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Places to Visit in Naran Valley Pakistan: The Ultimate Guide to Naran, Pakistan

Best Places to Visit in Naran Pakistan: With its green meadows and demitasse-clear mountain lakes, the Naran Valley is fluently one of Pakistan’s most popular sightseer destinations and on the pail lists of numerous trippers to the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fiefdom.

There are also things you can wish you have known before going to make your trip a bit more comfortable. The only doable time to visit Naran is from May until October since heavy snowfall generally causes road closures during other months.

It’s important to check previous to your trip whether the roads are open in the area. Visit in late spring to see snow and fresh-looking geographies or in summer to take a break from the heat that’s searing another corridor of Pakistan. Still, keep in mind that July and August have the heaviest downfall and landslides are likely to be. This leaves May and June as the stylish months to visit.

Also, keep original leaves in mind. Avoid traveling to Naran over Independence Day if you don’t like huge crowds and do a thorough exploration before traveling over any religious leaves.

How to Get to Naran

The stylish way to get to Naran for independent trippers is to hire a private motorist in another megacity. You’ll find a plenitude of them in Islamabad near machine outstations or any major magnet.

It’s important to find someone who’s endured the dangerous roads in the Karakoram Mountains and Noway essay to drive yourself (unless you’re some kind of preternatural who has driven on dangerous mountain passes plenitude of times ahead). Also make sure to negotiate the price well, especially if you’re an outsider since nonnatives get overcharged.

Still, it might be a better idea to join a systematized group stint with Naran, If you’re not the type of person who could deal for hours. Original trip agencies offer a plenitude of them for competitive prices and they’re easy to find. The only debit of group tenures is that you’ll have lower freedom to explore the area according to your own solicitations and requirements.

There are also regular machine connections from major metropolises in Pakistan for great prices but it is not recommended because you won’t have any freedom to stop by scenic spots on the way and once you’re in Naran, you’ll have to look for new lifts to get around.

Route to Naran

Still, which is the perfect starting point for excursions to Pakistan’s northern areas, there are two major routes to get to Naran, If you begin your trip in Islamabad. One is quick and easy via the Hazara Motorway, a smooth and ultramodern risk road constructed with Chinese help. The other much more scenic route goes via Azad Jammu and Kashmir and can help you save the freights of the motorway. Still, the drive takes significantly longer and nonnatives will need to gain a special permit to travel through Azad Jammu and Kashmir (although nothing really checks).

Where to Stay In Naran

Once you get to Naran, you’ll find a plenitude of accommodation options, from cheap guesthouses to advanced-end hospices. You can decide on the cheapest apartments you could find, which generally bring you between 10 and 20 USD per night.

It’s also useful to note that in Pakistan, numerous people are as robotic as you are and tend to fix their lodgment on the spot. Still, during extremely busy times like Independence Day, chancing a place to stay can get relatively delicate. For those occasions, it’s better to bespeak online in advance.

Hotels in Naran

Places to Visit in Naran
Places to Visit in Naran

Naran is a popular sightseer destination that receives busloads of callers every day during high season but doesn’t let yourself be wisecracked the connectivity is still an agony! As for WiFi, many places in Naran offered it, not indeed our hostel. So if the connection to the outside world is important to you during your time in Naran, it is strongly recommended to ask hotels in advance whether they offer WiFi or not.

How Long Should You Stay in Naran?

If you ask about the experience, three days are sufficient to visit the major lodestones in and around Naran but of course, you can stay longer to explore further of the area’s natural gems in a relaxed way. After visiting Naran, you can also continue your trip to other beautiful spots in Pakistan’s northern areas like Gilgit-Baltistan to the north or the Swat Valley to the east.

Power Outlets:

While numerous outlets across Pakistan are suitable for all US, European, or Commonwealth-type entrapments, you’ll most likely find only one type of outlet in Naran.

And indeed that might be so bad that you can slightly change your bias without the entrapments falling out. Also, don’t anticipate finding further than one outlet per room. And that outlet may be either located grandly on a wall without a table to put your device on or in the shower.

To minimize the trouble when charging your mobile, bring a universal appendage and an extension cord. Below are some recommendations that are universal, meaning they work with any type of draw

Top 10 Things to Do around Naran:

Utmost of the conditioning you’ll see on this list is outside of the city but hey, that’s what your motorist is for! Then are some of the stylish conditioning that you mustn’t miss out on around Naran

To first-time trippers, I’d describe the vibe of Naran as that of any popular holiday spot on earth (minus the alcohol) a bustling small city full of high-spirited excursionists from all corridors of Pakistan. This implies that the thoroughfares are filled with remembrance shops, snack merchandisers, and exorbitantly social vacationers.

