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7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers and Travelers.

Embrace the diverseness and liveliness of Pakistani culture. Here are 7 memorable artistic experiences for trippers to Pakistan, containing food, festivals, UNESCO World Heritage Spots, Pakistani traditions, and vastly additional.

Life-changing Experiences for Trippers Many venues are as culturally different and untouched as Pakistan. From the shaggy mountainscapes and lush green valleys in the north to the sweltering deserts and the turquoise tidal wave of the south, Pakistan’s different geographies have bestowed preference to a gargantuan diversity of indigenous cultures and traditions, from the occasion of the Indus Valley civilization until now.

The Pakistani people’s honor and perseverance to cleave to classical customs of residing over time have observed numerous of these cultures breathing.

This inconceivable uproariousness makes Pakistan one of the stylish destinations for culturally snoopy trippers who love profound literacy adventures over rashly checking spots off the list. It’s comprehensive for slow trippers who are interested in exploring conventional customs of life rather than hurrying through exorbitantly commercialized sightseer destinations.

You may experience your full cultural impact in Pakistan – but you won’t lament launching on this eye-opening journey. And with complete assurance, you’ll come back with highly additional than a handbag full of multicolored clothes and spices – you’ll come back with an entirely new worldview.

They are exactly a limited of the cultural experiences that will frame your stay in Pakistan as a life-changing trip.


7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers
7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Travelers

When stepping down the routes of any city in Pakistan, you’ll notice the adulthood of people wearing long Shalwar Kameez and females covered in multicolored dupattas. Unlike in the majority of places currently, people in Pakistan stay devoted to domestic customs by putting on originally traditional clothes in normal life.

The most befitting dress code for trippers is to adjust and put on original wearables as well.

It’s really simple to discover conventional or traditionally inspired clothes anywhere in the country. Head to a shopping boardwalk for high-grade fabrics with placed prices or to an original shop for further unique items at negotiable prices.

And if you need to take your style match to the next place, hold researching the conventional local dresses from across the country and beautify yourself with Sindhi Ajraks or Hunza caps.

Wearing local wearables won’t alone help you merge in during your travel to Pakistan, but it’ll also permit you to crystallize a profound affinity with locals who appreciate observing foreigners clasp their cultural clothes.


One of the unmissable cultural experiences that every tripper should enjoy when seeing Pakistan is busying oneself in a local bazaar. These active trades retail everything from alive creatures to electronics. They’re the inside of every Pakistani city and village and can exist plant on about every corner.

In stores, trippers learn to feel an exact angle of original life by shopping for colorful fabrics and jewelry, cross-section flavorful street food, or just expressing their way through the packed alleys loaded with the aroma of fizzling kebabs and fresh biryani.

Besides kebab (different types of grilled meat fortes) and biryani (spiced rice, generally mingled with meat), different appetizing street foods in Pakistan comprise Chana Chaat (cold seasoned chickpeas frequently mixed with potato), samosas (fried dough wrappers stuffed with a spicy admixture of potatoes, lentils, and different ingredients), and sweet potatoes cooked on charcoal.

As tasty as these specialties can be, they’re relatively infamous for causing food poisoning in trippers and locals. Thus, prevention is advised!

Like in maximum markets in Asia, dealing is a must-have in Pakistani emporiums to escape being overcharged. This is particularly right for foreigners. It’s best to visit the shop together with a local who knows the prices and knows how to bargain to logrolling. Else, a good tip is to suggest half of the price the seller demand and ask for a concession from there.

It’s similarly important to remark that crowded bazaars can be relatively discomforting points for females at times. Thus, it’s counseled to visit with a manly companion.


7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers
Taxila Heritage: 7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers

Thanks to its inconceivable cultural and historical uproariousness, Pakistan has amassed a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites over time.

The most remarkable UNESCO Site in Pakistan is presumably the old megacity of Taxila, an archaeological site exactly outside the current-day capital of Islamabad that showcases the history of human settlement like many other places do.

It is foremost remains date back to the Neolithic Period. It was then ruled by numerous empires, including the Greeks, the Scythians, and the Parthians. The archaeological complex of Taxila consists of three archaeological sites and a gallery that trippers can visit in exchange for an entrance fee.

