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Top 5 beauty salons in F-10 Islamabad

Top 5 beauty salons in F-10 Islamabad

In this article, you will get a complete list of the top 5 beauty salons in F-10 Islamabad. You can also read about  Top beauty salons in Islamabad

The term “beauty salon” or “beauty parlor” refers to a business that offers cosmetic services to women. Hair salons, spas, day spas, and medical spas are other varieties of this sort of enterprise.

List of Top 5 beauty salons in F-10

1. House of Salons


Hair Styling

House of Salons’ stylists are experts at crafting a style that not only distinguishes your personality but also gives a gorgeous look. When done well, haircuts highlight the best features of your look. Additionally, having amazing hair is a result of scheduling an appointment rather than luck.

Hair Coloring

The best approach to reclaiming your remarkable appearance is to color your hair. House of Salons provides high-quality hair coloring services, from streaks and block coloring to creative coloring.


House of salons is quite popular for its keratin hair treatment provided by hair stylists. Hair experts at HOS can transform extremely curly hair into silky hair. Besides keratin, we offer many other hair treatment therapies to give you silky, bouncy, and lustrous hair.


A facial may do wonders for your face in addition to merely pampering your skin. A quality facial will also improve blood flow, giving your skin a healthy sheen. You may get a professional facelift from House of Salons with ease.


Waxing services are offered by House of Salons beauty specialists in a way that no other salon in the area does. With the use of refined oils and resin extracts that will nourish the skin, our professionals take the utmost care to guarantee that each waxing procedure is comfortable for our clients.

Mani Pedi

The specialists at House of Salons are skilled in relaxing your complete body as well as merely soaking your feet and trimming your nails.

Bridal Packages

No other salon in the area offers waxing treatments like the beauty specialists at House of Salons do. Our experts use refined oils and resin extracts that will hydrate and nourish the skin of our clients to guarantee that they enjoy a comfortable waxing session.


One of the most well-known tattoo shops, House of Salons offers a wide variety of styles, from traditional to Asian to the current school, which is perhaps why we have drawn so many new customers. It’s one of the least expensive studios but also one of the most dependable.


To emphasize on natural features and infuse life to draw attention to your facial features, Makeup House of Salons enchants Bridal makeup services, making you seem stunning! House of Salons treats doing cosmetics for weddings as a pleasure rather than a chore.

Contact Numbers:

+92 300 1655518

+92 51 8899802



Suite No. 1 First Floor Souk – Al – Hashir Plaza, F-10 Markaz Islamabad, 40000

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday

09:00 am – 11:00 pm

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2. Jana Salon – Hair & Beauty


Haircuts, Keratin treatments, bridal makeup, and other services are offered in a cozy beauty salon in Islamabad’s F-10 Markaz. All employees are well-trained and strive to offer each client a warm but competent level of service. Visit Jana Salon- Hair & Beauty right now.

Services Available

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Nail Services
  • 3D Eyebrows
  • Hair Styling
  • Mehndi Artist
  • Dulhan Makeup
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday

11 am – 08 pm

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3. Mei Hao Beauty Salon


Mei Hao Chinese Beauty Parlor for ladies only is one of the popular places listed under Spas/for beauty/personal Care in Islamabad, Beauty salons in Islamabad. MeiHao Chinese Beauty Parlor is for ladies only.

Mei Hao Beauty Salon  F-10 Islamabad


F10/3, street 65, Muslim market, behind the mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Number


Services Available

  • Hair Keratin
  • Daytime Makeup & Hair
  • Simple Mehndi or Bridal Mehndi
  • Hair Cutting and styling
  • Nail Salon
  • Skin Care Service

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday

9:30 am – 08 pm     


4. Sadaf Glow Hair and Beauty Salon & Academy


Hair and makeup specialist satisfaction of customers and personal change experience spanning over 30 years.


Sadaf Glow Hair and Beauty Salon & Academy is a Hair Salon, located at Building #53, Sector-D, Near Askari Tower 1, DHA Phase 2, and Islamabad, Pakistan-44000.

Contact Numbers



Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday

9:00 am – 08:00 pm


5. Royli Salon


For more than 10 years, our flagship beauty salons in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan, have offered professional beauty, hair, nail, grooming, and aesthetic treatments. Royli Salon can assist you whether you’re looking for a new look for a particular event or you’re ready for a complete makeover.

Royli Salon f-10 Islamabad

Services Available:

Bridal Makeup: Royli always aims to provide each bride we work with the greatest possible bridal makeup experience. We’ll only be content if you’re satisfied, and we won’t accept anything less! Our finest makeup artists promise to keep working until you are completely happy with the final results because it’s your big day.


Party Makeup: Royli is for you and offers the greatest party makeup salon in Islamabad if you’re a lady who has ever desired she had a professional party makeup artist at her disposal.


Engagement Makeup: Our goal is to unite the whole Royli family into one huge, joyful family, where each client enters as a client and leaves as an essential member of the family.


Face Treatment: Royli offers the best facial in Islamabad that addresses a certain issue. includes washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and a brief face massage. Extractions are not required. To reveal new skin, dead and damaged surface layers are deeply exfoliated with all-natural enzyme peels (according to your skin’s needs). Royli offers face treatments that promote cell regeneration, youthful radiance, anti-aging, and anti-pigmentation.

Nail Styling:

Royli is renowned for its paraffin treatment, nail painting, style, and polishing because we pay close attention to your preferences.

3D Eyebrows:

With the use of the semi-permanent cosmetic technique known as 3D Eyebrows, you may get eyebrows that are both natural and fashionable. The application of individual synthetic brow hairs glued directly to the skin is the basic idea behind a 3D brow.

Hair Stylist:

Your hair can make or break your whole appearance. It may either give you a great look or wreck it. Everybody is unique, hence every person has a different hairdo. A woman’s attractiveness and confidence are enhanced by a well-cut haircut by a qualified hairstylist.


Rebounding is a chemical procedure that modifies your hair’s natural texture and produces a smooth, straight look. Another name for it is chemical straightening.

Mehndi Artist:

Royli is the premier mehndi salon in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is for every lady who has ever desired she had a skilled mehndi artist at her disposal.


Body piercing, ear piercing, belly button piercing, and other types of piercing are all provided by skilled piercers in Islamabad by Royli’s expert piercing team, who take a great deal of satisfaction in their work.

Tattoo parlor:

Our tattoo parlor specializes in a variety of tattoo designs, such as black and grey and Asian customs.

Skin Care:

Royli offers the best facial in Islamabad that addresses a certain issue. includes washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and a brief face massage. Extractions are not required.

Hair Extension:

According to Rauchet, there are four different types of hair extensions: tape-in, clip-in, bonded, and halo hair extensions. While they all aim to achieve the same thing—long, opulent hairstyles—they differ in terms of how they are applied, how they are made, and how long they last.


A cosmetic procedure for the hands and fingernails that involves trimming, polishing, and cuticle removal.


A pedicure is a quick procedure that involves soaking the feet, exfoliating them with a pumice stone or foot file, trimming and shaping the nails, massaging the feet and calves, applying moisturizer, and shining the nails.

Contact Numbers

Tel: 0304-1110111

051-8733555, 051-8744555


Plot#3, Street 11-A, Idrees Market, F-10/2, Islamabad.


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