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Top 10 tax consultants in Islamabad

Top 10 tax consultants in Islamabad

Tax consultants help their clients save money by choosing wisely when it comes to tax-related matters. They essentially conduct a chat with the client to learn more about their financial situation. By utilizing tax credits and deductions, they develop tactics to help them lower their tax obligations. The best tax advisor is someone who enjoys problem-solving, working with people, and doing their job with integrity and accuracy.

.Top 10 tax consultants in Islamabad

Tax Consultants in Islamabad

List of the best Tax Consultants in Islamabad

1:Astro Associates Tax Consultants

Astro Associates provide many tax consultant services, including Consultants for Income Tax, Sales Tax (STRN), National Tax Number (NTN), Online Return Filling, Tax Refund, and Tax Return Filing in Islamabad.

  • Advancement And Research in agriculture

Astro is making a lot of effort to strengthen Pakistan’s economy, and providing farmers with new technology is one method to do it. This will support some agricultural needs and further the nation’s economic growth. The program aims to raise agricultural production and quality in order to enhance farm employment and output.

  • Economic Preparation

Astro, in collaboration with its tax experts, can provide tax-efficient planning guidance that takes advantage of offshore and global possibilities.

  • Services in business

The following are some of the outsourcing solutions that Astro can offer:

  1. Advice, support, and implementation of accounting systems
  2. Employment and HR guidance

2:ABH Tax Consultants

They provide straightforward and inexpensive online tax consultation services in Pakistan. It is Islamabad’s Top Rated Income Tax and Sales Tax Consultant. The ABH team has assisted clients in streamlining their operations so they can concentrate on what really counts.


  • FBR Sales Tax and Income Tax

To optimize your tax savings, we may assist you in filing sales and income tax returns.

  • SECP Registration of Companies

In order for you to begin as quickly as possible, ABH will make sure your new business ventures are registered as soon as possible.

  • Company audit

They provide services for an independent investigation, legal audits, income statement compilation, applying international accounting standards, and management and risk evaluation.

3:Startech Consultants

They have a long history of success and pleased customers. Services include

  • Registration NTN

These days, NTN is a need for all firms, and many individuals and organizations want the assistance of a tax expert to assist them with their tax-related needs.

  • Assessing taxes

When it comes to paying taxes in Pakistan, every business needs a tax assessment. Some businesses may get tax assessment notices when they make mistakes with their tax payments.

  • Business Services

provides corporate tax advisors in Pakistan. We also offer services for partnership registration, society registration, NGO registration, charity trust registration, record filing, share transfer, and company registration.

4:Adeel Khan and Co Consultants

give business guidance with actionable solutions within the bounds of the law and regulations. Additionally, we provide guidance in specialized fields including global corporate taxes, mergers, and acquisitions, transfer pricing, due diligence, etc.


Adeel Khan and Company Offers the Following Services:

  • Tax Advisor

They have a  financial specialist with comprehensive education and expertise in tax law and accounting.

  • Budgeting and Accountant
  • Registered Accountant


Office No.17, Executive Centre, 3rd Floor, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Contact number

+92 311-5004500

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5:Oaj e Kamal

An organisation for professionals called Oaj e Kamal has three streams:

Consulting, Coaching, and Certifications. Oaj e Kamal began operations as a standalone company in 2005 after beginning as the training branch of its parent company 12 AM(Ay Em) in 2003.


  • Counting costs and managing resources.
  • Inventory management, bookkeeping, and accounting.
  • Process Optimization
  • Enhancing productivity and performance.
  • lowering costs through lean.
  • Coaching and training in management.


Office 10-11. 3rd Floor, Select Centre. F-11 Markaz.



6:TAG Technologies

TAG Group consistently seeks expansion into new and difficult business markets in an effort to become a one-stop solution provider for multi-sector enterprises.TAG Group allows you to go through its websites and learn more about the services it offers to meet the demands of all of its clients. Their broad range of services is offered in a variety of industries, and they have a clear vision to continue dominating the industry and leaving a reliable legacy for all.

  • co

The most reputable services in the financial field, such as risk management services, financial advisory services, and management consulting, are offered by TAGM, which is renowned for managing your finances for the best possible results.

  • Consultants ICON

Managing your projects and day-to-day business operations can be time-consuming and frustrating, diverting attention away from prospects for business growth. ICON Consultant offers seamless HR services, including HR outsourcing.

  • Digital Vorson

TAG Group is proud of its role in popularising Vorson Digital as a video wall solution. The necessity for firms to promote their online presence is not going away any time soon. For this, Pakistan needs a reliable digital signage business.

7: Evolution Business Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd

Almost 6 years ago it began as a business consultancy firm providing knowledgeable counsel to startups and developing companies. They have a team of professional business consultants, accountants, lawyers, and IT analysts dedicated to serving the business community under one roof with expert advice and all the services that can help a business start and grow.


  • Non-Profit Organization

An association that is not for profit is established with no thought of making money but with the intention of serving the greater good.

  • Search by Business Name

The business name search service provided by Evolution Business Consultants (Pvt) Ltd enables you to choose a name for your company in accordance with the Company Act. In order to conduct their business and turn a profit, companies need a business name.

8:SS Law Consultants

The SS Law Associates company was founded in April 2015. In Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore, we offer legal, corporate, and tax consulting services as a team of qualified lawyers and consultants. We are an efficient one-stop shop that handles everything for you.

Services and products

  • Services for Legal, Tax, and Corporate Consultancy

Tax return preparation, adjudication, and appeals up to the High Court and Supreme Court levels are all services offered under one roof, Brief authority, appeals, and petitions.

  • Important customers

Our clientele is diverse and consists of businesses, partnerships, and individuals.

9: Pious Consultants

The general public has several confusion regarding tax filing and business registration. The Pious consultants want to simplify all of these procedures for our clients and support your professional and personal growth. We have a fantastic team of professionals working around the clock for your convenience.

Tax and Corporate Consultants offer accounting, reporting, taxation, and business license services.


  • Taxation

registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), including filing annual returns for income and sales taxes and registering the business.

  • Registration of Trademarks

Registering your brand with the Pakistani Organization for Intellectual Property (IPO).

10: Peter and Co

The firm’s first aims were to provide audit and tax services to a small and varied clientele in the twin towns of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Peter and Co offer the practice of chartered accountants, we offer outsourcing, audited, financial, and management consulting.


  • Tax

Tax Refunds, Sales Tax Audits, Tax Due Diligence, and Transaction Structuring are all aspects of filing sales tax returns in federal and provincial authorities.

  • Assurance & Certification

Agreed-upon Processes for Legal Audits, Fraud Cases, and Conflict Services.

  • Business Consultation

They offer Risk-based inspection, risk-based corporate programs, audit findings, Project Risk Strategy, Risk Management, and Business Risk Assessment.

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