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Introduction to Toba Tek Singh City (T T Singh).

Toba Tek Singh is a famous city and district headquarters of Punjab, Pakistan.

Toba Tek Singh is a district under the Faisalabad division. It covers famous cities like Rajana, Kamalia, Pir Mahal, Shorkot, and Chichawatni. According to the 2017 census, the population of the city was 87,210.

Before the partition of India, Toba Tek Singh had a large population of Sikhs, most of whom had migrated to the Indian Punjab after the partition in 1947.

The Etymology of Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh is situated in the Sandal Bar area between Faisalabad and Jhang where a natural well or pond is called a “Toba” in Punjabi which collects rainwater.

This is about the time when there was no canal system here. Tek Singh, a Sikh philanthropist used to collect this accumulated water in earthen pots in this desolate area.

He used to give water to the travelers passing through this place in the spirit of service to the people. Due to his social service, this area was called Toba Tek Singh.

Toba Tek Singh was formally settled by the British in the late 19th century when the canal system was developed here.

People from all over Punjab (United India) moved there because they were allotted farmlands.

Most of the emigrants were from Lahore, Jalandhar, and Hoshiarpur districts.

In Pakistan in the ’70s, when the names of many Pakistani cities (which were given by the British rulers) were changed to their original or ancestral names or more acceptable names by the local population.

For example, Montgomery changed its real name to Sahiwal.

In Pakistan in the ’70s, there was a farmers’ conference in T T Singh, which was basically a peasant resistance movement, which led to its name Leningrad.

A segment of the local minority tried to rename it Dar es Salaam, but Toba Tek Singh was able to retain its original name mainly because of Tek Singh’s reputation, and it is still known by that name.

T T Singh was a subdivision of Faisalabad in 1982, it was separated from the Faisalabad district and now it has become a separate district.

Depiction in Literature:

Saadat Hassan Manto, an Urdu novelist, wrote a short story entitled “Toba Tek Singh” which is a satire on the partition of India.

In this story, a refugee wonders if his hometown is now in India or Pakistan.

This story has been adapted into a short film called “Toba Tek Singh”.

Location of Toba Tek Singh Tehsil

Toba Tek Singh is located in Central Punjab at 30 ° 58′16 ″ N 72 ° 28′57 ″ E and covers an area of ​​3,252 sq km.

It covers a large area of ​​low-lying areas, often flooded during the rainy season. The floods begin on the Ravi River, which joins its southern and southeastern borders.

The economy in T T Singh

It is one of the best production areas of oranges which is locally called Kinno. The production here plays an important role in the production of Sangtra export quality throughout Pakistan.

Most of the people living in this district are engaged in agriculture and in this region there are various agricultural and Dairy products are made.

Toba Tek Sung’s famous educational institution

  • Military Foundation School
  • Divisional Public School and College
  • Allied School
  • The Smart School
  • Government Islamia High School
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary High School

The main city has hundreds of registered schools, including government schools, semi-government schools, charity schools, and private schools.

These schools provide education to thousands of students in the district. You can search the list of 1203 schools in the district which contains their full details.

Language in T T Singh

In this area (T T Singh), Punjabi is generally spoken as the mother tongue, while Urdu, the national language, is also widely spoken.

Popular sports

Toba Tek Singh Sports Gymnasium

Kabaddi, football, volleyball, and cricket are popular sports.

Religions in T T Singh

The majority of the population belongs to the religion of Islam, while there is also a minority population belonging to the religion of Christianity.

Dress in T T Singh

Shirts, shalwars and slippers, and shoes are common clothes, women wear chadors and abayas while men wear traditional handkerchiefs on their shoulders.

The mood of the people of T T Singh

There are agricultural lands around the area in which the people work diligently and hard to work and grow crops.

As a result of health and tolerance, politeness and humor are common among the locals.

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