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Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad: The Perfect Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Islamic Architecture.

Faisal Mosque, one of the most famous and generally huge vacation spots in Pakistan, is going to go through a thorough redesign. It is a gem of Islamabad as Badshahi Mosque is the gem of Lahore.

As per the reports distributed by driving media sources, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has declared a spending plan of PKR 200 million to fix and remodel the superb mosque in Islamabad totally.

It is vital to take note that the engineering milestone has not been remodeled over the most recent forty years. Therefore, its immense stopping region and public latrines are in a once-over condition.

Moreover, the CDA will allegedly layout a different directorate to regulate support, electrical, cultivation, and common works.

When considered the greatest mosque on the planet, the dazzling Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is an amazing sight.

The brilliant tent-molded milestone arranged against the background of the lavish green Margalla Hills is one of the main vacation spots in Pakistan, drawing a huge number of guests from all regions of the planet.

The postcard-commendable scene of the mosque alongside its spectacular plan and rich inside completion has made it one of the most visited landmarks in the whole country.

Inferable from its precise fundamental design, tall minarets, very much manicured yards, and pools with wellsprings, Faisal Mosque is the ideal mix of customary and contemporary Islamic engineering.

In fact, this mosque was a gift from the late King Faisal canister Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia.

The mosque was named after him to respect his obligation to the development of this amazing show-stopper in the government capital. Additionally, the Faisal Mosque was planned by a Turkish planner.

Assuming you have visited the capital city previously, you have in all likelihood seen this stunning milestone face to face.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you haven’t gotten an opportunity to visit this verifiable mosque yet, make a point to add this to the agenda during your next excursion to Islamabad.

Here are a few realities about the set of experiences, design, and area of the delightful Faisal Mosque in Islamabad to assist you with learning somewhat more about it.

The History of Shah Faisal Mosque

The historical backdrop of this notorious structure traces all the way back to 1966 when the late King Faisal made a noteworthy visit to Pakistan and showed interest in building a mosque in the green city of Islamabad.

Almost three years after the fact in 1969, a worldwide contest was held to pick the plan for the mosque. Draftsmen from around 17 nations offered 43 remarkable recommendations for the development of what might later turn into the public mosque of Pakistan.

Eventually, Turkish planner Vedat Dalokay won the opposition, and his flighty yet great plan for the mosque was endorsed.

The public authority of Pakistan then, at that point, appointed around 46 sections of land close to the foundation of Margalla Hills National Park for the undertaking.

The development of the mosque was relegated to the National Construction Limited of Pakistan under the management of Azim Khan. The all-out cost of the development was over SAR 13 crore, which was paid by the public authority of Saudi Arabia.

Nonetheless, in an appalling development, the Saudi debut was killed in March 1975 in Riyadh. After his passing, the public authority of Pakistan chose to name the mosque and the street prompting the site after the late King Faisal.

In October 1976, his replacement King Khalid container Abdul-Aziz Al Saud established the underpinning of the mosque.

After two years in 1978, a development understanding was additionally endorsed between the two nations.

The development of the Faisal Mosque was at last finished in 1986. However, the main petition assembly anywhere nearby was hung on June 18, 1988. From that point forward, the mosque has been available to people in general.

The Architecture of the Faisal Masjid

The uncommon engineering of the Faisal Mosque separates it from pretty much every other mosque on the planet. The one-of-a-kind three-sided plan of the memorable milestone was roused by the Bedouin tents raised in the deserts. However, the most critical element of the mosque is the shortfall of a customary arch.

Rather than the ordinary plan of a round arch encompassed by minarets, Faisal Mosque flaunts a tent-like design with sharp points involving eight sides of a substantial shell. The matching minarets encompassing the primary construction are each around 259 ft tall with a circuit of 10×10 meters. The whole Faisal Mosque is covered with white marble.

The region encompassing the primary design is nothing not exactly exceptional. The grounds of the Faisal Mosque involve all around kept up with lavish green yards, porticoes, and wellsprings. There is a roundabout lake at the entry of the mosque that prompts a bigger lake and the flight of stairs for the primary petition corridor.

The all-out region size of the Faisal Mosque is around 10 Kanal and its inside is similarly marvelous.

The magnificent roof of the primary supplication lobby is around 40 meters high and is enhanced with an amazing Turkish ceiling fixture encompassed by more modest ones. Moreover, the dividers highlight the staggering calligraphic work of eminent Pakistani craftsman Sadequain. There is likewise an exceptional figure of the Holy Quran set in the fundamental lobby.

The mosque can oblige around 3 lakh individuals all at once. That makes it the greatest mosque in Pakistan as of this moment.

Faisal Mosque in Islamabad additionally has a different supplication corridor for ladies alongside an enormous bathing region, historical center, auditorium, library, bistro, and a little gift shop arranged close to the entry. Quaid-e-Azam Auditorium is additionally situated on the grounds of Faisal Mosque.

In 1988, following the demise of the previous President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, a catacomb committed to him was developed neighboring the mosque. His burial service petitions, thought about the biggest memorial service assembly throughout the entire existence of Pakistan, were additionally held at Faisal Mosque.

It is critical to specify that the engineer of Faisal Mosque, Vedat Dalokay, got the regarded Aga Khan Award for Architecture for his remarkable plan of the mosque, which has become perhaps the best illustration of contemporary Islamic design in the whole world.

Area of Faisal Mosque

The dazzling Faisal Mosque is situated at Shah Faisal Avenue in Sector E-8 of Islamabad.

One of the most fascinating realities about the Faisal Mosque is that it was decisively built on a raised land parcel in the lower regions of Margalla Hills. Along these lines, it tends to be effectively seen from a few distinct spots in the city, like Daman-e-Koh – one of the most renowned excursion spots in Islamabad. In any case, the most ideal way to see Faisal Mosque is unquestionably by visiting it.

Visiting Faisal Mosque in Pakistan

You don’t have to pay an expense to visit this great milestone

There is no ticket or extra charge for Faisal Mosque. Be that as it may, since it’s a strict structure, guests should comply with specific rules prior to entering the mosque.

  • Probably the main standards for those meeting Faisal Mosque include:
  • Everybody should eliminate their footwear prior to entering the mosque
  • The guests should be dressed unassumingly
  • Ladies should take care of their heads
  • It is completely precluded to Eat inside the principal corridor
  • One should forgo making any clearly clamors
  • Photography in the fundamental corridor isn’t permitted
  • Non-Muslim sightseers and guests are not permitted to enter the primary supplication lobby

Places Bear Faisal Masjid

Here is a portion of the unmistakable vacation spots, shopping regions, and inns close to Faisal Mosque.

  1. Margalla Greens Golf Club: 3.3 kilometer
  2. Jinnah Super Market: 3.3 kilometer
  3. The Centaurus Mall: 3.5 kilometer
  4. Japanese Children Park: 3.8 kilometer
  5. Islamabad Zoo: 3.9 kilometer
  6. Fatima Jinnah Park: 6.8 kilometer
  7. Islamabad Marriott Hotel: 7.3 kilometer
  8. Daman-e-Koh: 7.6 kilometer
  9. Pakistan Monument: 8.2 kilometer

All in all, will you be visiting Shah Faisal Mosque the following time you go to Islamabad?

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