1. Fort Phalra Qaimpur, 2. Marut Fort, 3. Fort Jamgarh Marut, 4. Fort Mojgarh Marut, 5. Mubarakpur Chishtian Fort, 6. Fatehgarh Amroka Bahawalnagar Fort, 7. Mirgarh Marut Fort, 8. Khairgarh Fort, 9. Bahawalgarh Fort, 10. Sardargarh Walhar Fort.

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11. Fish Fort (Qila Machhli), 12. Qaimpur Fort, 13. Muridwala fort, 14. Derawar Fort, 15. Chanda Khanda Fort, 16. Khangarh Fort, 17. Rukanpur Fort, 18. Lyara Sadiqabad Fort, 19. Kandira Sadiqabad Fort, 20. Qila Seorahi Sadiqabad

21. Sahibgarh Fort, Rahim Yar Khan, 22. Wanjhrut Fort, 23. Dhowen Fort, 24. Dingarh Fort, 25. Och Fort, 26. Tajgarh Fort, Rahim Yar Khan, 27. Islamgarh Fort, Rahim Yar Khan, 28. Qila Meo Mubarak Rahim Yar Khan, and 29. Qila Tibba Jijal Hasil Sarho Bahawalnagar.

Apart from this, there are many other historical buildings and palaces and many have disappeared from the world.

Islamgarh Fort:


This fort was earlier known as Bhanwar Fort. This fort was built by Rawal Bhim Singh in 1665. As written on its gate in Babri.

“Sambabat 1665 A.D. Asuj Valley 2, Maharaj Rawal Sri Bhim Singh Ji Maharaj”. This fort is located in Tehsil Khanpur in Cholistan.

It is 46 km from Baala Forts and 46 km from Rahim Yar Khan.

Islamgarh Fort is located very close to the border of India. On the other side of which is the Indian city “Of Kishangarh”. From this fort, Durrar Fort is about 170 kilometers away.

Mirgarh Fort

This fort is about 15 kilometers away from Fort Abbas. The high walls of this fort are made of mud.

This fort is in a very dilapidated condition. And the Department of Antiquities is the center of attention.

If this precious heritage is not protected, it will soon disappear from the face of the earth.

Jamgarh Fort:


Jamgarh Fort is 9 km away from Mirgarh Fort.

The fort is built of beautiful brickwork and is largely preserved in its original state. It was built by Jam Khan Marufani in 1788. It is square. and extends to a measurement of 114 feet all around.

Its walls are up to 28 feet high and have beautiful round towers at the four corners. To the east of the fort is a 9-foot arched domed gate.

Mojgarh FortForts in Cholistan

Mojgarh Fort is one of the series of forts built during the Abbasid dynasty.

This fort is also in the last stages of its destruction and needs the attention of government agencies. This fort is in the Cholistan desert between Tehsil Fort Abbas and Yazman.

To reach this fort, we have to cover a distance of 70 km on Yazman-Fort Abbas road from Thandi Khoi in Bahawalpur City.

This fort made of mud and bricks was built by the famous Khan Kahrani in 1743. This fort is very close to the India-Pakistan border and is often visited by rangers.

The Rangers want to secure this fort but need a lot of money.

Khangarh Fort:

Forts in Cholistan


This fort was built by Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan 11 in 1783.

It is built in the shape of a semi-circle with plinths at each corner and an entrance on the east side.

The fort extends 128 feet on each side. Its walls are made of mud bricks which have fallen to a considerable extent.

This fort is 70 km from Dadavarfort.

Khairgarh Fort:

Historical Forts in Cholistan Pakistan
Historical Forts in Cholistan Pakistan

This fort was built in 1775. It is circular and extends inwards for 170 feet on all sides surrounded by eight side towers.

This fort is about 64 km from Dadavarfort.

Nawan Kot Fort:


Nawan Kot Fort is still standing in its original condition to a large extent. This fort is at a distance of 45 km from the Dravidian Fort.

It is also made of mud bricks. It has a total area of ​​up to 156 feet inside the turrets.

Its entrance is 10 feet wide, with a guard room adjacent to it.

Bijnot and Jharot Fort:

This fort was very magnificent. It  was built by Raja Vanjha or Baja Bhatia in 757 AD.

the fort is now in ruins, but it still speaks of its grandeur. it is at a distance of 45 km from Nawan Kot Fort.

Limestone, which is found locally, has been used in its construction. This fort is also round and extends up to 300 feet all around.

On the north side is an 11 feet wide entrance with 3 rooms. Its walls are up to 21 feet high. The distance of this fort from Bahawalpur is 163 km.

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