Best ladies Gym in Islamabad

10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

Love yourself! You aren’t late; this time is good time to be fit. Constructive exercises aren’t just for losing weight, they keep you fit & healthy from the inside out. You have to do it yourself nobody can do it for you.

This essay is apiece about the 10 best ladies gyms in Islamabad so that you can pick up your considerations and targets and opt from the list below.

We’re sharing complete information of gym location, timing and contact information.

So, without wasting a single moment, join any fitness center from the list below and shape our body as desired.

List of  best Ladies gym in Islamabad:

  1. Shape-Up Fitness Gym
  2. Omnifarious Fitness and Nutrition
  3. Metafitnosis
  4. 313 Fitness Gym
  5. Fitness Lounge
  6. Body WorX Fitness Studios & Gym
  7. OY Fitness Gym
  8. Fitnastic Club
  9. Xtreme Fitness Gym
  10. Red Iron Gym

1.Shape-Up Fitness Gym

10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

Shape-Up Fitness Gym in Islamabad is delivering professional fitness facilities only for ladies.

Shape your bodies under the guidance of authentic professional coaches. Apart from varied services, they also arrange boot camps for ladies with proper training plans and diet suggested by a certifiable nutritionist. It’s a great occasion for ladies to work on their healthier being.

The timings for this fitness center are from 10:30 am to 8 pm.

Contact Info 03057136677

Location I-8/4, Islamabad.

2.Omnifarious Fitness and Nutrition

10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

This fitness center is well- known in Islamabad. They’re certified by top- notch associations.

The skilled and devoted coaches of the gym make customized plans for all.

However, do consider Omnifarious fitness and Nutrition, If you’re someone who wants to get trained by the best coaches in Pakistan.

Their packages plan include:

  • Studio Training Packages
  • Home Training Packages
  • Online Nutrition Packages
  • Extended Training Packages

The timings are from 8 am to 8 pm.

Contact Info 03336999800

Location F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.


10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

Metafitnosis is a particular training complex in Islamabad where each customer works with a trainer.

Programs are designed following a 7- step full- body assessment to determine the customer’s fitness status and quality of movement.

This information is used to design a fully customized program.

Their training includes a combination of cardio and resistance training in a 30-minute drill.

The timings for this fitness center are from 5:30 am to 9 pm.

Contact Info 03008555628

Location F-6 Markaz, Islamabad.

4.313 Fitness Gym

313 Fitness Gym provides the relaxed atmosphere for a training under the guidance of professional coaches.

This fitness center has all kinds of original supplements. They’ve a yearly figure of 3000 and the package includes cardio and aerobic classes as well.

The professional coaches claim to make a difference through personalized or small group training.

Partner training sessions are also available in the same format as individual training programs and each participator’s targets are addressed consequently.

The timings for this fitness center are from 5:30 am to 12 am.

They’ve separate timings for ladies.

Contact Info 03363730003

Location Jhangi Sydian, Islamabad.

5.Fitness Lounge

10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

This gym is well talked about. Fitness Lounge offers a perfect multi-discipline, cross-training approach to fitness and well- being.

This physical fitness center is a great chance for gym suckers to use fitness in all regards.

They give cross fit, weight loss, weight gain, athletics, and sports fitness facilities through professional coaches.

The timings are from 12 pm to 12 pm. This fitness center is open from Monday to Saturday.

Both male and female can join this gym. For ladies, there’s a special section and the timings are from 6 am till 12 am.

Contact Info 03315417985

Location Blue Area, Islamabad.

6.Body WorX Fitness Studios & Gym

Body WorX Fitness Studios & Gym offers Boot camp, Zumba, Cross fit, Boxing, MMA, and particular training in a clean atmosphere.

The crew includes certified male and female coaches.

They’ve spa facilities including cardio, weights, and boxing area.

Gym people like this place for a great drill atmosphere and helpful coaches.

The timings are from 10 am to 10 pm.

Ladies time slot are  from 10 am to 1 pm. They’re open from Monday to Saturday.

Contact Info 03325553315

Location F-10/3, Islamabad.

7.OY Fitness Gym

10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

OY Fitness is a fairly beginner in the market and has made its rank pretty well among gym suckers.

The interior, equipment, and cleanliness are well- maintained.

This gym is open for both males and ladies.

The services offered are particular training through ultramodern accoutrements and the accessibility of a coach.

Along with that, there are aerobics, cross fit, steam, and billiards & ball pool.

The timings for this fitness center are from 6 am to 11 pm. Gym is open from Monday to Saturday.

Contact Info 03365380251

Location DHA Phase 2, Islamabad.

8.Fitnastic Club

Fitnastic Club is a trusted fitness club that guarantees results and gets the beat racing.

The services offered are yoga, particular training, and nutrient plans along with gym equipment.

They’ve professional male and female coaches to help you out in every way possible.

The coaches plan out a healthy exercise routine for every individual for better and trusted results.

This fitness center is open 24 hours. Time-bound individualities can use this facility whenever they’re free.

Contact Info (051)8312055

Location F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

9.Xtreme Fitness Gym

10 Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad
Best Ladies Gym In Islamabad

Get healthier, slender, and stronger by joining Xtreme Fitness Gym.

They offer special fitness packages:

weight loss sessions, yoga & aerobic classes and diet plans.

Xtreme Fitness Gym offers HIIT, HIRT, Cross Fit Workout, Body Building, Strength Training, Weight & Fat loss, Group classes of Yoga & Aerobics with a customized diet plans to achieve fitness aims briskly.

The fitness center is always open.

Contact Info 03129108545

Location PWD, Islamabad.

10.Red Iron Gym

Red Iron Gym is a Physical Fitness Center in Islamabad and a perfect place to work out. It offers a variety of working out stuff along with yoga and aerobic.

The health club has advanced equipment for cardio and strength along with professional coaches who help with all kinds of exercises.

Along with that, they also have a nutritionist for guidance regarding the salutary plans for weight loss.

Individual coaching is also an add-on for better results.

The timings  are from 7 am to 10 pm.

They’ve different timings for ladies.

Contact Info 03215180616

Location G-10/4, Islamabad.

Now that you’ve made a choice of the perfect gym from the foregoing list, the next step is to buy some comfy gym wear for a fresh beginning to your fitness goal. What works for one person might actually take another person away from his or her target. Figure out your plans and get exercising.

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