Start your stay with succulent dried fruits and chai, shop for some traditional-style dresses and handbags (pro tip if you have time, do that in Islamabad rather where prices will be more reasonable), and bank shisha with your new musketeers that you’ve presumably made by simply walking through the thoroughfares.

Take a Jeep Up To Saif-ul-Malook Lake:

The jeeps in Pakistan’s northwest have a relatively intriguing history. They were first used by the Soviet army during the war in Afghanistan in the 1960s but left before the Soviet forces had to retreat. This cornucopia of abandoned military jeeps attracted the attention of numerous Pakistanis who constantly crossed the border to smuggle the vehicles into the country.

The jeeps have been in the area since also and it’s illegal to bring them into other businesses, making them a specialty of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fiefdom.

Now you can presumably imagine that the lifts on military jeeps from the 1960s aren’t exactly smooth but bumpy as well! It might be termed one of the most dangerous roads in the world! Going to Saif-ul-Malook Lake is an adventure in itself!

Enjoy a Boat Lift Across Saif-ul-Malook Lake:

You’ll presumably feel like a milkshake after the bumpy jeep lift to Saif-ul-Malook Lake but once you arrive at this beautiful lake, you’ll be suitable to completely relax.

And what better way is there to decompress and respect the beauty of the lake than taking a boat lift? You’ll find a plenitude of enough rustic boats by the water that will take you across the lake for a small figure. An excellent occasion to take beautiful prints!

Lift a Steed to A Hidden Lake:

Another exertion you’ll hassle at Saif-ul-Malook lake is horseriding. There is a plenitude of grown-ups and children by the lake who offer lifts on some of the nicest nags you’ll ever encounter. The duration of the steed lifts varies and the freights are bitty.

Another thing that can make you veritably happy to see is the ethical treatment of the nags. Throughout our lifts, the coaches were extremely gentle with the creatures and let them take a rest to drink and graze whenever demanded. And when nothing was riding them, the nags were free to bat across the pasturage by themselves.

Marvel at the Majestic Lulusar Lake:

“Another lake?” you must be allowing to yourself. Lulusar Lake is fully different from Saif-ul-Malook Lake! While Saif-ul-Malook Jheel is girdled by serene green meadows full of gleeful nags and children, Lulusar Lake is veritably fluently accessible by auto.

It appears a bit rough along with the brownish hill edges that go steep into the bluish water. There are no boat rides or other‘ delightful conditioning’ around and the winds are much stronger due to the high altitude. Which luckily means that there’s significantly lower pollution!

Lulusar Jheel is the perfect place to respect the forces of nature and take stunning prints – with or without falcons!

Do you want to conquer the Altitudinous Mountain near Naran? Also, drive just a little bit north of Lulusar Lake to the majestic Babusar Top! At an elevation of over measures above ocean position, Babusar Top offers the most amazing view of the region you can get. The mountain pass connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fiefdom with Gilgit Baltistan and the standpoint itself is formerly part of GB ( sorry KPK for this bone!).

Without a mistrustfulness, there are numerous amazing print openings on Babusar Top but be prepared to deal with significantly colder and windier rainfall than what you’re used to. Luckily, there is a plenitude of merchandisers around dealing hot chai and pakora to warm you up and raw onions to beat the altitude sickness.

Get Soaked In Ice Water inside A Glacier:

Having traveled to Naran in mid-August, you will be veritably pleasantly surprised to still get plenitude of first-hand experience with ice thanks to the glaciers in the region. Well, you can take the term‘ affable’ back as soon as you enter a sopping glacier delve for one of those apparently good shots.

With so numerous gutters, lakes, and glaciers around, it’s no wonder that the Naran Valley is also home to numerous falls and brackish springs. And where does your precious bottled water come from again? Oh yeah, the mountain spring!

You presumably get what I’m saying. The water from the mountain springs in the Naran Valley is so pure that you can fluently drink it without any health enterprises. In fact, utmost people stop on the road to fill up their water bottles at the springs. For that specific reason, a lot of springs have special pipes installed to help trippers bottle their water without getting sopping wet.

Indulge In Delicious Local Specialties:

Pakistan’s cookery is as different as its terrain and accordingly, a lot of the food you’ll find in Naran will be different from what you might be used to in Lahore or Karachi. While traveling through the area, you can make sweats to try as numerous original dishes as possible.

One of the most famous specialties of the Naran Kaghan region is trout. You’ll find a plenitude of caffs by the road that serves fresh trout directly from the swash. Other Succulent effects to try to include the original variations of pakora and karahi as well as original honey and apples.

