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Is Pakistan Safe For Women Travelers?

Pakistan Safe For Women Travelers: A moment’s the day, a moment’s the day, yes, it’s the day to answer the big question everyone on and offline has been asking me for so long Is Pakistan safe for women trippers?

Pakistan is, undoubtedly, a beautiful country full of stunning natural beauty and rich history. It’s home to some of Asia’s most fascinating ancient societies and the world’s most sociable people, making it an inconceivable trip destination. Still, as a woman, there’s no way to get around the big giant in the room when casting trip plans to Pakistan Is Pakistan safe for women trippers?

The hesitance female travelers may feel about traveling to Pakistan come out of nowhere on top of having a veritably conservative culture that draws strong distinctions between what men can do and what women can do ( allude not a lot for the ultimate), Pakistan has been agonized by insecurity up until lately. Compared to other destinations around the world, fairly many people tend to visit Pakistan, utmost of who are men.

Thus, there isn’t each too important information out there about what it’s like to travel to Pakistan singly as a woman and whether Pakistan is safe for women trippers. And that’s where some first-hand information is demanded.

While the main purpose of this post is to objectively answer the question Pakistan is safe for woman trippers? there are also so numerous feelings and numerous stories that will be let out in this post.

So snare your popcorn and a glass of milk, because some of these stories are going to be Racy!

Decades of negative media depiction have created the image of Pakistan as a dangerous destination for excursionists. It’s no taradiddle that the country has gone through some bad times and up until many times back, traveling to Pakistan wasn’t as judicious. But what about now? Is Pakistan safe for excursionists? Let’s take a look

Law and Order Issue:

Pakistan Safe For Women Travelers


The absolute agony of every rubberneck. Fortunately, the threat has dropped significantly after some major drawing up over the once couple of times and in the utmost corridor of the country, the threat of anything of this kind passing to excursionists is extremely low.

Indeed former problem zones similar to the Swat Valley are now veritably safe to visit and have converted into popular sightseer destinations. The only regions where there’s still some implicit insecurity, similar as Baluchistan and the area around the LOC in Kashmir, are veritably defined and foreigners aren’t allowed to visit without special authorization.

Small Crimes:

It’s inarguable that poverty is a problem in Pakistan and wherever there’s poverty, there’s a crime. That being said, petty crime similar to pickpocketing does live in Pakistan, still, you can say it to be lower of a problem than in numerous other countries you have visited. Just take regular preventives similar to keeping your things near to your body in crowded places and not exorbitantly flashing wealth and you’ll be fine!

Original laws

Well, they’ve to be admired! But no worries, there’s nothing too crazy to be apprehensive of and no, you won’t get sharpened to death for anything. Just be a responsible rubberneck and don’t engage in conditioning that you know is illegal.

So, in short, the answer is YES, Pakistan is safe for TRAVELERS.

Is Pakistan Safe For Women Trippers?


Trying to be more various than this gharry. Ok, so the main concern may be out of the way, but what about womanish safety? Is Pakistan safe for women trippers?

This question is more complex than the previous one, but in general, Pakistan is safe for women trippers, especially when traveling with a group, stint companion, original friend, hubby, or any other manly companion. The rule of thumb is, that as long as you have a manly “ guardian” with you, you don’t have to sweat anything. Everyone will treat you with respect and nothing will dare to come too close to you.

Of course, there’ll still be some restrictions. Depending on your companions, they might not want to take you to certain places that are labeled “ manly-only places” or let you share in “ manly-only conditioning”. Similar places may include anything from scapegoat requests to barbershops. The reason behind this has further to do with social morals than safety enterprises if you aren’t alone.

And of course, dressing and carrying modestly is a must at each time. So, is Pakistan safe for women trippers? Yes, but there are effects to keep in mind.

Not sure what clothes to bring to Pakistan? Find out in this complete Pakistan quilting list!

Is Pakistan Safe For Solo Female Trippers?

The number one rule for solo female travelers anywhere in the world pays attention to your surroundings. Now, this is where it gets tricky. Is Pakistan safe for solo womanish trippers?

To say right off the club, a solo womanish trip in Pakistan isn’t unsolvable, unlike what utmost locals will want to make you believe. Still, it’s anything but easy and they’re a lot of effects women must keep in mind before venturing off onto a solo trip to Pakistan.

Although still rare, the single-womanish trip is getting decreasingly popular among upper-middle-class women in Pakistan. These women are breaking deeply anchored social morals and hourly like to partake in their happy adventures on social media. Still, there’s one difference between us and them they’re locals.

They’ve spent their entire lives in the country and know the original culture veritably well. They know how most men suppose, what’s considered applicable or not, and what situations to avoid at all costs. And this is a commodity that no book can educate you about. You must have spent some significant time in the country with locals in order to really understand the culture well enough to reduce negative gests to the minimum.

The Challenges and Issues Solo Female Travel In Pakistan

But what exactly are those negative gests we will talk about? They include substantially sexual importunity. Unfortunately, sexual importunity is nearly necessary when traveling alone in Pakistan as a woman. Mild forms include road importunity, similar as cat-calling, men casually “ hitting” you or searching your propinquity in crowded places, or the ignominious selfies where men hourly touch you way more than they should.