Still, Lahore is the ultimate site to visit, If you’re interested in attesting to the architectural sensations of the Mughal period. The megacity was the capital of the Mughal Empire for nearly two decades, leaving back numerous cultural brilliants, some of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage as well, suchlike as the Lahore Fort and the Shalimar Gardens.


7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers
7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers

As much as it might feel to you in the morning, Pakistani culture isn’t a monolith. Across the country’s seven provinces and habitats, you’ll dig out a huge diversity of people who talk different mother languages, follow dissimilar customs, and wear diverse clothes.

While all of these cultures are uniformly rich, only many trippers have the luckiness to experience all of them during their trip.

This is where the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum in Islamabad comes inaccessible. This ethnographic museum is a must-visit place, indeed if you alone have a day in Islamabad because it lets visitors witness nearly all of Pakistan’s richness in one spot.

During your visit, you’ll get about diverse ethnical groups’ backgrounds, clothes, and traditional ways of living, and you’ll get the luck to shop for unique indigenous crafts and dresses at the bazaar in front of the museum.

The museum constantly hosts unique events where trippers master to explore Pakistan’s indigenous cultures indeed deeper by testing diverse foods and meeting entertainers from across the country.


There’s no distrust that some of the most momentous essentials of Pakistan’s cultural heritage are transferred on to generations in the form of music and dance.

Be it in the form of Sufi Islamic Qawwali, a class of religious spiritual singing, or a Cultural dance performance in the peaks of Gilgit-Baltistan, music, and dance performances are good immersive trip experiences that help trippers appreciate the original culture with all their feelings.

It’s relatively easy to find traditional music and dance performances across Pakistan. Cafes and eateries in the big metropolises regularly host Qawwali nights, where you can enjoy a red-hot mug of chai while enjoying beautiful spiritual music. Popular restaurants that constantly showcase live performances in Lahore are Dera and Karakkhel.

It’s also simple to trip across folkloristic dance performances in popular traveler destinations suchlike as Hunza Valley or Fairy Meadows. Ask your hotel proprietor or guide to invite a group of local performers and delight in local dances around the campfire.

Still, this doesn’t go without a warning for womanish trippers forever deny if performers ever ask you to join their dance. Unfortunately, it’s still a choice for women to dance around men in Pakistan and it can route to annoyance.


7 Things to do in Pakistan
7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Travelers

Staying with a local family is frequently accounted for the most immersive trip experience of all, and this couldn’t be more authentic in Pakistan. Pakistanis are some of the most sociable people in the world who serve every guest like a precious gift.

Staying with a local family won’t only offer you a profound perception of the local culture but likewise, impact you with the fantastic love of the local people.

Getting invited to stay with a local family is unbelievably effortless in Pakistan. In case you haven’t formerly been offered hospitality by a Pakistani friend, Couchsurfing is a guaranteed way to witness the country’s hospitality for yourself.

When staying with a local family, it’s extremely important to be apprehensive of unspecified cultural values. Pakistani hosts will really try to fulfill all your amenities and extend you amenities they would no way indulge in themselves. Thus, it’s key to know one’s boundaries and keep refusing bighearted offers as numerous times as doable.

Overall Regardful and modest actions are also a must when staying with a local family. Leaving a small gift is a good way to expound appreciation for your host’s hospitality.


7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers
7 Things to do in Pakistan: Life-Changing Experiences for Trippers

Marriages are a huge deal in Pakistan. Whoever you chance on the road likely knows someone who’s getting wedded this coming week. Families deliver for their all dates so that their son can have a marriage just as spendthrift as the neighbors.

There are vast communities for parents to arrange a Rishta (match) for their children and when the day is around, marriage halls are swamped with cousins, musketeers, neighbors, and whoever differently comes on.

Pakistani weddings commonly consist of three to seven functions that stretch over many days, the most significant ones being Nikkah ( signing the wedding contract), Mehndi (henna painting with parcels of confections and dancing), Barat (the bachelor taking the bridegroom home in a merry caravan), and Walima (post-wedding get-together). The dress code is different for every customer.

The stylish way to get asked for marriage as a traveler is through local friends who might indeed lend you one of their gleeful dresses for the occasion. However, consider asking around in Facebook groups, if you don’t know anyone who’s getting married. However, you might indeed get invited by someone you catch on the road! If you’re fortunate.

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