Support the Hardworking Local Children:

Incipiently, one of the most emotional compliances you’ll make in the townlets around Naran is the beautiful original children dealing anything from snacks to monuments on the road. It’s important to keep in mind that at a youthful age, these children are formerly extremely hardworking and spend all day casting and dealing with new things in order to support their families.

The prices these children charge are obviously veritably bitty and hardly match the quantum of trouble that goes into the goods.

For these reasons, it’s in no way a bad idea to stop by the road and buy from the children. Our support is indeed more important in light of the current epidemic since the lack of tourism has redounded in severe fiscal difficulty for original families.

The flower crown you can see me wearing in numerous of my prints was also drafted by an original boy who only charged 100 PKR for this piece of art. The crown lasted no longer than a day but the beautiful recollections of it’ll remain ever.

Health and Safety Enterprises:

Being located in the Karakoram Mountain Range and connected with other places by the world’s most dangerous roads, there are obviously some health and safety enterprises when traveling to Naran. Luckily, numerous uncomfortable gests can be avoided by following many simple safety tips.

Road Safety:

Places to Visit in Naran
Places to Visit in Naran

The roads around Naran are extremely dangerous and only endured motorists should sit behind the wheel. In addition, avoid driving at night and during bad rainfall. Landslides are your worst adversary.

You should also be veritably conservative when walking through the narrow thoroughfares in Naran. It frequently gets extremely crowded and super easy to get hit by an auto.

Gender Importunity

The same crowds that put you at threat of getting hit by an auto also put women at threat of gender importunity. Unfortunately, this problem is widespread throughout all of Pakistan and aggravated by crowded places similar to Naran during the high season. While unwanted gender advances are noway the victim’s fault, there are many ways to drop the threat of falling victim to gender opportunity. Here are some tips to avoid:

  • Avoid the worst crowds
  • Don’t go outdoors without one or further manly companions
  • Always walk in front of your companions but keep the distance small
  • Dress modestly at all times ( i.e. cover your arms, legs, casket, and shoulders)
  • Consider wearing a hijab if you have an‘ fantastic’ hair color to avoid gratuitous attention


Located at m above ocean position (with some places on this list at over to m above ocean position), it’s not uncommon for trippers to witness altitude sickness in Naran. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, and briefness of breath.

The stylish way to avoid altitude sickness is to lift sluggishly and visit the places with the loftiest altitude last while constantly staying doused. Still, if you do be to get sick, try eating raw onions (the original cure that you’ll find at all caffs) or pack some relief drops similar to the bones listed below


There’s no mistrustfulness that you’ll have to pack warm clothes in Spring and Fall but what about the summer months, when the day temperature range in the lower twenties? Sorry, you’ll still need a thick jacket or two to throw on whenever you climb to the advanced mound.

Rain is veritably common in Summer, so make sure to bring a marquee and/ or mac as well as durable shoes. And last but not least, the air in Naran is extremely dry, it nearly felt like in Las Vegas! Make sure to bring enough moisturizing products, this isn’t the right time to neglect your skincare routine.

You may keep some of the products for facial safety.

  • Facial mist is used whenever your face feels dry
  • Moisturizing cream use at least doubly daily after washing your face
  • Lip attar apply whenever your lips feel dry
  • Apply eye drops whenever your eye feels dry


On an analogous note, the roads in Naran can get relatively fine, which becomes especially apparent when riding jeeps. To avoid an analogous fate, keep your windows closed while driving and make sure to wear a high-quality mask to keep the dust from reaching your respiratory tract.

Food Safety

Food safety is a widespread concern across Pakistan and the reason behind my three sanitarium visits within a month. While it’s pivotal to follow the basics like avoiding valve water and raw foods, you should also remember to sanitize your hands and shells constantly, especially after using the restroom and before eating.


Mosquitos in Naran are further of a nuisance rather than a health threat but it’s good to be prepared and keep these nasty little effects out before your arms come all red and blown, especially at night. These are some of the stylish products to help you get relieved of mosquitos on the road.

Where to Go Next?

Thanks to its position along the Karakoram Highway, Naran is the perfect layover en route to other destinations in northern Pakistan similar as.

  1. Shogran & Siri Paye Meadows
  2. Fairy Meadows
  3. Hunza Valley and Khunjerab Pass
  4. Skardu

And if you have some further time left, you can also pay a visit to the stunning south and explore destinations similar to Karachi and the Makran Coast of Baluchistan!


The Naran Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fiefdom is really one of the most beautiful regions in all of Pakistan and attracts massive crowds of excursionists from each across the country. This makes it the perfect destination for a fun flight and meeting new people but there are of course also numerous quiet spots in nature that is absolutely worth seeing.

Naran is also an excellent destination for adventure campaigners where you can ride old military jeeps across the world’s most dangerous mountain passes and discover secret spots on the reverse of a steed.

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