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Discovering the Splendor and Thrill of Khanpur Dam

Discovering the Splendor and Thrill of Khanpur Dam

Nestled in the heart of the KPK Province of Pakistan lies the charming city of Khanpur, celebrated for its iconic Khanpur Dam and the tranquil Khanpur Lake. This remarkable dam plays a pivotal role by providing potable water to the bustling urban centers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi while also meeting the essential water needs of the neighboring industrial and agricultural sectors. With an impressive water storage capacity of 80 thousand acre-feet and the ability to generate 200MW of electricity, the dam stands as a monumental engineering achievement. It was completed in 1983 at a total cost of 1385 million rupees.

Let’s Explore the Thrill of Khanpur Dam: Where Khanpur Dam is Located?

Khanpur Dam is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque dams in all of Pakistan. Which is constructed over the river Haro which originates from Abbottabad and there are water sports activities at Khanpur Dam. originally, it was located near rustic Khanpur in KPK province. You can visit Khanpur Dam Lake on Haripur Road.

Khanpur Dam
Khanpur Dam












In addition, this lake was constructed in 1953 along with the structure of the waterway of Khanpur Dam, which is 52 measures ( 170 ft) high and the area of Khanpur Dam is over 110,000 acre-feet of water. In addition, the Khanpur Dam was erected during the period of President Ayub Khan.

Depth of Khanpur Dam

The deepness of Khanpur dam is 40 feet in some places which isn’t veritably deep. The water sports activities at Khanpur Dam are veritably renowned for adventure suckers.

Khanpur Dam -Depth
Khanpur Dam -Depth

Why Khanpur Dam is Famous?

The emerald water of the dam with the background of the Margalla hills is worth a visit. The sightseer spot is renowned for water sports like voyaging and fishing.

Khanpur Dam -famous things
Khanpur Dam -famous things

Numerous tourism companies and industries are enduing in the place to increase sightseer attentions. Juicy orange gardens compass the road to the dam on both sides. These Oranges are renowned all over the country due to their quality and taste. water sports activities at Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam– good for Water Sports

Several travelers visit it daily to enjoy water activities. However, a day trip to Khanpur Dam must be on your priority list, If you’re an adventure sucker. It’s a crazy point to plan a fun and games trip with your buddies and family. Without further ado, let’s talk about how to spend a fun-filled day at a water resort. water sports activities at Khanpur Dam

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Good time to visit Khanpur Dam

The chic time to visit Khanpur Dam is June to October as well as in downtime. Summer is a nice season to kill the heat of hot days. Khanpur Lake has now turned into a good fun and games spot or place for nature suckers and arrivistes. Khanpur Dam Island has turned into a sporty place for picnics in summer and downtime.

Khanpur Dam water sports Activities
Khanpur Dam Water Sports Activities












You can visit Khanpur Dam in both summer and downtime, but the best time to visit Khanpur Dam in summer is from June to October. The levee is open for recreational exertion from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

nevertheless, we recommend visiting this resort in the summer, If you want to enjoy sports and voyaging. nevertheless, avoid going there on extremely sunny days as there are numerous places to give shadow.

Distance from Islamabad  to Khanpur Dam 

The location of Khanpur Dam is at a distance of roughly 52 km from Islamabad. You can reach Khanpur Dam by varied routes. According to the road charts, it takes roughly 1 hour and 37 twinkles to travel from Islamabad to Khanpur Dam by trace.

The main city to Khanpur dam is about 52 kilometers by expressway. Around 50 km from Islamabad, on Taxila Haripur Road. Abbottabad outlook of Khanpur Dam is 61 kilometers down. It is only a 3-hour drive from Abbottabad to Khanpur Dam.

Khanpur Dam -Distance from Islamabad
Khanpur Dam -Distance from Islamabad












You can also take a different route starting from the Islamabad expressway. From there you can access Tarnol and go all the way to Taxila and eventually Khanpur. This path takes around 1 hour and 16 minutes to ultimately reach Khanpur dam.

Road Condition:

The road from Islamabad to Khanpur is in deficient condition. There are beautiful orange orchards alongside the road. A short visit to the historical places in Taxila can be added to your trip. You can travel to the fun and games point by public transport, private vehicle, or with a traveler group. water sports activities at Khanpur Dam.

Road to Khanpur Dam from Islamabad
Road to Khanpur Dam from Islamabad












Groups of buddies and families drove to the area to overcome the summer heat. The most visited hog heaven spot in Khanpur Dam is Khanpur Lake and Khanpur Island. Nature and adventure nuts go there anyhow and enjoy multitudinous water activities.


Fun and Adventure at Mabali Island, Pakistan: A Hidden Gem near Khanpur Lake

Exciting Water Sports Activities at Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam and its vicinity offer an array of thrilling water sports and adventure activities for enthusiasts. Whether it’s cliff diving, paragliding, snorkeling, jet skiing, boating, parasailing, diving, or more, there’s no shortage of aquatic excitement to be had.

Khanpur Dam water sports Activities
Khanpur Dam Water Sports Activities












The pristine water quality of Khanpur Dam only enhances the experience, and don’t forget about the excellent fishing point it offers.

Here’s a list of water sports activities at Khanpur Dam with their prices per head. Please note that these prices may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to confirm in advance:

  1. 800cc Jet Ski: Rs. 1700
  2. 1800cc Jet Ski: Rs. 2000
  3. Cliff Diving (small boat): Rs. 5500
  4. Cliff Diving (big boat): Rs. 8500
  5. Banana Boat/Sofa: Rs. 1700
  6. Parasailing: Rs. 3700
  7. Diving: Rs. 9000


Parasailing/Paragliding :

Khanpur Dam -Parasailing
Khanpur Dam -Parasailing












charges for 4 to 5 persons:

Rs. 6000(Which may change, when you plan to visit)


Rs. 1500

Paragliding at Khanpur Dam provides breathtaking views, with the cliff height ranging from 10 to 15 feet when the water level is high and reaching 20 to 25 feet when the water level is low.

Moreover, for adventure seekers, Khanpur Dam Adventure Club offers various packages and tours, including upcoming activities like skydiving and scuba diving at the dam.

Additional charges and prices at Khanpur Dam include:

Khanpur Dam Voyage Charges: Rs. 5000

Khanpur Dam Ticket Prices (2022): Rs. 100/- PKR

Khanpur Dam Diving or Cliff Jumping Charges and Swimming Prices (Varies based on the number of people)

Jet Ski Rates at Khanpur Dam: Rs. 1500-2000

Archery (Available on advance reservation)

Fly Board Price: Rs. 7000 for half an hour

Khanpur Dam Parasailing Charges: Rs. 4000


For a memorable stay and further adventure, consider visiting Mabali Island, a charming resort nestled amidst the awe-inspiring mountains near Khanpur Lake. Offering a wide range of recreational activities, Mabali Island is a top-notch destination for travelers seeking fun and adventure.

To reach it, start your journey from Islamabad, head towards Peshawar on the G.T. Road, turn right onto Haripur Road from Taxila, and continue towards Khanpur. The entrance to Mabali Island can be found in the charming townlet of Bhamala.

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