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Best Places to See Snowfall in Pakistan: Pakistan’s Top Winter Destinations to Visit

In the colder time of the year season, the uneven areas in northern Pakistan transform into blanketed wonderlands. The charming perspectives on the snow-covered territories across the up-country leave each nature-darling and experience searcher in wonderment.

To appreciate winter to the fullest this Christmas season, gather your packs and go to the slope stations up north.

Thinking about what to add to your movement list of must-dos? We take care of you!

In this blog, we will examine the top winter objections to seeing snowfall in Pakistan. These spots attract you near nature as well as proposition you outside exercises like skiing and snowboarding that give you an adrenaline rush.


Considering how it feels when a snowflake dissolves in the center of your hand? Visit any of the accompanying uneven locales in Pakistan and stuff up for a definitive snowfall experience.


Encircled by amazing perspectives on the snow-covered mountains, the Kalash locale extends across three far-off valleys: Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir. These valleys are found 20 miles south of Chitral. The neighborhood individuals of the district are called Kalashas.

They are most popular for their neighborliness and bright culture, which is generally founded on celebrations that include customary dance and music.




The three significant yearly celebrations celebrated locally incorporate Zhoshi (twelfth – sixteenth May), Uchaw (twentieth – 22nd August), and Chawmos (seventh – 22nd December). Well established in their set of experiences, these celebrations are to check occasional changes.

Temperatures in the valleys of Kalash can drop to less than 12 degrees and it can get harshly cold. It consistently snows throughout the colder time of year season in these valleys, particularly during December and January.

How to Visit Kalash Valley?

  • By Street (From Islamabad): 8 to 10-hour drive through N-45 thruway
  • Via Air: Chitral Air terminal is a 9-minute drive away (accessibility of flights relies upon the weather pattern)


Snowy Weather in Murree, Punjab, Pakistan: Beautiful View of the Queen of Mountains

Murree is apparently the most famous location among travelers in Pakistan. During winter, it additionally changes into one of the most outstanding spots to appreciate snowfall. It’s a piece of a bumpy locale obviously arranged in the lower regions of the Himalayas.

Situated a ways off only 70 kilometers from Islamabad, it is among the most helpfully reachable slope stations in Pakistan. The amazing holiday destination is otherwise called Malika-e-Kohsar (the Sovereign of Slopes).

Since it’s advantageously available, sightseers from various pieces of the nation and the remainder of the world hurry to Murree to see the primary snowfall of the colder time of year season.

While partaking in the blanketed season in Murree, you can likewise appreciate riding the Patriata Chairlift and looking at the remarkable flying perspectives on the snow-shrouded vegetation and mountains.

On a side note, you can likewise look at our pick of probably the best lodgings in Murree where you can partake in an agreeable stay during your outing to the slope station.

How to Go to Visit Murree?

  • By Street (From Islamabad): 90-minute drive by means of Murree Turnpike
  • Via Air: 2-hour drive from Islamabad Global Air terminal by means of the course of Murree Turnpike and Kashmir Thruway


Places to See Snowfall in Pakistan
Malam Jabba is among the Places to See Snowfall in Pakistan

Malam Jabba, a picturesque slope station in Pakistan, perfectly rests in the Hindu Kush mountain range. It has one of the top ski resorts in the country. The valley depends on a couple of humble communities and towns.

Famous settlements among them incorporate Jehanabad, Salanda, Talegraam, Badar, Malam, Ser, Kishore, Spine Oba, and Jabba. The fundamental Madyan-Kalam street interfaces a large portion of these areas.

By and large. Be that as it May, January and February are the greatest months to visit the valley to appreciate snowfall and the experience sports of skiing.

How to Visit Malam Jabba?

  • This is the way to get to Malam Jabba utilizing the accessible street connect:
  • By Street (From Smack): North of a 2-hour drive through Malam Jabba Street.


Places to See Snowfall in Pakistan

Kaghan is a snow-capped valley that gets weighty precipitation. The sublime excellence of the Kaghan valley incredibly extends 160 kilometers in the Mansehra Locale.

However Naran is generally difficult to reach for vacationers because of weighty snowfall and outrageous atmospheric conditions generally through the colder time of year season, you can in any case come to Kaghan Valley, which is likewise one of the most mind-blowing spots to appreciate snowfall in Pakistan.

The radiant magnificence of the valley extends 160 kilometers across the Mansehra Locale in Northern Pakistan.




The rise of Kaghan Valley begins from 2,134 feet (650 m) and goes the whole way to 13,690 feet (4,170 m) at Babusar Pass, which is its most noteworthy point. Situated in the region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this blanketed slope resort imparts lines to Azad Jammu and Kashmir in its southeast and Gilgit-Baltistan in its north.

Speedy Reality: Bragging a few of the world’s most confined regular environments, the northern areas of Pakistan are home to mind-boggling public parks and natural life safe-havens. You can likewise get more familiar with the captivating untamed life species tracked down in your dearest country by perusing this blog

How to Go to Visit Kaghan Valley:

  • This is the way to get to Kaghan Valley utilizing the accessible street joins:
  • By Street (From Islamabad): Approx. 3-hour drive by taking the course of E-35 and Hazara Interstates


The valley of Ziarat is situated in Balochistan which is one of the most gorgeous spots to appreciate snowfall in Pakistan.

The valley of Ziarat is without a doubt the most tricking vacation spot in Balochistan. It gets canvassed in snow throughout the colder time of year season, which ordinarily begins in November and finishes in Spring. The magnificently lengthy blanketed season makes Ziarat one of the country’s most great spots to appreciate snowfall.

Alongside encountering snowfall, individuals visiting this pleasant slope station in Balochistan can investigate the deep-rooted places of worship and antiquated sacrosanct locales to get to find out about the district’s fascinating past.

Standing tall as a perfect representation of building brightness, Ziarat Residency is one of the most noticeable tourist spots in the valley. It was utilized as a resting place by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the pioneer behind Pakistan, in his last days.

Prospect Point is one more place of interest arranged a ways off 6 kilometers from Ziarat. Peruse our movement manual for the valley of Ziarat in Balochistan if you have any desire to find out about this entrancing spot

How to Visit Ziarat?

  • This is the way to get to Ziarat by street and via air:
  • By Street (From Quetta): Just about a 3-hour drive through Ziarat Street
  • Via Air: Around a 2-hour drive through N-50 Parkway and Ziarat Street

Gathering your sacks as of now? It appears you loved our pick of the best places to see snowfall in Pakistan.

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