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Sozo Water Park Lahore

Sozo Water Park Lahore is a colorful attraction for kids and also for adults. This water park in Lahore is organized for the entertainment of tourists from all over the world. The place has become a beautiful destination for tourism .where tourists are given the opportunity to make the most of their leisure time.

The tourism sector in Pakistan is also making rapid progress. More and more tourism facilities are being provided to the people.

With the involvement of the private sector in this important sector, new amusement parks are being set up. One of them is Sozo Water Park Lahore which is a unique amusement park by its very nature.

Having fun with Sozo water park is a favorite pastime of tourists including swimming, diving, boating, fishing, motor boating, water scooter riding, and other water sports.

Water sliding is also considered an interesting pastime in water sports and as such, it has a special place that can be entertained even by those who do not know how to swim.


Sozo Water Park Lahore
Sozo Water Park Lahore

Sozo Water Park is located near Jallo Park in the east of Lahore. Sozo Water Park is established on Canal Bank Road, near Jallo in Lahore.

It is near many famous localities in Lahore. This Water Park is only a 12-minutes drive away from the nearest housing societies.

Style and Theme:

This water park is in the style of “Siam Park” located in Thailand but the equipment installed in it was made in Pakistan and Pakistani engineers have completed it keeping in view the requirements here.

Of course, it will be of interest to readers that the name of this park, SoZo, is an acronym for the first two letters of the names of its Chairman Sohail Lashari and Managing Director Zoriz Lashari.

Many water parks have been built around the world to provide healthy recreation to tourists.


Sozo Water Park is the first project of its kind in Pakistan with six water slides.

These slides are 62 feet high and 225 feet long. In addition to the filter plant, a chlorine and lime water plant has been installed here to keep the water clean and transparent and in accordance with the principles of hygiene.

Arrangements have also been made to keep the water at the right temperature according to the season.

In addition to water slides, swimming pool, mini train, cradle, racing cars, joint wheels, rockets, ships, jumping cars, galleys, water boats, single engines, indoor games, badminton, and table tennis add to the fun.

Water slides

Sozo Water Park Lahore
Sozo Water Park Lahore

A water slide is a longitudinal structure made of iron with a layer of fiberglass to protect the body from friction.

The water flows on this slide. The youngsters go up the stairs on the slide and stand upside down on it, stand up and slide in various other ways. A relatively low slide is made for children to slip.

The experience of sliding on flowing water slides cannot be described in words. This unique experience can be gained by sliding oneself. This can be gauged by looking at the glowing faces of young people and children sliding there and listening to their voices coming out of joy.

There is a strong sense of the need for such amusement parks for the positive outpouring of energy of our youth.

Tickets Prices and Timings

Tickets prices for slides and timings to enjoy in the park are as given below.

DayTimingsTicket Price for AdultsTicket Price for Kids
Monday10 am – 6.30 pmPKR 400PKR 300
Tuesday10 am – 6.30 pmPKR 500PKR 400
Wednesday10 am – 6.30 pmPKR 600PKR 500
Thursday10 am – 6.30 pmPKR 650PKR 500
Friday10 am – 6.30 pmPKR 700PKR 600
Saturday10 am – 6.30 pmPKR 700PKR 600

Also remember, the prices of tickets are changed from time to time. For the exact ticket price for the day, you must visit the Ticket counter at Sozo Water Park.

Sozo Water Park’s future plans:

Former Chief Minister of Punjab and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former Managing Director of TDCP Salman Siddique played a role in the completion of this project and provided possible facilities at every stage.

Sozo and Park’s future plans include the construction of a conical-style view pool. Waves like the sea will be created in it. People will be very much amused by this new exciting entertainment. Apart from this, a shooting facility will also be provided here.

Swimming and water sliding competitions are also held at Sozo Water Park to popularize water recreation among the people.

Students come here in the form of groups. They are given a 50% discount. There are also individual booking arrangements for different groups.

Photos of Recreation in Water Park:

Sozo Water Park Lahore
Sozo Water Park Lahore

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