Further worrisome forms of importunity may include men following you down the road or uncomfortable gests when spending time alone with men. Unfortunately, numerous men see women simply being alone as an open assignment to do whatever they want.

Another challenge that single womanish trippers face in Pakistan is the lack of tourism structure. Whether it’s getting around outside of the big metropolises or dealing with the bureaucracy, there are numerous things that are delicate to figure out without original support.

Thus, the stylish advice that can be given to women who wish to travel alone to Pakistan is to make original musketeers beforehand who can host you and show you around or hire an estimable stint companion ( more on that latterly). This will make your experience 100 x easier, safer, and further fun!

Tips for Solo Female Trippers In Pakistan:

Travel Tips During Covid

Tips and connections are inestimable for trippers but in many situations are they as important as for solo female trippers in Pakistan. Then are some tips and coffers that all single-womanish trippers should know before coming to Pakistan.


1: Dress and act modestly – Chances are you’ll formerly attract enough attention by roving around alone, so you really wouldn’t want any further of it. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, be it western clothes or traditional wear, but make sure your apparel covers your legs, casket, and shoulders, perk points if it’s loose-befitting. Covering your hair is voluntary but you should do it. Avoid talking too loudly and dancing in public, indeed if players invite you to dance.

2: Avoid crowded places – Women are more likely to get wearied in crowded places. Unfortunately, crowded requests and events are generally the most intriguing places to visit. So rather than skipping those gests, therefore, try visiting together with a trusted local friend.

3: Don’t be too friendly – To men. Women and families are generally no concern but men tend to interpret indeed the lowest gestures similar to smiles as assignations to do anything. Be polite and regardful but keep your relations brief and don’t accept assignations from single men.

If you like the term, “Say ‘No’ to selfies”, then again, this applies only to men. Utmost men get way too close and will attract bone joe after another.

4: Join girl’s passages – One of the stylish ways to travel to Pakistan as a woman is accompanied by other women. Not only will educated and knowledgeable group leaders keep you safe from all troubles, but girls’ passages are also an inconceivable occasion to witness another side of Pakistan and have a ton of fun. Plus, you’ll make amazing new musketeers!

5: Couchsurfing – Is the number one platform for any independent rubberneck in Pakistan. The Pakistani community is amazing and full of helpful and open-inclined people from all corridors of the country. Check out the Womanish Pakistan Trippers and Girls Trippin’ groups to seek Pakistan trip advice from women for women and find womanish trip musketeers.

For general solo womanish trip tips, join the Solo Female Travelers group, and the Any Passport Stamp group for visa and immigration questions.

6: Womanish-possessed stint companies – Similar to She Peregrination Pakistan. These companies constantly organize each-womanish tenures across Pakistan and know how to fulfill the requirements of women. Plus, you’re supporting women entrepreneurs!

The Culture Shock

The most shocking difference might be the stark discrepancy that the society sounded to draw between men and women.

While the sprawling high-end caffs and shopping promenades of the fat civic neighborhoods are visited by women – that’s with their families, in groups, or alone – alongside men, this wasn’t always the case in another corridor of the country. In numerous places, you would only see men with many families sprinkled in between, but noway groups of women or women alone.

This is a real culture shock for many foreigners because they had no way heard about similar restrictions in their home country. But in the end, it may prove just like any other artistic difference for you that wouldn’t affect your life.

The Honor

Sozo Water Park Lahore

Passing these restrictions as someone who noway did ahead is a strange feeling that you can presumably compare to a poke in the face further than anything differently.

Still, one question that may keep chivying you during your time in Pakistan would be “ How come these foreign women on Instagram can do all these cool and delightful things If you are stuck at home and told women could not do that?’”

The answer is, that they’re ‘just’ traveling. Numerous stint companies, attendants, and settee browsers currently try to produce the most memorable guests for foreign trippers who spend only a couple of weeks in the country, including women trippers.

It’s their job to enrich excursionists with fun guests and at the same time, they’re apprehensive that the same social rules won’t apply to short-term callers. Everybody knows that these nonnatives are only there for a short time and might do many‘ crazy’ things then and there, but in the end, nothing really cares.

The story is a fully different one if you live with a local family. The family is judged for what they do in private and whoever stays in their home. The family will live according to their own customs and values and some will be less open-inclined than others. And of course, there’s a huge difference between a casual friend who might visit every now and also and their son’s possible marriage prospect.

You’ll be guaranteed to have an awful time and won’t have to worry about too important. Still, if you get invited to a local family, it’s pivotal that above everything, you admire their customs, whatever they may be.


Pakistan is a beautiful and unique country that everyone who wishes to should have the chance to visit, and that includes women trippers. Overall, Pakistan is safe for women trippers, especially when accompanied by trusted men, still, special caution is needed for women who wish to visit solo.

There are numerous things to keep in mind and women should also be mentally set for the gender peak they will witness in Pakistan. But if you’ve read through this entire post and suppose you’re ready for it, also it’s time to pack your bags because awful adventures are awaiting you in Pakistan!

Have you traveled to Pakistan as a woman? How did you feel? Let us know in the comments below!

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