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Ahmadpur Sial Jhang: History, Location, Weather

Ahmadpur Sial Jhang: History, Location, Weather

Ahmedpur Sial is a city in the Jhang District of Punjab Province, Pakistan.

The city is also the headquarters of Ahmadpur Sial Tehsil, which is a sub-administrative division of the district. In 1998, it had a population of 13,131

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Ahmadpur Sial Jhang

Background of Ahmadpur Sial

Ahmedpur Sial got the status of Tehsil in October 2005 through the efforts of former MNA and MPA late Khan Najaf Abbas Khan Sial.

Late Khan Najaf Abbas Khan Sial is also known as the founder of Tehsil, and this is what the residents here have named them.

It is currently the most important tehsil for Constituency NA 116 and PP 130.

Many politicians have their political offices here.

Late Khan Najaf Abbas Khan Sial, Ameer Abbas Khan Sial, Late Chaudhry Muhammad

Afzal Chadhar, Rana Imtiaz Ahmad Khan, Rana Shehbaz Ahmad Khan, Rana Tauqeer Asif,

Professor Qaiser Mehdi Sahib (IT Expert) and Khawar Rizvi Ahmedpur are some of the famous

personalities of this area.

Location of Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial

It is situated on the Khushab-Muzaffargarh road, 98 km from Muzaffargarh and 150 km from Khushab.

It is a few kilometers away from the Chenab River.

It is geographically located at 30.41°N 71.46°E and is 119 meters (390 ft) above sea level.

The Economy of Ahmadpur Sial

Ahmadpur Sial

Ahmedpur Sial is a very fertile region agriculturally, producing large crops of wheat, cotton, rice, and sugarcane.

The main occupation of the residents of this area is farming and small businesses. Ahmedpur Sial is

also famous for the excellent quality of its crops due to its fertile land.

Farmers in the area also have a keen interest in cattle rearing, as owning cattle is considered a sign of

prestige in the area. Owners usually keep cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep in their fields.

Famous Educational Institutions of Ahmadpur Sial

Education in Ahmedpur mainly depends on government schools and some private educational institutions.

Government High School Ahmedpur Sial has been very effective in imparting high-quality

education to the students of this area and surrounding villages and the school has produced

many scholars in various fields.

  • Chenab College Ahmedpur Sial,
  • Educators Vision School,
  • Brain Academy
  • Shaheen Force Girls High Secondary School
  • Govt Girls High Secondary School
  • Fatima Jinnah Elementary School
  • AQ Khan Girls High Secondary School
  • Government Technical Training Centre


  • Punjabi is the main language spoken by the majority of the population, while Urdu and
  • Saraiki is also commonly understood

Health Centers in Ahmedpur Sial

  • Tehsil Headquarters Hospital
  • Shaheen General Hospital
  • Dr. Aslam Clinic
  • Rubina Clinic

Sports of Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial

Ahmadpur Sial

Many people in Ahmedpur Siyal also have a keen interest in keeping horses on their farms,

as the sport of Neza Bazi (tent paging) is commonly played in the area.

Other widely popular sports in the area include cricket, plastic volleyball, and badminton.

Football is also popular among the youth.

Religions and Shrine

Ahmadpur Sial

The majority population of Ahmedpur Sial belongs to the religion of Islam, while there is also

a minority population of those who belong to the religion of Christianity.

Local Dresses and Customs

A shirt, shalwar, and slippers are the usual attire, women wear a chador and abaya, while men wear a

traditional kerchief over the shoulder.

Different communities living here have their customs and traditions of grief, happiness, marriage, and other occasions, but there is uniformity in all the customs and rituals with little differences.

Around Ahmedpur Sial there are agricultural lands in which people work hard and

persevere to grow to produce.

As a result of good health and tolerance, the natives are generally polite and cheerful.

Seasons of Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial

Ahmedpur Sial is located at the very corner of the Richna Doab and near the small town of

Machianwala (where the Ravi and Chenab rivers meet).

Because of this, the Ahmedpur River flows every year.

Due to its orientation, it is prone to flooding because of the melting of glaciers in summer

and heavy rains in the monsoon season, overflowing the banks of the river.

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