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Dino Valley Islamabad 

Dino Park is a distinctive attraction with a revolutionary idea located on Zoo Road in Islamabad. The main objective of this park is to exhibit dinosaurs, one of the most significant and terrifying species in historical times. In 2013  the completion and opening of Dino Park were done. Over 24 different species of giant dinosaurs are on display at the dino park.

They simply glance at the original species because it is so beautifully created. You begin to believe that you are in the Jurassic Period as these dinosaurs surround you. The Dino Valley by Monal brings guests back in time to the time of the dinosaurs!

In the middle of the Hills’ breathtaking natural scenery, Dino Valley is a family-friendly area. Families should visit because kids can appreciate the living, animated dinosaurs there. At the entrance, they built a giant King Kong statue. Both the interior and exterior are emphasized, and there are numerous terrace seating areas.

Services Provided by Dino Valley

Dino Valley Islamabad 

  • Birthday arrangements 
  • Entertainment theme park
  • Extraordinary food 
  • School trips
  • 3D dinosaur valley tour
  • Secure Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • First aid instructor
  • Train or wagon 

Dino Valley Attractions

1. Rides for both adults and children

 The Dino Park, all of the rides (there were a total of 6), and the playground ( there were another 5 or 6).

  • Dinosaur ride

Our dinosaurs, gorillas, woolly mammoths, and pythons make Dino Valley special. You are invited to visit these giants at their residence in the hills, where you will have the opportunity to ride these creatures on unique mechanical rides. It is undoubtedly a singular sensation to be in a wild setting with the most realistic background music.

Tickets cost Rs. 100.

Minimum Age: 8 Years

  • Kiddy ride

It features a soft play area with playgrounds, rides like the Pirate Ship and powered cars, and many more that entertain the kids with enjoyable, age-appropriate activities.

Price of Wrist Band: 700

Minimum Age: 8 Years

  • Drop down tower

The drop-down tower ride travels at extremely fast speeds. It is a free-fall ride that takes passengers to the top of a building and then lowers them there safely. This 3-minute attraction, which offers visitors a spectacularly beautiful view of the hills, has grown to be a favorite with our older visitors. The ride can hold up to 16 passengers at once.

Limits on Age: 6+

Maximum height: 91 cm

Ticket cost: 300 rupees per person

  • Joint wheel

 You can see the stunning surroundings of the Valley because it goes both high and low.

Tickets cost 200 rupees.

Age restriction: 5 years 

  • Teacup ride


Dino Valley, Islamabad

Our vibrant Tea Cup ride is well-liked among families. The huge tea cups, which can serve three to four people in one cup, gently revolve around the teapot. Toddlers will have the best time on this ride.

Tickets cost 200 rupees.

Age Restrictions: no limit

  • Panorama 

The greatest thrill ride in Dino Valley is this one. It’s a timeless classic that any thrill seeker will love. It swings back and forth while moving slightly up and down and can hold up to 8 people.

Tickets cost 200 rupees.

Age restriction: 5 years and older

  • Talking tree 

Dino Valley’s Talking Tree has tales to tell you all.

  • Carousel

Without a carousel, no Disneyland in the world is complete. This ride is made for young children who enjoy movement as much as they do animals, music, and color. Small children can ride the carousel in safety and enjoy themselves because it is carefully controlled for speed.

Tickets cost 200 rupees.

Minimum age: 10 years old

2: Ultra Realistic Dinosaurs with Motion-Sensors

The recreated dinosaur is extremely lifelike in terms of appearance, form, movement, and other characteristics. The forelegs move, the eyes blink, the mouth opens and closes with sound, and the tail sways.

Sophisticated and realistic robotic dinosaurs can help people understand and experience the ancient dinosaur era. Animated dinosaurs can teach kids about dinosaurs direct.

The models are composed of a steel-frame skeleton that is foam-filled and kept together by a rubbery covering that resembles skin. Their internal motors can be designed to respond to motion sensors or be operated by human handlers.

 3. Play Area for Kids

Dino Valley Islamabad

One of the best parks with easily available tickets for the kids. The typical playground with slides, trampolines, ball pools, and so forth, is all included in the ticket. It also grants access to a small cafe run by Monal that serves light fare, shakes, and ice cream.

Restaurants in Dino Valley

  • Carnival Restaurant

Dino Valley’s Carnival Restaurant serves up delectable fare that consistently wows diners. provide a huge selection of à la carte, buffet, and BBQ food to satisfy your cravings. The brunch menu, which features a variety of authentic sweet and savory cuisines, is available on Sundays from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm.

  • A snack bar:

Dino Valley has a fast food vendor called Snack Shack. The menu offers our delectable specialty of fast food burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and much more to enrich the experience while providing high-quality cuisine in a practical and cheap method. Every day of the week from 12 pm to 11 pm, Snack Shack is open.

  • The Dino Café

If you’re in Pakistan and want to satisfy your craving in a restaurant with a dinosaur motif, go to Dino Café, which has a beautiful setting.

Dino Valley’s contact number

Dino Valley Islamabad
Dino Valley Islamabad

If you’d like to take advantage of the chance to visit this imaginative park, calling the Dino Valley Islamabad Contact Number will enable you to learn more about the schedule and ticket costs.

Contact Number: +92-0300-5221018

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