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Skardu Airport: All that You Need to Know

All that You Need to Know About Skardu Airport

The recently initiated Skardu International Airport is good to go to deal with its most memorable global trip

one month from now. The air terminal, which was already just functional for homegrown flights, had its status

raised on December 2, 2021, following significant remodels.

As per a letter given by the Civil Aviation Authority, a globally sanctioned flight will show up in Skardu on May 13, 2022,

from Munich, Germany. The flight will then, at that point, leave for Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on May 16, 2022.

Encircled by snow-covered mountain tops, entrancing streams, and the popular virus desert, the Skardu Airport is surely

a sight to behold. It is a little office arranged at a height of around 7316 feet in the Gilgit-Baltistan district of Pakistan.

As of now, this homegrown air terminal interfaces Skardu with the capital city of Islamabad however non-stop trips

between Skardu and Karachi are likewise expected to begin in so not-so-distant future.

The beguiling air terminal is involved by both homegrown and unfamiliar voyagers visiting Skardu Valley,

one of the most well-known traveler objections in Pakistan. It is viewed as a genuine piece of

paradise on the planet.

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Skardu Airport

Outline of Skardu Airport:

Skardu Airport


It is a homegrown air terminal situated in Skardu, a delightful city that fills in as the capital of the Skardu District

in the Gilgit-Baltistan locale. The air terminal complex has two black-top runways, however only one is functional

right now. The useful runway at this air terminal is around 12,000 feet in length and is viewed as the longest in Pakistan.

In the meantime, the other runway is around 8,740 feet in length.

The cover at this air terminal can hold up to three Boeing 737 airplanes all at once. The air terminal is

additionally outfitted with the most recent specific airplane salvage and firefighting vehicles Oshkosh ARFF.

As of now, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) interfaces the airport to Islamabad International Airport through two

ATR42 trips consistently.

A departure from Islamabad to Skardu as well as the other way around requires around 45 minutes according to the

reports distributed in nearby papers, more carriers are before long expected to start their tasks in Skardu.

Terminal Complex

Similar to different air terminals in Pakistan, this air terminal complex in Skardu is likewise overseen and worked

by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

Even though it is moderately small, this air terminal in Gilgit-Baltistan takes special care of countless

homegrown and unfamiliar sightseers consistently.

A critical lump of voyagers and experienced searchers show up in Skardu to investigate the beautiful Satpara

and Kachura Lakes, visit the picturesque Manthoka Waterfall, go traveling in the Deosai National Park, go on an

outing to Shigar and Khaplu fortresses, or essentially put in a couple of days at the striking Shangrila Resort, favor

traveling to Skardu as opposed to arriving by street.

Hence, this air terminal plays a significant part in helping the travel industry in the locale.

The air terminal is situated on a rugged landscape, and that implies explorers can see the snow-shrouded mountain

ridges after landing and keeping in mind when taking off.

During summer, this air terminal’s remaining parts are functional from first light to sunset. Notwithstanding, it must be

shut in cold weather for a long time because of weighty snowfall.

Additionally essential to refer to plans to update Skardu Airport to a global air terminal that is presently

in work. Besides, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority likewise plans to fabricate another terminal structure, and Air

Traffic Control Tower at this air terminal.

Code of Skardu Airport:

Skardu Airport
Skardu Airport


The International Airport Transport Association, all the more ordinarily alluded to as IATA grants a one-of-a-kind

code to every air terminal on the planet for smooth and secure flight activity.

  • Skardu Airport IATA code: KDU

Essentially, the International Civil Aviation Organization, otherwise called ICAO, likewise furnishes air terminals

with an extraordinary code for functional reasons.

  • Skardu Airport ICAO Code: OPSD


Skardu Airport


It is situated around 18 kilometers from the fundamental city in the northwest course.

Most lodgings in Skardu give transport administration to and from the air terminal for their visitors, so you

don’t need to stress over transportation if you have proactively booked a room in the city.

Other than that, you can likewise lease a vehicle or get a confidential taxi to arrive at your objective once you

show up at the air terminal.

Airplanes Operations:


By and by, just PIA is working the trips to this air terminal in Gilgit Baltistan. Arriving at the air terminal

something like two hours before the flight is suggested.

On the off chance that you are keen on becoming familiar with the public banner transporter of Pakistan, make

a point to investigate our aide itemizing the set of experiences, flight tasks, ticket costs, and offices presented by

Pakistan International Airlines.


The air terminal in Skardu might be little, yet it is outfitted with every one of the conveniences and offices expected

for problem-free travel.

It has an extensive stopping region, very much kept up with appearance and takeoff lounges, as well as a different VIP,

relax. The travelers likewise approach washrooms and a cafeteria.

Skardu Airport Contacts Details:


Here is the location of the beautiful Airport.

  • Address: Airport Road, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan
  • For more data, you can contact the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
  • Telephone Number: 021-99071111
  • Email Address:
  • To purchase a pass to Skardu, you’ll need to reach out to the PIA Contact Center.
  • Telephone Number: 0330-0786786

Lodgings IN SKARDU

The dazzling lakeside Shangrila Resort is effectively the most well-known spot to remain in Skardu among vacationers

and experience searchers the same. The special Tibetan-motivated design and first-rate conveniences make it an optimal

spot to spend your excursions.

Essentially, Hotel One Skardu, Mountain Lodge Holiday Home, Hotel Himalaya Skardu, and Hotel Reego are likewise

among the first-class lodgings in Skardu.

It is likewise relevant to refer that October is viewed as the greatest month to visit Skardu if you have any desire

to partake in the fall season.

If not, you can design your outing to this charming wonderland whenever between April to October.

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