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Exploring the Best Kids Play Areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi


Exploring the Best Kids Play Areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi: Where Fun Meets Adventure!

In Islamabad and Rawalpindi people have access to an abundance of kids play Areas that offer endless fun and adventure. From indoor play zones with unique themes to outdoor parks and amusement centers, both cities cater to the diverse needs and preferences of children. So, whether you’re in Islamabad or Rawalpindi and whether you’re a resident or a visitor, be sure to explore these fantastic venues and witness the joy and excitement on your children’s faces as they create lasting memories in these wonderful play areas.

Here is a list of the best kids play areas in Rawalpindi and Islamabad:

1-Fun Factory:

Kids Play Areas

Located in F-7 Markaz, Fun Factory is a vibrant and exciting indoor play area that guarantees endless fun for kids. The facility offers a wide range of activities, including climbing frames, slides, ball pits, trampolines, and obstacle courses. With dedicated staff members ensuring the safety of children, parents can relax while their little ones unleash their energy and make new friends. Fun Factory also organizes special events and birthday parties, making it a popular choice for families in Islamabad.


2-We Play:

Pakistan’s Largest and safest Indoor Trampoline and amusement park where kids can enjoy physical rides. Parents can enjoy coffee, tea, and a variety of tasty food as well as a perfect place for family entertainment.”

Kids Play Areas
We Play

“We Play” is a popular and exciting fun place for children in Islamabad.  0.7 K.M. from Margala Road to, 4 Service Rd E -11, Islamabad, “We Play” offers a range of engaging activities and play areas for kids of all ages.  “We Play” ensures that children have a blast while fostering their physical and cognitive development. With a focus on safety and entertainment, this fun place provides a vibrant and enjoyable environment for kids to explore, socialize, and create lasting memories.


3-Chikachino: Kids Play Areas

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kids play Areas

Situated in Bahria Town, Chikachino is a family-friendly café and play area rolled into one. This unique establishment features a spacious indoor play area with slides, climbing frames, and an assortment of toys. Additionally, Chikachino offers a separate section for arts and crafts, allowing children to unleash their creativity. While kids engage in play, parents can relax in the cozy café area, enjoying delicious snacks and beverages. Chikachino is known for its friendly staff, clean environment, and warm ambiance, making it an ideal spot for families to spend quality time together.

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4-F-9 Park: Kids play Areas

Kids Play Areas
F-9 park Islamabad

While not exclusively a play area, F-9 Park is an expansive recreational space in the heart of Islamabad that offers a multitude of activities for children. Equipped with sprawling lawns, jogging tracks, and picnic spots, F-9 Park allows kids to enjoy the outdoors while engaging in games such as cricket, football, and flying kites. The park also features a dedicated playground with swings, slides, and climbing structures, providing endless entertainment for young adventurers. Families can relish a peaceful day amidst lush greenery, creating lasting memories.


5-Jungle World:

Kids Play Areas
Jungle world

Situated in Ayub park rawalpindi, Jungle World is sprawling kids play area that offers a unique jungle-themed adventure for children. The facility features an extensive play structure with slides, tunnels, climbing frames, and trampolines, all adorned with colorful jungle decor and many more. Children can explore the wilderness and let their imaginations run wild in this engaging environment. Jungle World also offers party packages and a café where parents can relax while keeping an eye on their little adventurers.


6-Giga Mall Fun City:

Kids play Areas

Situated in DHA Phase 2, Giga Mall Fun City is an expansive indoor play area that offers a host of thrilling activities for kids. With its large collection of arcade games, bumper cars, and a dedicated soft play area, Fun City is a one-stop destination for entertainment. The play area features multi-level structures, slides, ball pits, and a separate toddler zone for younger children. Giga Mall Fun City also organizes regular events and provides a safe and secure environment for children to enjoy themselves while parents explore the mall.

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7-Playland Amusement Park:

Located near Ayub Park, Rawalpindi, PlayLand Amusement Park is a delightful outdoor recreational space that caters to children of all ages. The park boasts a variety of thrilling rides, including roller coasters, carousels, and Ferris wheels. It also features a dedicated play area with swings, slides, and climbing structures, ensuring younger kids have a safe and enjoyable experience. Playland Amusement Park offers a picturesque setting with beautiful landscaping, making it a popular choice for families seeking outdoor entertainment.

8-jacaranda Family Club

Kids Play Areas

JFC kids play area is one of the best attractions for families. An indoor adventure for kids up to 3-9 years of age. A clean and protected environment is offered where the children can have their fun, getting all the benefits of the club and parents can move freely.



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